BF2's : Reality Mod - Looking for new talent


Creative Writer

Project Reality is a free modification for the Battlefield 2 (BF2) game/engine which aims to create a realistic combat environment for gamers. This includes adjusting the games various elements including physics, visual effects and game play. Along with changes to how the game handles, the PR team intends to include additional factions, such as the British military and add to or alter existing factions so that they resemble real life combat elements found within their contemporary environments.

The Mods name, 'Project Reality', is self descriptive in its aim to create a realistic combat environment on the home computer to give our gameplay new angles. The Project Reality team comprises a group of dedicated individuals, several of whom have backgrounds in armed services, whose sole task is to provide researched material, including statistical information, to the developers who are in turn tasked with coding and creating the mod itself.

The modification is packed with all types of new content and gameplay changes, we have released seven main releases in the past and are now in the process of developing its eighth installment, Project Reality v0.8

Site: Project Reality : Battlefield 2 Mod

C2_1_th.jpg tn_pr061release_apache02.jpg tn_pr061release_desertskin03.jpg S_2_th.jpg

Future Aims
Project Reality is always looking at new ways of improving our gameplay in terms of realism, teamwork and fun as well as constantly adding new content. We are also looking into adding many new factions to the modification, with the US Army, Taliban, Canadians, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Israeli, German and Australian forces all currently in the works to top our current British Armed Forces, USMC, PLA, Insurgent, Militia and MEC factions.

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Why Join?
In Joining the Project Reality team, you would be joining a team of very talented and motivated guys that has been established for over 4 years, with a huge community backing your work! If you are looking into a professional career in the gaming industry then this will become a huge project you can place on your C.V.

What are the requirements for joining the team?
The members of this team all have lives that include professional, academic, and personal responsibilities. We readily acknowledge and respect these individuals' priorities. Given these basic responsibilities we approach your potential level of involvement with flexibility. You can contribute a great deal of work over multiple projects or be productive on a few, the choice is yours. The quality of your work is non-negotiable though. All developers on this team regardless of their role as coder, modeler, texture artist, or mapper are dedicated to producing a product which meets or exceeds professional studio standards.

What we are looking for
If you have solid skills in any of the categories below and wish to join our professional and dynamic team, please click HERE.
  • Modelers
  • Texture Artists
  • Mappers
  • Coders
  • Animators
  • Sound Engineers
  • Music Artists
  • Video Editors (for promo videos etc)