1. julirew

    Brain Games anthology from Third Flatiron

    Third Flatiron's Fall/Winter 2020 anthology is "Brain Games: Stories to Astonish." It features 27 short scifi, fantasy, and horror stories, on the theme of ingenuity and creative problem solving. A flash humor section is included. Available on Amazon for Kindle (free to Kindle Unlimited...
  2. Kevin

    XBox How to full videos in full-screen in the Xbox store?

    When viewing games in the Xbox store and scrolling down to view the videos, how do I get the videos to play in full-screen? :unsure: If I scroll up when viewing a game listing the video plays in full-screen but I don't see any options for when viewing one from the list at the bottom. And...
  3. Kevin

    XBox Gears of War 5: Choose JD or Del?

    Gears of War 5 has been out for some time now so it's not a spoiler talking about it... in Act 4 of the Campaign you must make a decision by Queen Reyna that has unknown ramifications, do you save JD or Del when faced with knowing that the one you don't choose will die! Choosing either...
  4. Captain Mutant

    LEGO Ideas sci-fi project needs help

    Hello all. I haven’t asked in a while, but I thought if I were to ask again, now’s the perfect opportunity. I created a space outpost out of LEGO bricks and posted it on LEGO Ideas, a site where people submit their designs and if enough add their support to it, LEGO designers will look at it...
  5. Redbear

    Help Please?

    I had installed the XF Arcade 0.2.1b a long time ago, and had it deactivated during a maintenance, after being down for a year or so I turned it back on, went to play Asteroids and It does not play, all I get is a separate page with the word PLAY but it doesn't link to the SWF game any longer...
  6. Kevin

    XBox XBox One | XBox One S | XBox One X | XBox Scarlet

    Woohoo, a shiny new toy is on its way.... :D Microsoft Xbox One X 1Tb Console With Wireless Controller: Xbox One X Enhanced, Hdr, Native 4K, Ultra Hd (Discontinued): Video Games Of course now that I've gone ahead and finally decided to upgrade from my XBox 360 it has been announced...
  7. Kevin

    XBox Star Wars games for X-Box One (Microsoft)

    Well, it might be time for me to swap my X-Box 360 for an X-Box One. I am very much a casual gamer; with the exception of Gears of War (after my Mom's death, I went through GOW3 nearly non-stop till I finished; it was actually therapeutic :coffee:) I prefer older games. Not necessarily simpler...
  8. sci-fi-dude

    Stump Kevin Game....

    Ok folks here it is, the stump Kevin game. Ok if Kevin wants to join in all you have to do is see if you can stump Kevin on any subject featured at this site {alien soup} no cheating, LOL!;)
  9. sci-fi-dude

    Old N-64 cheats?

    I have an old 64 sitting around, and I was wondering if there were ever cheat codes for some of the games it had. My nephew is a good gamer and he asked me if I ever played it, I let him know it was years ago. I told him maybe some cheat codes might make it more interesting, so I figured id ask...
  10. D

    Alien Planet Bitmap Collection

    Hello, I have created a selection of Alien Planet bitmaps that are designed for gaming and other 3d rendering. Most are Spherical 360 Lat-Long, others are Cross style, all are seamless. 38 maps and growing. Available at Gumroad.
  11. Jenny Wallen

    Why Mobile Game Developers Prefer Java For Writing Their Games?

    However developers have a lot of options for writing games and apps for Android in C, C+, or Java; they prefer Java as the most official language to do so. Also, one of the major reasons for which is that the mobile games developer in London find it easier to write mobile games in Java than any...
  12. Tom

    PC Warhammer 40,000: Soulstorm

    The Dark Eldar The Dark Eldar are the forsaken and corrupt kindred of the Eldar, an ancient and advanced race of elf-like humanoids. Their armies, like their Eldar counterparts, usually have the advantages of mobility and advanced technology, though they are often lacking in resilience and...
  13. Tom

    Scifi TV Show Screencapture Game

    Rules: Post a picture from a science fiction TV Show scene. Others try to guess which show it is from. Once Identified, that person with the correct answer posts the next screenshot.
  14. Tom

    Sci-Fi SciFi Movie Screen Capture Game

    Rules: Post a picture from a science fiction movie scene. Others try to guess which movie it is from. Once Identified, that person with the correct answer posts the next screenshot.
  15. ByGoneYrs

    Gaming in the Workspace

    Hello everyone, I have been in IT now for over 21+ years, and over the years I have done a lot of gaming in the workspace. It started as just a employee and latter as management. What was done over the years as a piece of hardware (server) was retired if it was still working it would be used as...
  16. Kevin

    Android Star Trek: Wrath of Gems (Android, iOS)

    So, lately I've been playing Star Trek: Wrath of Gems on my phone (Android). Apparently it's been out a few years now but I only stumbled upon on while bored one night. Android: Star Trek ® - Wrath of Gems - Android Apps on Google Play iOS: Star Trek ® - Wrath of Gems on the App Store It's an...
  17. AlexG

    Starship Explorers - Looking for feedback

    Hey everyone! I’m developing a scifi video game and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give some feedback on the direction? It’s a ship-building/rpg hybrid; kind of ‘The Sims meets FTL meets StarTrek’. It’s super early stages right now but I was hoping to get some thoughts on...
  18. Christopher keith jenkins

    XBox Games of philosophy

    how to push people's buttons. Whistle typeing. Specs, fob, PayPal. Apps, Stickers, gifs, emojis, RSS feeds. Flash drive, /PCP #./ Lapel, /Museums Store,/ cooty shots./ Charter membership, / certified/. Fot wot. /. Memo. Eagle Scout peroguee, challenger, third rock radio.
  19. sci-fi-dude

    Stump Tom Game.

    Tom is the resident Sci-fi, and Science guru, bottom line. I thought of this game for folks to participate to try to stump Tom. The highest amount of stumps "wins" But I just best Tom will be the ultimate champ. Ex; Tom what was the short lived sci-fi show of the 70's that featured a space...
  20. StoneWolf

    Tabletop RPG Development Thread

    Awhile back an (ex) friend of mine & myself started to develop a brand new table top role-play system. I wanted to continue the work & wondered if I posted the docs would anyone be interested in reviewing or expanding on the work with me? The basic idea is based around opposed roles, with dice...