Black Angel - The Box - Chapter 2

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Aug 28, 2005
Hello Alias fans,

Chapter 2 for you all to enjoy,

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Episode 2 - The Box


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Black Angel - by Mark Silgram

The Box – Chapter 2

Hands tied behind her back, a female voice emanated from the oily blackness clinging to her body.

‘Doctor Elizabeth Thornton; I’ve been closely following your work for many years now. Your research into ancient artifacts, especially The Box, is remarkable. ‘

Fingers clawing at his face, he slid down the wall, his eyes burning. A prickling of intense heat washed over him. The gun, end it. Staggering to his feet, he stowed his fingers into his jacket, thumping his Berretta.

‘Hello, Jack.’

The voice sent waves of ice, hurtling up his spine. Whirling round eyes darting to her bruised and blooded face, he slammed her against the wall, his Beretta arched upwards, pressing the cold steel of the barrel to her forehead. His voice cold, he resonated

‘Back, from the dead, Elizabeth. I can put a bullet right through your skull, and I wouldn’t feel a thing.’

She looked deep into his tear soaked eyes,

‘You wouldn’t. You can’t. You’re a good man Jack’

His eyes narrowed, burning. Drawing the gun across, he pressed it hard against her temple lobe,

‘Our marriage, the love we felt for one another, our son, all consumed by your obsession; Black Angels.’

Caressing his cheek, her voice tinged with hurt

‘I wanted to save him Jack. I wanted to save our son from the nightmare. My relentless pursuit of The Box, it almost destroyed me and the people I love. But I can promise you now Jack it is no longer a part of me, but it is why I’m here.’

It came down to a stark choice, give up any chance of finding his mother, or lose Lucy. She was the reason why he joined the Bureau. The ball of intense burning pain in his chest only dampened for the love of her. Watching the files burn, the engagement ring twinkled in the firelight. Taking his mobile out of his jacket pocket, he dialed a number. Answer machine. The worry etching up his spine, he dialed another number and waited for the “I’m sorry the number you have dialed is not recognized, please try again” the message played out twice more before he got through to the Bureau,

‘Please state name and clearance code’

‘This is Agent Christian Thornton, clearance code 1441BETA6, requesting location of Agent Lucy Benjamin’

‘I’m sorry Agent Thornton, that information is classified, level six clearance is needed.’

The fist slammed into the side of her face sending waves of blood splurging from her mouth, showers of pain cascading throughout her head. Her flowing strawberry blond hair matted with blood. Dispassionate eyes looked down at her, betraying no emotion. She glanced up at him, at his stony disinterested face, a sliver of a smile rippling from her mouth,

‘Listen, you are wasting your time, one way or another I’m destroying Sirius’

Hearing footsteps, she strained her eyes to see an outline of a figure approaching through the darkness,

‘Agent Lucy Benjamin, the Sirius device is just a means to an end.’ His voice methodical, calculating,

‘Tell me Miss Benjamin, I’m curious. Was it the overwhelming strain he put on you. His quest of finding his mother, the reason why you lost your baby‘

Her eyes sparkled, burning with fury. Don’t let him see you bleed,

‘My personal life is none of your business, so why don’t we cut the bull s*** right now and tell me what you want.’

‘I am a member of the Hexagon, a group of follows dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Angels. What we want, what I’m constructing you can not possibly comprehend or imagine. The Box thousands of years old, needed to power Sirius.’

She started to feel a prickling heat sensation rippling up her spine, spreading throughout her body. Her eyes woozy but yet alive; alive with bubbles of electricity fixated on Sirius, it stood in the center of the room from floor to ceiling, a colossal hour glass structure, resonating at its center a rotating column of shimmering black water.

Her stony faced torturer started to scream, thick black smoke billowed out of his mouth. She grimaced in agony as droplets of his melting skin splashed onto her face, burning her skin.

‘Once I have The Box it will change everything.’

Her eyes sweeping the room, piercing the darkness she could almost see his face, almost. But just as his features started to become more prominent, he was gone.

Her torturer staggered towards her, his eyes sockets rapidly eroding, eyes balls bursting, thick runny strands of melting flesh dripping onto the floor,

‘What’s….happening….to me…oh god…‘

Time was running out, hands handcuffed behind her, clearing the fog populating her brain, her eyes darted to set of keys immersed in a puddle of bubbling flesh. With all her weight she threw her self forwards off the chrome chair bolted to the floor, her head slamming into the melted liquid. Fingers scrambling, she hooked the set of keys with her little finger. Five attempts it took to fit the key into the lock, but eventually the cuffs sprang open freeing her hands.

Now free, her eyes locked onto Sirius, her objective. Absolutely immense, emitting a deep resonating hum, the dark liquid rippled. Flames spiraled around her dilating pupils, her eyes becoming ever more drawn to the dark water.

Out of the darkness a tiny figure started to emerge. A tear glistened, clinging to her eyelashes as she watched a young boy, her son, run towards her.

Her voice overwhelmed with emotion she spurted,

‘… baby, my son……mummies here’ a flood of tears, she started to cry. Knees hitting the floor, her arms open, her son ran into to them, afraid and shaking. Her voice soft, she wrapped her arms around him.

‘Mummy; I’m scared mummy’

Cradling him reassuringly, the column of black water rotating hypnotically around them, she said softly,

‘Hey, shhhh, don’t be scared. Mummies here, mummies here my baby; she will never ever let you go.’

Christian, pressing his Berretta hard against Clamant Dupont’s as he assessed information from the computer, his fingers dancing rapidly over the keys, like a pianist furiously murdering Beethoven.

‘I beg you please let me go…I only constructed Sirius from the specifications I was given…If I had known it was-‘

‘Shut the f*** up and keep typing’ Christian barked, his voice low, deadly.

A schematic of Sirius flashed up on the screen,

‘Right the device is…located on the top…floor…’ Clamant stuttered shaking, his eyes wide with fear ‘…now please, let me-‘

The bullet emptied, slamming into his skull. A wet plop, his head smashed down onto the keyboard, smearing it with blood.

Gun up, Christian raced out into a corridor. Bullets slamming into the wall, showering him with plaster, he whirled round firing at a water pipe suspended from the ceiling. The pipe blasted outwards showing the man holding an AK47 with hot boiling water. He screamed hitting the floor.

Pressing his back against the wall, gun up, fingers on the trigger he edged his head around the corner. Eyes locking onto the two guards, zeroing in on their laser mounted AK47’s. Stowing his hand into his jacket pocket he pulled out the engagement ring, fingers closing around it tightly he dived out of cover, rolled, Beretta sweeping upwards he squeezed the trigger, the bullet slammed into the guards head.. A red dot danced upwards towards Christian’s chest, the other guard grinning he started to squeeze the trigger, in the same split second Christian brought the ring up, using the diamond as a mirror, he bounced the laser back towards the guards eye, blinding him. The guard screamed, jamming his palm into his eye socket, Christian rushed at him with a knife pressing the steel to the man’s throat. His voice low, a cold whisper he started to slowly draw the blade lightly across, gracing the skin.

‘Listen to me very carefully; I’d love nothing more then to slice your f***ing throat, get me into this facility and I’ll give you a choice, the blade or a bullet in your head.’

Shaking, one eye bloodshot, the other terrified, the guard entered in a ten digit pass code, next a retina scan, a series of clicks and a heavy metallic clunk, the heavy duty titanium door swung gradually inwards. Christian slit his throat, blood splattering his face; watching the life drain from the man’s eyes.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, could prepare him for the sight to befall him as he stepped into the Sirius facility.

Lucy kneeing down, eyes glazed, transfixed at the rippling dark water towering above her. He could feel the liquid, feel it infecting his mind, feeding on his darkest nightmare, a nightmare foreshadowing the resurrection.

He ran over to her, but your eyes remained impassive. She turned to look at him, eyes glistening with tears,

‘Please Christian…I beg you, please don’t kill our son…’

He knelt down in front of her, her eyes lost. Gone, and she had been for some time.

Now he burned, not with pain or sadness, but anger. Eyes ablaze, narrow and glued to Sirius, one venomous thought, blow it to f***ing pieces.

Kneeing down he swung his back pack off and brought out an explosive charge. Attaching it to the bottom cone, he set it for one minute. Wrapping his body around Lucy, her hot tears saturating his face, he waited for the countdown.

A tapping sound very faint. Eyelids snapping open, he searched for the sound. TAP. TAP TAP. TAP. TAP. Over and over, the same sequence of taps. Eyes alert, his ears quivering, he listened intently. Always, the same series of taps and equal, spaces. His eyes zeroed in on the source, Lucy’s finger, tapping the floor. She was using Morse code. Which meant coherence on some sort of level, his heart thumping wildly with excitement and relief; he tuned his ears to the next sequence of taps. Becoming ever more conscious to the timer, sweat dripping from his forehead, he listened. The taps seemed to go on for ever, but all of sudden they stopped. Decoding the message in his brain, his eyes went wide, a bolt of shock careered up his spine making his head feel dizzy. He ran towards the timer, three seconds on the clock. Get out, now. Bolting back to Lucy he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, pelting towards the entrance.

The ear piercing explosion threw them both to the ground, white hot flames roaring overhead. The ground shook with tremendous force. Every single window in the room blasted outwards, revealing the cold night air. Implosion; his face bleeding he looked up to see the dark water, whirling into a vortex. The floor started to rip apart around them; floorboards flew into the air, sucked into the swirling liquid. Holding Lucy tight he threw himself at the titanium door, gripping the edges with desperation. The roaring of wind battering his ears, terror took hold of him, gripping him in its claws, as he fingers started to slip. Lucy’s legs flaying wildly in the open air, millimeters from the vortex he dug his finger nails into her wrists drawing blood.

The heavy duty door buckled, with a grimacing metallic squeal, tore off its hinges, hurtling towards the dark water, completing Christian’s terror.

Gravity pinning them to the door, he opened his eyes just in time to see them shoot through the vaporizing water, and out into the cold night air. Stomach integrating into his head, they plummeted before he shot out a hand, gripping a ledge, halting their advance; the door twisted through the air before smashing into a car windscreen far below them.


In all his years at the Bureau, fighting tooth and nail in the most, deadliest assignments he had been fortunate enough not to end up in the onsite hospital. Now watching her sleeping, the guilt heavy on his heart he fought the anger, that it was not him lying there immobile with hideous wires springing out of his head and chest, attached to clinical equipment. So engrossed in watching her eyelids twitch, he didn’t become aware of the Doctor until he gripped his shoulder.

‘Christian, I’m sorry, but regrettably I’ve got to be honest with you; her Nero pathways are intermeshing at such a rapid rate, I’ve never seen before. It is like she has locked herself into her mind and thrown away the key. I’m so very sorry; the chances of her recovering is non existent’

The Doctors voice distant, watching her chest rising and falling peacefully, he thought of only one thing, the message she’d given to him in Morse code, read; Elizabeth Thornton.


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