Drama Bones



Title: Bones

Genre: Crime, Drama

First aired: 2005-09-13

Creator: Hart Hanson

Cast: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, John Boyd, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, T.J. Thyne

Overview: Dr. Temperance Brennan and her colleagues at the Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal Lab assist Special Agent Seeley Booth with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

The new procedural with David Boreanaz. Heres an article from zap2it:

Boreanaz Bites into 'Bones'
(Saturday, September 10 12:02 AM)
By Kate O'Hare

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) After playing the same tortured vampire with a soul for three seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and five seasons of "Angel" on The WB Network, David Boreanaz is eager to carve a new niche.

Of course, that doesn't mean he's escaped being surrounded by the dead.

In "Bones," premiering Tuesday, Sept. 13, on Fox, Boreanaz plays FBI Agent Seeley Booth, a no-nonsense investigator reluctantly paired with forensic anthropologist and mystery-book author Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), whose skill at analyzing skeletal remains yields clues to crime. Brennan takes her name from the fictional alter ego of the real scientist/novelist who inspired her, Kathy Reichs.

Rounding out the cast are Eric Millegan, T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin and Jonathan Adams.

While he respects Brennan's skills in the laboratory, Booth derides scientists as "squints" and believes they have no place poking around crime scenes. Brennan would rather be out in the field, making sure her bones are collected properly and seeing firsthand where the victims were found.

Together, Booth and Brennan are an effective if inharmonious team fond of needling each other about their different approaches. There's even a little sexual tension and comedy, which is an unusual mix in a crime procedural.

"That's the challenge," series creator Hart Hanson says. "We will either do terrifically well at it, or we will fail horribly. But we would like a little bit of the 'Moonlighting' thing. We would like a little bit of the 'Thin Man' thing."

Hart and producing partner Barry Josephson had a hard time finding Deschanel.

"We always said we needed three things from our lead actress on this show," Hanson says. "We needed her to be smart; we needed her to be sexy; we needed her to be funny. Those three legs of the stool are very rare."

Even a greater challenge was convincing Boreanaz that the role was for him. After a shaky first meeting, Hanson had to get on the phone and explain to the actor just why he was the perfect Booth.

"I told him that he had the presence of those old-time male movie stars," Hanson says. "I get in trouble saying it but today, there are so many waifs and boys. I didn't care about that for this. Booth's a sniper; he's an FBI agent. He's lived the life. I want a man with some heft, and David has that."

"And David's not pretty. David's handsome. If you're going somewhere dangerous, you want David."

And as a bonus, both in life and on the screen, Boreanaz can be very funny.

"Very dry humor," Hanson says. "He can do things with a flick of his eyeballs. I think of him as one of those old-time movie stars, Gary Cooper, Steve McQueen. He's got shoulders a yard wide. He's a force in the room."

"Booth's very black and white," Boreanaz says. "He believes that all men are created equal. He's a public-school guy, doesn't believe in private school. He doesn't think people should be catered to. He goes with his gut. His instincts are 100 percent correct, or so he may think."

All of this is fine with Boreanaz. "I love classic cars," he says. "I love old watches. Things today are fast, there's maybe too much at our fingertips, and it's just getting worse. Sometimes, if it ain't broken, don't fix it."
I haven't seen much of it (like only an episode or two), but I guess it's alright.

I suppose I'm rather disappointed because I adore the books the show is based on, and the characters don't fit at all. And she was never called "Bones" in the books!! That's just been driving me crazy.
Supposedly it's only loosely based on the books (it's also based on another series of books, I understand) so that would explain why it's so different. My personal take is that it's "OK."
I think I've seen the first three episodes ( they just started showing this here) and I love it! I haven't read the book(s?) so can't really comment whether the show does justice to them..
I havent read the books either - but i will some day.

I cant wait for tonights episode - but its on at the same time as alias so ill have to tape it and watch it after alias.
Quotes from last wednesday's episodes:

Brennan's fighting zombies in New Orleans and we're stuck here. ~ Angela

Jesus is not a zombie! I shouldn't have to tell you that. ~ Booth
I also loved "Hey... easy on the catholics."

and: "Don't worry, the murder charge won't stick"

and at the end "I've noticed very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye" -- lol she made a joke
I absolutly LOVE this show. I do have a hard time with watching. Same time as Alias. So I DVR them both so I can switch between chanels but not miss anything. ;)
I read a couple books by Kathy Reichs (show is based of her book). I watched it the first time it aired, but I didn't really like it. Probably because the books were just so good, and the show didn't measure up to it.

~Andrea :angelic:
I read a couple books by Kathy Reichs (show is based of her book). I watched it the first time it aired, but I didn't really like it. Probably because the books were just so good, and the show didn't measure up to it.

~Andrea :angelic:

Yeah, she's my favourite author, read a few of her books, loved them. The show was good, but never measured up to the books.
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