1. S

    Watching Stargate SG-1

    Finished Season 7, 1/4 into 8. This show is awesome. 11 Seasons and now I know why.
  2. screenersam

    Roswell NM

    this week I binge watched Roswell NM (13 episodes, CW network) *spoilers* Riverdale wannabe. teen sex, gay, parent issues, etc. occasional snarky leftist comments didn't help. characters were not memorable or appealing. uninspired plot very PC. the two bad guys were white males, one military...
  3. Tom

    Fantasy Siren (2018)

    Siren TV-PG | 1h | Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (2018– ) The coastal town of Bristol Cove is known for its legend of once being home to mermaids. When the arrival of a mysterious girl...
  4. Kevin

    Music Songs about specific Movie/TV/Book characters

    Let's have some fun, what songs can you think of that are about specific movie/TV/book characters? I'll start with a relatively recent song about a possibly depressed Superman. Five for Fighting - Superman
  5. C

    favorite obscure sci fi tv series

    What are your favorite obscure sci fi series.??
  6. Kevin

    Disney Acquires Most of 21st Century Fox (including Star Wars and Marvel characters)

    The long on-again/off-again talks between Disney and 21st Century Fox to sell the most of the company to Disney has finally paid off with an agreement reached. Fox Sports and Fox News will not be sold off and kept under control of the Murdoch family as they are now, everything else is going...
  7. Kevin

    Comedy Ghosted (Fox)

    Fox has ordered 6 more episodes of Ghosted so that the first season will end up with 16 episodes in total. The show stars Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine) and Adam Scott (Community) as two guys who end up as partners working for a secret organization that battles & contains paranormal...
  8. Kevin

    Superheroes Arrowverse: Crisis on Earth-X (2017)

    The 2017 DC/CW "Arrowverse" (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow) starts Monday, October 27th. The four-part crossover starts on the 27th with Arrow and Supergirl and finish on the 28th with Flash and Legends. Barry and Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, but things go...
  9. Kevin

    Superheroes Marvel's The Punisher (Netflix)

    Branching off from Daredevil, The Punisher gets his own series on Netflix. The initial 13 episode Season 1 will be available for streaming on November 17, 2017. The series revolves around Frank Castle, known as the vigilante "the Punisher", who uses lethal methods to fight crime after the...
  10. M

    What's the name of that tv show

    I am trying to figure out the name of a tv show. All I can remember is that it was a lady in a red dress in a pitch black room that disappears in one scene.In another scene a man is lockpicking a door and a woman is next to him in another scene.Also I do not know the name of the tv show, or the...
  11. Tom

    Scifi TV Show Screencapture Game

    Rules: Post a picture from a science fiction TV Show scene. Others try to guess which show it is from. Once Identified, that person with the correct answer posts the next screenshot.
  12. ByGoneYrs

    The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

    So currently the season for Fear The Walking Dead is about to end, this week Sunday 10/8, and next Sunday 10/15 a double episode. Then The Walking Dead starts up on Sunday 10/22. I like both shows but am not as in love with Fear the Walking Dead. I really just want to see The Walking Dead show...
  13. Kevin

    Music What song makes you instantly think of a particular movie/TV scene?

    OK, I listen to music a lot... in my truck, at the office, at home, doing chores... and some songs make me instantly think of a particular scene from a movie (usually sci-fi, horror, or fantasy naturally ;)). For example, when I hear Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, I song I've...
  14. Nix

    What should I watch next?

    Ok so just finished Banshee and Midnight, Texas. NCIS is an ongoing show. I should pick up Grimm again really and I never finished Arrow, so what can you suggest I watch next that will hold my attention?!! The only thing is don't suggest shows like Blood Drive and The Exorcist as it's wasted on...
  15. Kevin

    Sci-Fi The Orville (Fox)

    The Orville is a new sci-fi show on Fox that was created by Seth MacFarlane. Yes, the same guy behind Family Guy and American Dad as well other works that are usually considered adult oriented comedy. MacFarlane has openly talked about being a Star Trek fan in the past and even made an...
  16. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Person of Interest (CBS, 2011-2016)

    I've finally had a chance to watch the 5th & final season of Person of Interest. For those not familiar with the show, it aired on CBS from 2011-2016 and was based on the premise of a rogue AI originally developed for the US Government now independently working to protect people who may be in...
  17. sci-fi-dude

    The Black Hole 2?

    I heard rumors that a new Black Hole film is going to be released, if this is true I'm going to check it out.:cool: Anybody know if this rumor?
  18. K

    Sci-Fi My only hope at watching something 100% blind has now been ruined.

    I have been looking for a new sci-fi series to start watching over the summer. While I was browsing amazon something just caught my eye. It was the box art for Babylon 5: The Complete Collection Series......... WOW! I absolutely adore that beautiful box art. I do have one problem though; I have...
  19. Salty Vampire

    Fantasy Midnight, Texas

    IMDb- Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family. This series is based on the supernatural books by Charlaine Harris. (True Blood) Midnight, Texas premieres Monday, July 24, at 10:00...
  20. Tom

    Sci-Fi Best Scientific Concepts In Scifi Movies or TV Shows

    When my eyesight started to fade with age I shifted from book reading to watching movies and TV for science fiction. Well, I watch a lot of science fiction. What are the most interesting concepts you have seen in movies or TV Shows? Star Trek has many interesting concepts that inspire my...
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