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Break Out!

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by alisydas, Apr 20, 2003.

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  1. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    :D I'll add a new chapter as soon as I finish it! :D Enjoy!
  2. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Chapter 1

    I've thought about it. I really have. I've thought about the consequences of telling loved ones the truth about me. I've even said that after what happened to Danny and Will, that it's a gesture of love to deceive the people I care about. But even superwoman has her limits. This was just too much. My mother, somehow, has broken out of the CIA cell she was in. Everyone thinks someone helped her break out, and I agree. But they also think that the reason she broke out is because she really did have some sort of plan. I don't think so. I think it was just too much for her too. This life is pretty crazy. I mean, being locked up only makes it worse.

    I want to tell Francie everything. I feel that if I don't, I'll have a breakdown. I'm going to tell her on the living room couch, where there's a bug killer in the lamp, so no one can hear us. I walked into the living room. Francie was sitting on the couch, watching TV. I grabbed the remote, turned the television off and sat down. "Syd, what's going on?" 'You have to do this,' I told myself. 'You have to.' "Francie, I'm leaving for a trip to Wyoming." "You know what?" she answered, "I really wish you would just quit that job!" I knew she would start to get angry. But that didn’t stop me. I started again, "Fran, look. I know you’re wondering why I can’t quit. Well, I’m gonna tell you now, but you have to listen, ok?" She looked a little shocked. "Ok..." she said with a laugh. This was gonna be harder than I thought.

    "Francie, remember when I started working for the bank?" She nodded. "Well, when I did, I was really starting to work for a covert branch of the CIA." "What the hell are you..." I cut her off and said "Look, please just listen. When Danny proposed, I knew I couldn’t keep this secret from the man I was going to marry, even though I was sworn to secrecy. So I told him. And Arvin Sloane, the head of SD-6, that covert branch of the CIA, hired someone to murder him. After that, my father came to see me. It turns out he too works for SD-6, and that SD-6 is one of a number of private agencies against the United States; they were not the CIA. And so I went to the real CIA and became a double agent, working with the CIA to bring down SD-6." Francie had tears in her eyes, and was staring at the wall. "So Will’s story was true." She said. "Yeah, about that..." I began, "Will knows about all of this too, because as you know, he investigated Danny’s death, and finally me and Dad told him everything, and he had to fake the SD-6 story not being true, because that was the only way they would let him live. I didn’t want to tell you, because I didn’t want you to be hurt. You understand?" She turned her head toward me and said "Surprisingly, I do. So Will’s story wasn’t fiction. It was real, and you work for the people who killed your fiancé. I mean, you work for them, but you’re really working against them." I said, "Hmm, you catch on fast." We laughed, but not for long. The doorbell rang. I got up and went to the door and opened it. It was mom.
  3. smegheadalways

    smegheadalways Rocket Ranger

    Mar 29, 2003
    U.K, Liverpool
    :D Great Fan-Fic, more pleaseeeeeeeeeee! Good stuff!
  4. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    oh wow krazy..
  5. She'sgood

    She'sgood Rocket Ranger

    Mar 14, 2003
    kkkkkoooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!! write more plez I loved it so far
  6. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    wow! i'm late, as usual... but this is great!
  7. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Heres chapters 2 to 3 sorry it took so long.

    Chapter 2


    "Sydney?" she said. "One minute." I answered and closed the door. "Who was it?" Francie asked. "One thing I forgot to tell you. My mom faked her death, and was working for the KGB. But then she turned herself into the CIA. She’s being held prisoner there, but she’s not as bad as we thought. She’s nice to me, at least. And she broke out last night. She’s at the door right now." Francie really laughed then. "Yeah right," she said as she started for the door. "You’re telling me that your mom’s alive and is standing outside our door right now..." She opened the door and nearly fainted. I caught her and she woke up.

    That’s when mom began talking. "Sydney, Sark broke me out. I had no choice, he had me at gun point. I wanted to get out of that cell, but not this way. After we got out, he left in a car, and I had to run. This is the only place I could think of. But when the CIA and your father figure out what happened, they’re never going to believe that I’ve changed. You’ve got to call Jack." I raced for the phone, and Francie said "I believe you now." "Yeah," I answered. I called dad and told him how Sark broke mom out at gunpoint and how she was forced out and forced to come here. He was angry at first, but then he understood what was happening and told me he’d call me back. Mom and Francie went to sit on the couch. "Mom, this is Francie, my roommate. Francie, my mom. Mom, I told Francie about you and the KGB, but also that you’re not a bad person anymore." "Thank you, Sydney." Mom said. Francie was shocked, with her mouth hanging open. "Fran, it’s OK. I told you everything. Don’t worry about it. Mom, you want something to drink?" "Lemonade, please, if you have." Mom said. "Sure." I walked into the kitchen.

    I can’t believe this. I’m getting my mother, a prisoner of the CIA, a glass of lemonade while she’s sitting on my couch with my best friend, like it’s no big deal. The phone rang. I brought the glass to my mom and picked it up; it was dad. "I tried to explain it to Kendall, but you know that son of a bi**, he’s not the easiest guy to work with. They’re coming over right now to take her away. We can’t do anything about it. I’m sorry, Sydney." I hung up and turned to mom. She was way ahead of me, though. "They’re taking me, aren’t they?" "Yes. I’m sorry." "It’s OK. Forget about it, I’ll wait outside." She handed me the empty glass and left. I heard car’s screeching, and the sound of gunshots. "Mom!" I screamed. I ran outside. Mom stood there. The shots were my imagination. I felt so stupid. Francie ran outside too. They took her away, and mom had that same stony look on her face. But as the truck’s back doors closed, she smiled at me. I don’t know why, but that sort of relieved me. Francie turned to me as the trucks drove away and said "What now?"


    End of Chapter 2



    Chapter 3


    "Syd, hello? Are you awake?" Francie waved her hand in front of my face. "Oh, sorry. Hey, I'm gonna get a bite to eat. You want anything while I'm gone?" Francie shook her head and went inside. I looked down at the ground. Even though I had just told her practically everything about me, I didn't want to get Francie all worked up over something else. I got in my car and headed for CIA Operations Center. When I arrived, I saw Kendall and rushed toward him.

    "Did you get a call?" I asked him rapidly.

    "Yes, from your father."

    "And you didn't believe him?"

    "Look, maybe Sark did help your mother, maybe he didn't. But she still belongs here and so she still is here."

    "Are you looking into this?" I asked, frustrated.

    "Well, no, but...." I didn't wait for an answer. I rushed to mom's cell.

    As soon as I got there, I said "Are you okay? Did you tell them?"

    "Oh, what's the use? Like those stupid guards would listen to me anyway. I'm a prisoner, remember? I'll never get out of this cell." I felt sympathy.

    "Don't worry, I'll think of something." I said, then left.

    Author's Note: For those of you who think Irina Derevko is still evil and who are against Sydney feeling sympathy for her, well, you are entitled to your opinion. But it gets better, trust me.

    On my way home, my beeper rang and I looked at it. Sloane 911. Dammit. I turned around, hoping this would be quick. When I stormed into the conference room, I looked at my watch. I was ten minutes late. "Sorry I'm late."

    "That's ok, Ms. Bristow. Sit down, please." Sloane said. I sat down.

    "Alright, here's what's going on." Sloane started. "This is Keshan Hong," he said as he pressed a button on his remote and a picture of a man dressed in a suit carrying a suitcase popped up on the screen. "He works undercover at the NIS, National Intelligence Service in South Korea. He is working with Derevk- your mother's organization. We've just gotten Intel that he is meeting an unknown ally of his at a popular restaurant in Seoul tomorrow morning. They are to exchange a document containing information about his objectives for his mission in Seoul." He slid a manila forward to me.

    Then he started again, "You'll have a reservation at this restaurant, under the name Rachel Gagen. Your mission is to take the document from Hong before he makes the exchange. In that folder is a fake document that you will switch with his. You leave tonight; Marshall will review the OpTech with you."

    "Wait a second. Why isn't Dixon going on this mission?"

    "He is, Agent Bristow. Dixon was just, sick yesterday, and even though he's better, I wanted to make sure he was refreshed for the mission, so if you don't mind dropping off your notes at his home..."

    "No, not at all. Okay, then."

    After my mission briefing with Sloane, I went to Marshall. He showed me a watch that I would switch with Hong's. It was really a listening device, so that Dixon could hear Hong's conversation with his contact. He also gave me a ring that's really a laser, just in case I get caught and I'm tied up or something. I really hope that doesn't happen.

    I drove toward Dixon's house, and when I knocked on the door, he answered. "Thanks, Syd. I'll call you at 8:00 and meet you at the airport."

    "Ok. Your welcome, um, Dixon, can I ask you a question?"


    "Were you really sick yesterday?"

    "No. Uh, why don't you step inside for a sec." "Ok." I went inside as he held the door open for me.

    "Where's Dianne? I haven't seen her in a while."

    "Actually, that's what I wanted to tell you. I wasn't sick yesterday. I was just taking a day off because the night before, Dianne left me."

    I was silent for a second. Then I said "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. Are you sure you want to go on this mission? I mean, I can do it..." "No. I'm going. It's ok. I'll see you."

    "Alright, see you tonight." I left as he closed the door behind me. I knew how Dixon felt, even though Dianne hadn't died; she just left him. I felt bad, but I was also worried and curious. I got in my car and called the usual CIA number. When I got the call back, I went to meet Vaughn. We sat with our backs facing at a local restaurant. I have to admit these counter-mission meetings with him are really the highlight of my day.

    "Hey." he said.

    "Hey." I said back. "Did you hear about my mission?"

    "Yeah. Your counter-mission is simple. Here's a fake document. You'll be able to tell the difference between this one and the one SD-6 gave you because this one has the letters CIA in very small print at the top of the folder. What you do is, you make the switch with the document you were given by Sloane. On your way out, you'll see an agent walking in. You'll execute a brush pass with him, giving him Hong's document. Then give the one we gave you to SD-6. You got all that?" He said as he passed me a manila folder. I felt like I was building a collection of these things.

    "Yup. I got it."

    "Oh, I know it's a little late, but I didn't get a chance to tell you. Happy New Year."

    "Thank you. Happy New Year." I said back. I got up and walked away.

    "Syd?" Vaughn said as he walked toward me. He kissed me on the cheek and said "Good luck." I walked away, smiling.
  8. bluheart13

    bluheart13 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    wow sophie. i didnt realize this was your story. its really really really good. post more soon.

    timmy :ninja:
  9. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Thanks, it hard to write it quick sorry if theres sp mistakes.
  10. kylo4

    kylo4 Rocket Ranger

    Mar 12, 2003
    I like it so far. I'd like for you to continue it.
  11. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Chapter 4


    When me and Dixon got to the hotel, we walked to our room to get ready for our mission. We passed a couple holding hands and smiling at each other. I looked at Dixon. He looked at the floor.

    We left. The ponytail red-hair wig I wore was uncomfortable. I sat right next to Keshan Hong at the bar. I took out the watch Marshall gave to me and said in Korean "Excuse me, I think you dropped your watch?" "Thank you." Hong said back and put it on his wrist. Then he went and sat down at a table. A second later a shadowy figure walked into the restaurant and sat across from Hong. I heard Dixon through my earrings "Okay Syd, I'm turning on the bug now. Get to your table behind him."

    "Reservation for Gagen?" I said to the man at the counter. "Yes, Miss Rachel Gagen. Right this way please." I followed the waiter to the table behind Hong's. "Would you like any appetizers?" the waiter asked. "No, I'll wait, thanks." I said. The waiter walked away. As I craned by head to see over Keshan Hong's shoulder, I saw who his contact was. Sark. "Dixon, have you hacked into the video cameras yet? I just saw Hong's contact. Do you see?" Dixon answered "Uh oh. Sydney, you'd better make that switch now."

    "I've got an idea." I said as I slipped into the kitchen. I came out a minute later in a waitress’s uniform. I walked to the table Hong and Sark were sitting at. As I said "Hello, I am your waitress. What can I get you two gentlemen?", I took out of my apron pocket the SD-6 document and switched it with Hong's. He said "I'm still looking, thank you." Sark said nothing. He just looked at me curiously. 'I've got to get out of here' I thought. I nodded and walked quickly toward the back. I tore out of my uniform and almost ran out of the restaurant. I recognized the CIA agent and just after I had made the brush pass with him, I felt a thud against my back. Right then everything went black.

    I woke up to a familiar scene. Tied up to a chair. Sark was sitting across from me in another chair, which looked a slight bit more comfortable. I wanted to shoot him right then. I was about to say so, but he said "I heard your mother made a break for it. You want to tell me why?"

    "I have no idea why." I snapped back. "But I have reason to believe that you do."

    "What in the world could you mean by that?" Sark said. He looked at me closely. I looked at the corner. My jacket was there, and the CIA document inside that I would give to SD-6 was still in there. I could tell, because the pocket looked thick. Sark was still looking at me. "What is your mother's plan? If you don't want to tell me there is another option, you know." He took out a knife from a box and circled it around my face. One centimeter closer and my face would be covered in blood. I remembered the ring. I felt the crystal and pressed it. Thank god I was tied up with rope.

    As soon as my arms were released I grabbed the rope, got up and whipped Sark with it. As he squinted, I grabbed the chair from behind me, flipped it over my head, and knocked Sark on the head with it. Then two Korean guards ran in. They both had machine guns. I elbowed one in the shoulder, kicked his gun out of his hands. I grabbed it in midair and shot both of them. Then I grabbed my jacket and ran out the back way. Dixon met me in the truck and we drove away.

    I met Vaughn again after my mission as usual. After I told him what happened he said "So Sark was Hong's contact." he chuckled. "Who would of thought it?" I got angry.

    "Are you drunk? You think this is funny? Sark could've killed me."

    "Well, he didn't. And it's because you fought back."

    "It's just that thing he said. 'What is your mother's plan?' Everyone keeps mentioning a plan she has. Everyone seems to think she still has another trick up her sleeve. I don't want to believe them, but..."

    "You're beginning to, aren't you?"

    I started to cry. "Yes, I am. I mean no offense Vaughn, but even if you are the only person I can really trust, I was hoping maybe my mother could be my other ally. I wanted to have something else in my life that I could depend on. That could make me feel normal again. Now I think it's just hopeless." He gave me a hug. "It will get better. You will be relieved. Don't worry, everything's going to be ok." "Thanks, I better get home. Thanks for everything."

    "Bye." I said, and left.

    When I got home, Francie was asleep on the couch. When I closed the front door, she woke up. "Hey," I said. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

    "Oh, it's ok. How was your trip?"

    "It was ok. Mostly boring."

    "So what happened? Did you beat someone up or something?" she said with a laugh. That's when I remembered telling her all about my real life.

    "Listen, this is serious. You can't joke about it. And you can't ask me stuff about my trips. I told you because I trust you. So please, don't mention it. Even to me."

    "Ok." she said with a frown.

    "But if I need to tell you something I will, ok?"

    "Yeah, whatever. Look, I'm beat. I'm going to sleep ok?" Francie said to me. Usually I'm the one who's beat.

    "Yeah, ok. Good night."

    "Good night." I watched as she walked into her room and slammed the door. I needed a friend right now, and I wasn't getting one.

    I reached for the box full of precious photos of mom and dad and me that was by the fireplace. I took out one of mom and me playing in the ocean. We were both laughing. I remember that day. I was about four years old. I bet mom and dad that I could swim to the end of the ocean. I must of went a little too far out, because mom had to run in and grab me. But then it turned into fun. I let a tear run down my cheek. Those were the days. The days when I didn't have to worry about who was a traitor. The days when I could run free. I just wanted this whole life to end. The doorbell rang. Who would want to bother me now? I got up and opened it. I recognized mom just as she raised a gun and shot me in the shoulder for the second time in less than a year.


    End of Chapter 4
  12. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Chapter 5


    I woke up and realized three things. One, I was shot with a tranquilizer. Two, I was not tied up to a chair again (thank god). And three, my mom is definitely bad. She definitely had a plan.

    Well, I was sitting on a couch. My arms and legs were free. And mom was sitting next to me. "Hello, Sydney."

    "What do you want?" I asked, sounding like a snake. I was really mad.

    "I want you to tell me where the Rambaldi Plan Device is."

    "Look, I don't know what the device you are referring to is, and I certainly don't know where it's located. But I'll tell you this, Ms. Derevko. I hate you."

    "Oh, no you don't. You just think you do. Why don't you think about the answer to that question while I get us some snacks. And by the way, don't think about escaping. I've got men with sniper rifles by the balconies." I looked up as my mo-as Irina walked away. There was one balcony on each side of the house (the inside, of course). I turned my head around. There was a back door. No balcony there. I didn't even think as I jumped over the couch I was sitting on, ran like hell through the dining room, and jumped right through the glass of the backdoor. I got up after falling on the back porch and ran as I heard alarms going off. I got to some trees and pushed through them. I fell down a steep and bumpy hill. When I got to the bottom, I ran again for about a mile. I wanted to get as far away from that house and as far away from my mother as possible.

    As soon as I stopped I pulled out my cell phone and called Vaughn. I told him everything, and he told me he was sending help right away. Soon after, a black car pulled up. I saw Vaughn inside, but he wasn't driving. He opened the door and I jumped in. The car sped away.

    "Are you okay?" he said to me.

    "Pretty much. But my mom said something about a Rambaldi Plan Device, and she asked me where it was, as if I would know. Do you know anything about it?"

    "No, but that's not what matters right now. We're bringing you to L.A. and to CIA Ops Center, to get you cleaned up and everything. Then maybe, you can tell Devlin about this device thing."

    "I've told you all I know, which is practically nothing. Where are we, anyway?"

    "We're in Moscow."

    "I'm getting sick of coming to Russia. Really sick of it."

    I came home I don't know how many hours later. Francie was sitting on the floor, crying.

    "Where the hell were you! I saw your mother carrying you out. She had a gun in her hand. I've been worried sick!!!"

    "Francie! Listen to me. Mom just shot me with a tranquilizer, that’s all. It only put me to sleep. I woke up in a house, but I broke away from her. The CIA picked me up and brought me home. I'm fine, just really tired."

    "You're really starting to scare me, you know that?"

    "Sorry. Look, I'm going to bed ok? Good night."

    "It's morning, Syd."

    "Well, I'm going to bed anyway! See ya."

    "Yeah. See ya." I watched as Francie plopped on to the couch, put a pillow over her head and started to cry. "Francie..." I started as I sat next to her.

    "Look, do you think it was a mistake to tell you? Do you wish you never found out about all this?"

    She sat up. "Well, not really. I mean, before I found out all this, I had a voice deep inside me telling me that something was up. And I figured that when I found out, I'd be relieved. But I never thought it would be like this. This is just too much. I'm not relieved, I'm just freaked out."

    "Ok, just think about it for a second. One minute I was sitting in my living room, the next I'm shot with a tranquilizer by my mother, and before I know it I wake up in Moscow. I jump through a glass backdoor, run from guards, run through trees, tumble down a hill, then run a mile and have the CIA pick me up, bring me to an airport, and bring me home. Now wouldn't that make someone a little cranky?"

    "Yeah, I guess. I have to go work at the restaurant, I just remembered."

    "Hey, you want to skip it and go out to brunch with me?"

    "But I thought were..."

    "No, forget about it. C'mon, let's go. My treat."

    When we got home from brunch at about noon, we were both stuffed and tired, so we both went into our rooms to get some sleep. I was awoken by my beeper at about 6:00. I picked it up and groaned. Sloane 911. Well, at lest I got six hours of sleep. As I tiptoed past Francie's room after getting ready, I realized she wasn't there. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge. It said: Syd, I had to leave for the restaurant. Some a**h***'s burger was overcooked. Other snobs there too, I hear, so it looks like I'll be home a little late. But if I'm not too tired, we can make popcorn and watch a movie, ok? Love, Francie. PS-I hope everything works out. I smiled. Francie sounded cheered up.

    I got off the elevator, let that stupid red light scan flash on me, and walked through the hallway. Dixon was sitting at his desk. I dropped my stuff by mine and asked him, "What's going on?"

    "Sloane says it's something with Rambaldi. I know, it's getting me bored to, but this time it sounds really big. Let's go, before we're late." I reluctantly followed Dixon. Sloane looked even more serious than usual.

    "We have a situation. Sark has killed Hong for giving him the wrong information. But thanks to your last mission, very successful I might add, Sydney, we have the right information. There is something called a Rambaldi Plan Device. As you know, there was some speculation about Rambaldi's last project that he worked on in the last ten years of his life. Well, this is it. We must get it. We don't know what it is, but it's obvious that we have to get it first. Sark is intent on getting this for his organization too. You leave in three hours. This device is at a certain point in the jungles of Borneo. You will be given a map that will show you where exactly the device is. Your Op-Tech is just normal radar, compass and gear. Well, good luck."

    I immediately had a meeting with Vaughn, told him my mission. My counter-mission, was much like my last one. After I get the device, I separate from Dixon and go to a certain point located on the map that Vaughn handed to me, and hand the device to a CIA agent who will be disguised as a nature filmer. The agent will give me a fake one. Since the CIA has already known about the device, they were able to construct a fake one that is an almost exact replica.

    Fourteen hours later, me and Dixon were walking through the jungles of Borneo, almost at our spot. "Getting tired." I said.

    "You wanna take a rest?"

    "No, I'm fine. We're almost there. Let's keep going." I said as we trudged up a hill. When we got to the top, we faced a tree with the Rambaldi symbol () carved in it. There was something about that symbol that scared me, just made me frustrated. "Stand back." Dixon said as he took out a chainsaw. After I backed up about ten or eleven steps, he cut the tree down son close to the ground that when it fell all you saw was a patch of dirt. That was a good thing, since we knew we were going to have to dig somewhere. So we started digging.

    We dug for about fifteen minutes, then I hit something solid. I looked at Dixon, he nodded and I lifted it out. It was some sort of silver box. It was heavy, and it was not small but not incredibly huge either. That's when I noticed it had hinges on the side. "Open it." he said. I opened it, and both of us squinted and moved our heads aside, because a bright yellow light shone out of the box. And it started to get really windy. I looked in the distance and saw what was definitely a twister just appear. I know it sounds strange, but Milo Rambaldi must have been a fan of the weather.

    "Sydney!" Dixon screamed. "Grab the box, I'll meet you at the truck and we'll call for backup!" "Okay!" I watched as Dixon ran down the hill. When he was out of sight, I ran in the other direction. It was hard as hell, but I finally found the agent. But there was one tiny problem-he was dead.


    End of Chapter 5


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    Dec 28, 2002
    Wow, very good! I'm glad Francie knows now, (but she's dead now !). Keep it up!
  14. alisydas

    alisydas Rocket Ranger

    Mar 17, 2003
    U.K, where I dont know!
    Chapter 6


    I think it was a miracle when I heard Vaughn's voice screaming my name. It was all that could keep me from crying. "Hand me the box!" I did what he said. As he took the fake one out of the guy’s pocket, I heard footsteps. I lifted my head and saw Sark. He lifted his hand in the air. He had a gun in the hand. He shot me just before the gun was blown out of his hand from the wind. One of the other agents that were with Vaughn ran to Sark and knocked him out with the gun. They dragged him into their helicopter. They were probably either going to kill him or question him. I was hoping it was kill. Vaughn leaned over me and said “Syd, are you okay? We can take you to a CIA hospital in the chopper.”

    “No! He shot me in the stomach, but I’m wearing a bulletproof vest, don’t worry about it. I have to get to Dixon. Give me the box.” Vaughn handed me the replica box and said “See you back in L.A.”

    “I hope.” I said back as I started down the hill. I turned around. “Vaughn! Wait!” He stood there as I trotted up the hill toward him. “About what happened the other day, well. Look, this may be the last time I see you in my life, so I just wanted to say that I love you, Michael.”

    “Yea, I, me too.” I kissed him passionately. Then I released. I ran down the hill, not looking back.

    When I finally got to the truck, Dixon was inside and a satellite phone was on the dashboard. “Where the hell were you?!” he screamed over the strong (and I mean really, really, strong) wind. Then his expression turned to worry.

    “Oh my god. Were you shot?”

    “Yeah, as I was going down the hill, I saw Sark, and he shot me in the stomach. But it’s ok; we’re wearing bulletproof vests, remember? I knocked him out and then ran down.”

    “I thought I heard gunshots. But, wait; when he wakes up, won’t he still have his gun and come looking for us?”

    “I got the box. Don’t worry, as long as you called for help. You did call, right?” I said as I handed him the replica box.

    “Yes. They’re on their way.” He told me as I climbed into the front seat.

    “Well, they better get here soon. I want to get out of this place as soon as possible.”

    Just then we saw a chopper in the sky. At first, I thought it was CIA. But then they landed in front of us. We got our stuff and jumped in the helicopter. It flew away.

    Author’s Note: Now, maybe some of you might not agree with me, but I told you it’d get better, didn’t I? Wasn’t that exciting and surprising? I thought so. Read on.

    We landed at an SD-6 hospital, and then were sent back to headquarters for our mission debriefing, which I practically fell asleep in. After the debriefing I rushed to CIA Ops, and went to my mother's cell to see if she was there. She was; they must have gotten her from the house.

    "Listen to me, before you say anything." I started. "I'm guessing Sark got you out again so you could capture me, and I know now that you had a plan. By the way, you are not my mother, and that is final. You are a phony, I'm not even sure I can call you a human being."

    "Sydney!" Mom said as I turned to walk away. I heard what sounded to me like paper shuffling. I turned back around. There was a note on the other side of the cell, the side opposite mom. I grabbed it, shoved it in my pocket, and walked away.

    I went and told Kendall and my father everything, and they said they would take care of it.

    That night, I was lying on my bed, crying and I decided to read that note that mom had left me. I took it out of my coat pocket and started to read. That's when I realized that wasn't a note. Well, it was kind of. It was a letter, a threatening letter from Sark to mom. It stated that if my mother did not let him break her out again, and capture me, and kill me, then he would kill her. Just then the phone rang. It was Kendall, saying that mom was sentenced to the death penalty, and that she was being brought to the chair right now. I hung up, threw on a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt, and drove toward CIA Ops. I swear I broke the speed limit. Like I care.

    Anyway, I stormed in, saw my father and asked him "Where is she?" He paused and said "Right over there." He pointed to his right, and I ran. Kendall was standing there and I shoved the letter into his hand. He read it in five seconds, showed to dad, and was about to show it to the guards when dad ran into the room where mom was about to be killed. "STOP!!!" he screamed. The guards stood back, and me and mom and dad hugged like a normal family. I don't know how to feel about that. Mom was then brought back to her cell, but before she walked out of the room, I apologized for not listening to her, and she forgave me.

    I walked back into the main office, and Vaughn was sitting at a desk. I walked over to him and he stood up.


    "Hi." I said back to him.

    "I wanted to tell you, the Rambaldi device had a sort of location pointer that was pointed to Borneo. On the way home, we figured out it was also pointed to L.A., but we disabled it before any real damage could happen."

    "Good. Listen, about back there..."

    "I know. I'm glad for two reasons. One, you didn't die. Two, we expressed our feelings, and I'm glad everything's out now. I love you Syd." He embraced me in a hug.

    "Bye." I said.


    I went home happy. And so, that was that. My father and me saved my mom from an unfair execution, and Vaughn saved L.A. from total destruction with the help of the CIA. I now have one less person to lie to. And, at least I think, that my life is a little more peaceful.


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