1. Tom

    Sci-Fi Creativity Exercise: "The Sliver"

    In this thread the goal is to create a paragraph or five based on the specific criteria concerning "The Sliver". Before I start giving the details on that criteria, Here are some rules: There is no limit as to how you express yourself as long as the criteria are met. I am in the US. If you wish...
  2. AlienView

    Superheroes Would you like to be a Mutant Superhero ?

    Greetings Human, Boorg Industries, Inc. in cooperation with the United Federation of Intergalactic Species {UFIS} and as part of "Operation New Dawn - The beginning of the Future", announces the programs' search for Human volunteers for a new genetic procedure which allows for DNA manipulation...
  3. Randal R.

    Animation Magnetic Sky_1

    Something I am experimenting with, Am still rendering this with some more changes. Includes a Solfeggio Tone 69.3Hz in the Audio track mix. Kinda neat,,maybe expand on it some if I get around to it. Regards, Randal R.
  4. AlienView

    Alien Designs for a Human Future

    If this sounds to you Human to be philosophical or scientific - It is not. This is pure Science Fictionalism - The future of the future But that is the only way we can communicate with you Human. Your science and your philosophy is to us trivial and out of date - Your ability to observe...
  5. Tom

    Request Creating Custom Fonts

    Does anyone know what is involved with creating a custom font? I get that you gotta draw the designs for every letter, number and win-ding but how do you make the pictures into a font file that works?
  6. Randal R.

    Animation Foreigner "Feels like the first time"

    May as well see what this does.....<presses the red button> Buttons Arn't Toys! ...but wow! Since I am here, maybe see if I can get some feedback on this or just what any one thinks of it. Info:Concerns:About: tbh, I am about to stop posting anything at these 3d sites.This is the only...
  7. Tom

    GFX Your Creativity

    Just a simple poll to determine how each of us feels about sharing our creativity with others. Are you just full of creativity to the point that it has to get out there no matter what or do you feel you must be compensated for what you create? Do you write because you must or is it because you...
  8. Randal R.

    Animation Earth from Space/Orbit Heroic Journey (C4D)

    Heroic Journey by Xray Dog-Sit up and listen! Video by Randal R. C4D Animation Randal R. I love this piece of music.It is so familiar,the melody,the ambiance, chord changes.It is so warm and welcoming. Uplifting and wondrous.Triumphant and serene. "if I may,let you experience the inspiration...
  9. AlienView

    Alien Control of the Planet Earth Now Complete !

    First we would like to thank those of you in computer, artificial intelligence, and government intelligence agencies for making the takeover smooth and uneventful -Few Humans are aware that they are under control of an extraterrestrial species. And that brings us to the question you may be...
  10. Tom

    Fantasy Your Dreams Are Alternate Realities?

    This nicoderm has me experiencing seriously vivid dreams lately. When you think about the possible changes in dimesions your own life could take it is seriously crazy when you think about the dreams you have. The brain is so unexplored. Who knows what secrets it holds? The going thoughts are...
  11. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi Battlestar Fan-Fiction-Short(Cylon Scenes)

    Hello everyone, Stopped by for a reply and realized I have not added this update, but the wip thread is getting crowded and this kind of stands on it's own.Most of this is in the last update,but this has the Special Effect...:D Using Cinem4D R13 Studio and Sony Movie Studio Plat.13 and After...
  12. Randal R.

    Animation A Flock of X-Wings/Escape from Mustafar C4D

    Hello again, this was just a series of clips I was doing just to do see how the new mats and skin jobs looked on the Corellian Corvette and the X-Wing models.I also wanted a Rendering of the Xplosion. And then Thought of making an actual action short... But one of 2 responses on a wip thread...
  13. Randal R.

    Animation Departing the Deathstar (Millenium Falcon Takeoff-C4D)

    Hello all, Thought I would post this. I think I finished skinning a model I got at name/author/modeler. I just wanted to animate and render it to see how it I picked the Departing Death Star sequence...I did not try to match it up exactly or really add lighting/shadow...
  14. Randal R.

    Animation Sky_Twister-Every Rose has it's Thorns-Psychic Wars

    Hello everyone,welcome to my post. I thought I would go ahead and share this here. Sky_Twister / Every Rose has it's Thorns Another pluck from the animations I been toying with for a new video. This all started with making the Blue_Oyster_Cult sign/symbol/logo. Now I got to do a video of the...
  15. Tom

    Artist Online - Free Software

    Here are some art related resources. Many are phone & tablet friendly. Graphics & Pictures | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives Top 16 Photo Editor Apps for Android Best Free Image Editor for Android Free Graphics, Image & Picture/Photo Software...
  16. Tom

    Sci-Fi Technologically Advanced Alien Marking System

    Technologically Advanced Alien Marking System Imagine seeing an alien spacecraft landing in your front yard. What do the strange markings on it mean? As a mind play I have come up with some crazy ideas... The symbols mean multiple things and are read in layers. Baseline Symbolizing You see a...
  17. Randal R.

    Animation (WIP)Battlestar 2015-The Arrival

    I dint see a thread on this project here....and I typically only have 1-2 wip threads on anything. I had a major loss of the remake scenes and files and renderings (hours of them) began it again. Only I have went thru the Space Station and the Shuttle and Re-done many of the mats...
  18. Randal R.

    Animation Space Shuttle Columbia-Columbia's Last Voyage (revealed)

    Columbia's last voyage.....What really happened in 2003. Visual Fiction or NASA has some explaining to do. footage taken from US Space Command Archives..which happened to be watching the mission from satellite cameras and comms eavesdropping.<<<Fictitious Description This is a work of...
  19. AlienView


    WEBSTERMAN AND THE SUPERHERO CONTINUUM OF THE FUTURE We know the media depiction of superheroes - Humans with magical powers capable of far more than normal Human abilities - They can do what no normal Human can and are quite resistant to attack. We are all familiar with Superman, Batman...
  20. Randal R.

    Animation Test Fire II-Cylon Proving Grounds

    Some Test renderings..with modified Sound Efx..and have since added 2 new Sfx to the Blaster sound. Wanting a new look for the TOS Raider..mesh by David Kerin. First clip was done a few years ago.2nd clip is currently.3rd clip is more currently...:D Think I like the Darker version...