Breaking-News! "moon" is copied from "Eutamnesia" ?


Seems "Moon" by Duncan Jones was ‘copied’ from the italian indie movie "Eutamnesia" by Patrick Rizzi
Quoting from imdb >>>

"I really liked ‘Moon’ when I first saw it. But now I read that it was probably copied from Eutamnesia, an indie italian movie.
Here’s the comparison video:

I’m kind of angry with Duncan Jones right now as from what I understood he never mentioned Eutamnesia before and bragged Moon’s story as his own."

Please, not stupid comparisons about quality: obvious, "moon" had budget 5.000.000 dollars against a low budget student movie
Oh dear......

There was a Russian who theorised the number of different stories and characters in folk tales, which seems to cross over into books and films today.

Moon, though, at first did appear reasonably original. However, in the face of this......