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Do you have a case mod?

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Case mods or computer case modifications are the ultimate display of geek chic, creativity and hardware prowess! Many of them are pieces of art, whereas others are just plain weird.
I took a jigsaw to my side panel to cut a hole for a 120mm fan since my desktop is a gaming machine and needed the airflow!

As for modding, I usually have 3rd party HSF and GPU fan systems to cool the parts down and to quieten them down!
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R2-D2 (called R2, or “Artoo” for short), is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. R2 is one of the only four characters - the others being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and droid companion C-3PO - to appear in all six Star Wars films. The original R2-D2 chassis was specially created by Australian firm Petric Engineering and was precision made to a high standard with small tolerances. R2-D2 was played by Kenny Baker in five of the six Star Wars films, (though credited with appearing in Revenge of the Sith, he never filmed any scenes) with many scenes filmed using mechanical and computer-generated imagery (CGI) versions of the character.Pictures of the R2D2 computer case mod are showed below.
Interesting idea that. Don't need some very small kid to come in the room and try and 'play' with it though! Could be a costly accident :)

I always held off doing something interesting due to space, accessibility of components for maintenance/upgrading and the sheer time needed to do it. At least some people out there are enacting out our fantasies for us.
As big of a geek that I am, I never got into case mods. Don't get me wrong... I've always built my own PCs going back to the 80's (anybody else remember soldering RAM chips piggyback style on a full length PC card or burning their own BIOS sets? :p ) but modding was just something that I never got into. My current tower has a few shiny things like an LED fan and a lucite side panel but nothing custom.

That R2-D2 case is mighty tempting though.
i have wanted one but want to come up with an idea that no one else has (there is the procrastination in me that i just answered in the last poll, LOL).
time is not a problem, money is though. pretty much you would have to build one and sell it on ebay or do them for customers and hope they can pay for it.
....I got a bunch of stickers and random paint on mine :)
That is about the extent of my case modding skills.
I've just done a reverse modding for a new pc I built for my parents! This involved replacing the LED fans that came with a case and disabling a dummy fan that spun and look pretty. They wanted a pc that sat there without looking like a christmas tree!!!

Atlhough technically I did add a custom component to it, with a 5.25" dirve bay fitted multicard reader to make getting their cameras pics off much easier. Okay, internally I suppose I should talk about the near silent Arctic Freezer HSF and the full copper Zalman flower fan (on low voltage quiet setting) on their new graphics card! "Hush!" I said, and it did :)
I dont really do case mods because i havent got the tools needed and stuff, but i would not spend extra money on a moded case so i voted home