Colossus returns


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At Bletchley Park, the famous home of World War II code breakers, work is continuing to rebuild one of the original Colossus computers, which were so vital to the Allied war efforts.
The manor house is now home to the National Museum of Computing, which is dedicated to preserving the work of the some of the most important computers in history.
The Colossus rebuild started in 1993 and the work is not yet finished. Tony Sale, the chief architect of the re-build, began the work relying on black and white photos.

Audio interview by Mark Ward.Photography by Emma Lynch.

The past is the future at Bletchley Park
Darn it! From the title I was thinking this was a remake of the movie.

But it is good to see that Bletchley is being saved; for a few years it wasn't looking like it had a future.