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Compromise, Sacrifice, and a Silent Hope

Discussion in 'General' started by Alias_babe2007, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Alias_babe2007

    Alias_babe2007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    Title: Compromise, Sacrifice, and a Silent Hope
    By: Jessica (Alias_Babe2007)
    Disclaimer: I do not own ALIAS or it's characters, I'm simply barrowing them from the brilliant mastermind JJ. Oh, and I don't own the song either, it's Jars of Clay's and I surely don't own them. I sure wish I did, seeings how they won a Grammy on Sunday night, but oh well! :)
    Please read & Reply! Thanks :D

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Prologue</span>

    The sky was dark gray. The harsh rain clouds forming together and blocking out any rays of sun that tried to spill through to the earth below. It only seemed fitting, considering the anniversary that was taking place. It had been one year. A whole year of nothing but pain, suffering, and pretending. Nothing could ever be the same, everything had changed and was changing still.

    Take, Take 'til there's nothing
    Nothing to turn to
    Nothing when you get through
    Won't you break,
    Scatter pieces of all I've been
    Bowing to all I've been
    Running to
    Where are you?
    Where are you?

    The scene before her seemed only in shades of black and white. The only color that could be seen was the green grass and the blood red roses that were tightly grasped in the woman's trembling hand.

    Did you leave me unbreakable,
    Leave me frozen, I've never felt so cold
    I thought you were silent,
    And I thought you left me
    For the wreckage and the waste
    On the empty beach of faith
    Was it true?

    Walking through the grounds, the woman had a clear destination. She knew where she was going and what she needed to do. Determination was more than evident, even through the tears that were making rivers down her beautiful face. She came to a stop and sunk to her knees in front of a perfectly carved stone. Her tears were no longer silent, but were now body racking sobs.

    Deeper I wanna scream
    I want you to hear me
    I want you to find me
    Cause I, I want to believe
    But all I pray is wrong
    And all I claim is gone

    The only person who could ever have helped her was gone. He wouldn't have been where he was now if it wasn't for her. She blamed herself. Nothing could change her mind, because she saw it as all her fault, although she knew he would tell her it wasn't. If only that one moment was different.

    And I, I got a question
    I got a question
    Where are you?
    Yeah, yeah...
    Well, I, I got a question
    I got a question
    Where are you?

    "I'm sorry!" She sobbed. "It's all my fault and I'm so sorry!"

    Where are you?

    “Silence” by Jars of Clay
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    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    Oh no! Vaughn's dead? That's so sad! Is that all you're writing? I need more!!!!
  3. Alias_babe2007

    Alias_babe2007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 1</span>


    Sydney walked into the dark building preoccupied and worried about her latest mission. If she went, and did what Sloane wanted, it would be a suicide mission and there would be no way she could get out alive. Maybe that’s the way Sloane wanted it and the way it should be. What was left of her life? Everything was a lie, and she couldn’t trust anyone. However, the person she was meeting could always be counted on, that’s why she never hesitated to meet him when he called.

    As she pulled the chain link gate open, Michael Vaughn turned and faced her.

    “Hey, Syd.”


    “What’s wrong?”


    “Come on, Syd, something’s wrong. You know you can talk to me.”

    “I guess I’m just worried about this mission. I think that it’s a suicide mission. Maybe it’s a set up.”

    “Everything will be fine, I promise.”

    “Okay,” she said, obviously still unsure. “What’s my counter-mission?”

    “We don’t know why SD-6 wants those files, because we don’t have the intel as to what they contain. So we want you to wear this,” he pulled out a diamond and sapphire heart pin, which was beautiful and looked real, although Sydney knew it wasn’t. “It has a camera in it, so you just have to get a clear view of the documents. We can also keep track of you this way, and make sure you’re all right,” he said as he handed her the pin.

    “Got it. Is that everything?

    “No, you also need to wear this too. It has a com-link, so you’ll be able to keep in touch with base.”

    He handed her a necklace that matched the pin. It was silver, with a diamond and sapphire heart pendant.

    “Thanks,” she said. He could tell she was preoccupied.

    “You’re still worried, aren’t you?”

    “Yeah, I am. Something is just not right about this. What would Sloane want with those files? The documents in them have no real value to SD-6.”

    “There is one way you can find out.”

    “Vaughn, I know, but I just can’t.”

    “Yes, you can. Sydney—“

    “No. We’ve used her too much. We just got back with that artifact. She needs a break.”

    “So do you. You work so hard and that last mission wasn’t exactly a piece of cake for you either.”

    “No, you’re right, it wasn’t. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Nevertheless, I’m used to doing this. I can handle it.”

    “So could she. Sydney, remember who we are talking about here. All she’s done. All she might still do if she somehow gets free. Sydney, that woman is amazing. She’s a lot like you.”

    She smiled at him and replied, “Thank you, but I just can’t talk to her right now.”

    “Okay,” he sighed. “Everything will be alright. I’ll be watching you,” he smiled. “Good luck, Syd, and stay safe.”

    “Thanks,” she said with a small smile.

    That worried look she had walked in with had returned as she turned and walked out of the building.

    Michael Vaughn had questions, and he would get the answers he needed because he wanted everything to be okay. He needed Sydney to be safe. He’s so anything to make sure she remained okay. There was only one thing he knew to do. Bound with determination, He walked out of the dark building and drove off.


    As the bars down the hallway went up, Irina knew someone was coming. The question was, would there be any questions asked that she would answer? That all depended on who was on the other side of the glass. As the footsteps stopped, she turned and faced the other person. A smile crept onto her face.

    “You came all the way to Kashmir to get us out. I thank you for that. You made it a lot easier on the three of us.”

    “I didn’t do it for you.”

    “Oh, Agent Vaughn, I know very well who you did it for,” he blushed and looked at the floor. “Yet I still benefited from your decision. I owe you for that.”

    He looked up, “Well you can repay me right now.”

    “What do you need? I’ll do what I can, but I can’t guarantee that it will be enough for you.”

    With a nod, Vaughn replied, “Sloane is sending Sydney to Wales to retrieve files from Joshua Richardson. She thinks it may be a trap, because we have no intel on the files. She wouldn’t come and ask you, because she thinks she’s using you too much.”

    “Even though it may cost her own life? Those files, they have absolutely no significant value to Arvin Sloane or the Alliance. Her instincts should always be trusted. I believe that is a trap.”

    She looked into his deep green eyes, her own round brown ones, that were almost identical to Sydney’s, were challenging him to do something. Her daughter’s life was in danger and if the man she loved couldn’t save her, who could?

    “I know what to do. She’ll be alright, you have my word,” he promised her.

    “I trust you when it comes to my daughter. It is obvious she trusts you. My question to you is how far are you willing to go for Sydney?”

    Shocked by her question, he just stared. If Irina weren’t so worried, she would have been highly amused. The man certainly got flustered easily, with little effort on her part. Intimidation was a powerful tool, one that she had acquired early on. However, it should only be used when absolutely necessary, and she knew it.

    “If Sydney needs me,” he finally replied. “I’ll do whatever I need to.”

    “Why?” Irina questioned, curious to see what he would say this time.

    He gave her that look again. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

    “She’s my daughter, isn’t she? I have a right to protect her.”

    “And just exactly do you plan to protect her from here?”

    “Mr. Vaughn, you have just overstepped your line—“

    “No. You erased those lines when you left her alone as a helpless six year old.”

    “Mr. Vaughn, that’s harsh. I love Sydney, and I always have loved her.”

    “Well,” he said. “You aren’t the only one.”

    He glanced up and met her eyes before turning and walking away. As Irina watched his retreating back, a smile crept onto her face. He was in deep, deeper then any man she had ever seen. Except for maybe Jack Bristow when they were married. Sydney would be fine as long as Michael Vaughn was around. And that was something that she truly believed.
  4. SiriCerasi

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    Dec 8, 2002
    Aww so sweet! Irina is so smart ^_^ she knows just how to get at something
  5. Alias_babe2007

    Alias_babe2007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    Yeah, she sure does! I love writing Irina, bc/I love writin with an attitude and an edge. I'm not sure if I posted ch.2 on here before the problems happened to the site, but regardless, I'm posting it now. I also have a sketch of Syd's alias from this mission that I drew, if anyone cares or wants to see it, I can post it. LMK if you're interested. Thanks for reading! :D

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 2</span>

    Looking out an airplane window crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Sydney sighed. Although Vaughn had assured her that everything would be okay, there was still part of her that felt nothing good could come from this mission. The one way she could have found a few answers to the multiple questions that were making paths through her mind was to ask her mother. Somehow, for some reason, that simply did not seem to be a possibility to Sydney.

    Her mother was far from being a person you could just sit down and have a normal conversation with. There were very few things in her life that she could discuss with her mother. Even fewer were the amount of things she wanted to discuss.

    “Excuse me, Miss,” the flight attendant’s voice brought her out of her silent musing.

    “I’m sorry. Yes?”

    “Would you like something to drink? Coffee maybe?”

    Sydney made a face. She had never been a big fan of coffee, although the caffeine had helped her a few times. She had to disguise the bitter taste with many creamers, usually French Vanilla or Irish Cream, before she could even attempt to drink any.

    “Do you have any hot teas?”

    “Peppermint, orange pekoe, green, cherry blackberry, or lemon with honey.”

    “Peppermint sounds great, thanks,” she said with a smile that retreated with the stewardess’ back.

    The seat in between her and the isle was empty, as was most of the first class cabin. Sydney glanced at her watch as the stewardess reproached with a steaming mug.

    “Would you like some sugar?” She was asked as she received the tea.

    “No, thank you,” she smiled. “It smells wonderful.”

    With a smile and a small nod, the flight attendant continued up the isle. Grasping the cup with both ands, Sydney sunk into her seat and cautiously took a small sip, wary of the temperature. Perfect, just as she drank it at home. Unless Will had made it for her. He had a tendency to boil the water for too long.

    Oh Will, she thought, it’s all my fault you’re in so deep.

    She gingerly placed the mug into the cup holder and covered herself with a blanket. It was two thirty am in LA, and she need to go to sleep. The closer she got to Wales, the more hours she lost. With the added stress of jet lag, minimal hours of sleep, and worries of what was to come would not help the already complicated assignment.

    After getting as comfortable as possible, Sydney closed her eyes. Within a few minutes, she was asleep.


    At 11:30 am, a tall red head walked into the Grand National Hotel in Swansea, Wales. The receptionist at the front desk looked up and a smile formed on her face.

    “May I help you, Miss?” she enquired.

    “Yes. I am Kimberley Brianna Chase. My father, Robert Chase, called and booked me a suite, I do believe. Is it by any chance ready?”

    “You’re the Kimberley Chase? The one that’s dating Jared Sommers?” the receptionist excitedly asked.

    “Uh, yes. That’s me. Jared is the reason I’m here actually. I’m afraid Daddy doesn’t like him much, so he sent me here for break, instead of to Paris with Jared. All the way from London simply because he doesn’t like my boyfriend! Absolutely mad, wouldn’t you say?”

    “Oh, positively,” she handed her a key to a suite. “You are in suite 47. Would you like me to send someone up with you?”

    “No, I do believe I can find it on my own. Thanks so much.”

    As Sydney turned, her red curls bouncing, she saw a man enter the hotel from the corner of her eye. He walked to the front desk just as her cell phone rang. The receptionist turned and stared, but the man kept his back to her. She was relieved for that. She didn’t need to be making a big scene.

    “Hello?” she asked into the phone.

    “Sydney, is everything alright?” Jack’s voice asked.

    “Oh, Jared! Everything is wonderful right now. Later may be a different story. I’m worried about going to this party tomorrow. Without you, I have no one to take me. I’ll be all alone. Do you know how dangerous that could be?”

    “Why didn’t you tell me you were worried about this mission?”

    I didn’t think there was anything you could do. You know how Daddy is sometimes. He pretends he has nothing but the best intentions for me, but I wonder how any of this could end well.”

    “If you’re really worried about this…I could… do you need me?”

    “Oh, Jared, would you?” Sydney excitedly asked. Help would be so welcome.

    “Of course, if you really think you will need me.”

    “What would I do without you, Sweetie? What about Daddy though?”

    “I’ll take care of Sloane. What time is this party?”

    “It starts tomorrow night at 6:30. You can figure out the time change, right? Can you be here on time?”

    “I think so, if I get a plane ASAP. What kind of attire?”

    “Tux. It’s very fancy. I can’t wait to see you!”

    “I can’t stand to hear you giggle like that.”

    “I know me either. Sickening isn’t it?”

    “Yes. I need to go.”

    “Alright. Thanks so much for calling and for coming. It means so much. Oh! I’m in room 47.”

    “Okay. I love you, Sydney.”

    A huge smile crept onto her face. “I love you, too. So very much.”



    As she hung up the phone, Sydney sighed. She turned, and walked down a long corridor to her room.

    The man who had walked into the hotel was still at the front desk, enquiring about a room.

    “Are there any rooms in the forties left? That is my favorite area in the entire hotel,” he told the receptionist with a Southern drawl. With his nice suit and fancy appearance, the receptionist did not want to disappoint him. There was also something about those eyes, the way they sparkled, that made her check quickly for a room.

    “Yes there are two--rooms 42 and 48. Room 42 is the better of the two, I’ll put you in that one.”

    “No, give me 48, please. I am sure someone more important will come along and need a room. Give 42 to them,” he persuaded with a charming smile and a wink. That worked for her.

    “Alright, 48 it is. I just need your name.”

    “Oh, of course. I’m sorry! I’m Joseph Richardson.”

    “Well, Mr. Richardson, here’s your key. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything, you can call down here by pressing pound then zero on your phone.”

    “Thank you.”

    He picked up his key and proceeded down the same hallway the flustered and preoccupied redhead had just walked down moments before.
  6. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    great job Alias babe 2007! i like it! :)
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Hello, Jessica! It's time once again for: Kristin's useless opinion! Brought to you in part by...me! Kristin!

    I love it! ^_^ You write Irina well, probably because you are somewhat like her. lol ;)

    See ya later....actually, sooner!

  8. Alias_babe2007

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    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    What's that suppose to mean????

    Anyways, here's the link to my sketch, if anyone wants to see it. If you do, please sign my guestbook, so i know you've been there. Feel free to roam around the rest on my site, too. :)

    Chapter 3 is done, I'm just waiting to get it back and I'll post it. Thank you for everyone who's reading! :)
  9. Marshall's_Tech_Emporium

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    I've seen your sketch! :) I like it! :)

    Post some more! :)

    Oh, and I was halfway joking about my useless opinion! I like my opinions....well, i should anyway. DON'T LISTEN TO ME! I'M CONFUSED!
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    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 3</span>

    The whimsical music of a string quartet wafted out of the Taylor mansion to Sydney, who stood at the bottom of the front steps. It was shortly after 6:30, and she was prepping herself for her fashionably late appearance. She had been ready to go since 5:30, but she had waited to hear something from Jack. He hadn’t called since 9 the night before, when he called to let her know he was boarding an 9 am plane the next morning and that he should be able to make it in time to escort her to the party later.

    As she had set on the large bed, waiting for his phone call, she heard the door across the hallway open and close. She rushed to her own door and swiftly opened it. As she stepped out the door, she glanced down the long hallway and watched a sandy-haired man walk towards the lobby. He was dressed in a nicely tailored tuxedo and her best guess was that he would be at the party as well. Maybe she would see him later.

    That was only about an hour before, but to Sydney it seemed like a dream from forever ago. Instead of having her father’s arm to walk in on, she was alone. She hoped that he would appear soon. That was the only thing she could think of wanting at the moment. Him and some reassuring about this mission. Absolutely nothing seemed right. There was relatively no security to be seen yet. Usually there were guards posted in the front. Not obvious to the guests of course, but Sydney knew what to look for. With the documents inside, she was expecting guards and lots of them.

    “Boot Camp, this is Mountaineer.”

    “Copy that, Mountaineer. We have audio and visual feed.”

    “Vaughn, when you gave me my counter mission, do you remember-“

    “Agent Vaughn’s not available at the moment.”

    “Oh,” Sydney breathed. That hurt. After all his promises to make sure she was safe, to watch over her, he was not there to simply reassure her. She knew that seemed selfish, but at the moment, she was so put off that she simply did not care.

    ‘He lied to me,’ she thought. ‘He said he would be here when I needed him. Where is he now? Snap out of it, Sydney! You have a job to do. Get busy!’

    Deciding not to make a large appearance, she quietly slipped through a side door into the large ballroom. She absentmindedly bumped into someone and kept her head down as she apologized then walked on. She simply wanted to get this over with and get home.

    ‘And be safe,’ she thought. ‘I sure do wish Dad was here.’

    Clearing her mind of everything but her objectives, she surveyed the room to find everything’s position and reacquaint herself with the ballroom’s layout. Everything was where she had planned on it being. With the exception of the missing security guards.

    Locating the stairs she was searching for just a few feet away, beyond a partially opened door, Sydney made her way across the room. When she reached the doorway, she slipped inside closing it behind her. The narrow stairwell was empty. Glancing behind her, to make sure the door was closed, she crept quietly to the top.

    When she reached her destination, she found another closed door, which she slipped through and closed partway behind her, leaving a small crack between the frame and the door, so she could listen. Walking down a short hallway and slipping around the corner, Sydney placed herself against the wall to observe anything that seemed suspicious.

    There were six doors down the hallway before turning another corner. Sydney knew that the second door on the left was the room where the files were located.

    Inching herself away from the wall, Sydney turned and faced the long hallway. She started moving closer to the room when the she heard the door at the bottom of the stairs open and close. She seemed frozen in place as she heard a voice float up the stairs to her.

    “Yes, Sir. We have everything under control and all is going as planned. I will contact you when Bristow is eliminated.”

    She could not move. All her instincts had been correct, yet she had ignored them. How was she possibly going to get out of this one? Jack could be anywhere and Vaughn was also MIA. She knew she had to get out of there, and fast or else she would become another victim of Arvin Sloane and his greed.

    As a plan began to form in her mind, she heard the cocking of a gun behind her. ‘There’s more then one of them!’ she hysterically thought.

    “Mountaineer to Boot camp! Mountaineer to Boot camp!” She frantically whispered in her com. “I’ve been compromised. I need an extraction imead—“

    Her words were cut off and her fear consumed her as a hand covered her mouth. An arm wrapped around her waist, making it impossible to move. She was trapped and without putting herself in danger, there were no options to be had.

    At that moment, she decided not to make this an easy task for them. They would remember who Sydney Bristow was…a fighter, never giving up, and certainly no weakling. She was already in danger, and she had been in situations like this before. Fighting back or going easy—either way she was certain she was going to die. Sydney quickly and sharply thrust her elbow back, making contact with her captor’s stomach.

    “Ugh! Syd!” The hands fell away.

    Recognizing the voice, and the agony in it, Sydney gasped and quickly turned. She had not been prepared for the sight that was before her eyes. Michael Vaughn doubled over, holding his stomach.

    “Mich—Vaughn! What are you doing here?” She whispered, surprised, with wide eyes.

    “You thought this was a trap, remember? I asked you mother, and she confirmed your suspicions. So, I came to help. I’ll explain everything when we get out of here, okay? Good grief, Syd! You have a bony elbow!”

    “Shh! There’s a guard on the stairs. I think he’s taking orders from Sloane. They’re trying to find me—to kill me,” she frantically whispered. “What’s the plan?”

    “Actually, I was hoping we could work something out together.”

    “We don’t have the time,” she exasperatedly hissed. “They are coming up here. NOW!”

    “Calm down. We can’t do anything if you’re pacing and acting crazy.”

    Sydney’s eyes became wide as she glared at him angrily. “You aren’t understanding me are you? They are walking up that flight of stairs, guns drawn, looking for me. Something needs to be done.”

    “We can’t do anything if you are panicking and being irrational.”

    She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I’m being irrational?” she demanded.

    The stairs creaked and the door knob began to turn.

    “Vaughn, we are so screwed!”

    “There is no way you could be screwed, Syd. You are too perfect.”


    She couldn’t believe he had just said that. What could he be thinking? Now was certainly not the time—if there was a time—to be telling her something like that.

    “Vaughn, we need to do something now. He’s coming,” she hissed, not at all feeling as angry as she was acting, although she felt quite flustered.

    “I have an idea,” he whispered suddenly. His quick strategizing surprised her.

    Sydney glanced around the corner quickly to find the door was being slowly opened.

    “What?” came her frantically asked question. “What did you come up with?”

    It sounded more like a helpless plea of a frightened child and in some ways, that’s how Sydney felt. All her childhood fears and insecurities came rushing back in a single moment.

    But when Vaughn ‘told’ her his plan, all the insecurities momentarily flew away and she felt falsely safe. One thing was certain though. She was most definitely secure.

    Secure in Michael Vaughn’s arms.

    With his lips crushing hers.

    But Sydney Bristow had no objections to that.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    LOL cute! I love it!
  12. Marshall's_Tech_Emporium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    YAY! :)
    I like it..of course! :)

    You know, we can talk on here too....not just MY story. :)
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    Dec 30, 2002
    great job! that's nice!
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    from da hood
    oOoOo sweet!
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    See, Jessica. People like your story! :) all the more reason to write lots and lots more (and let me read it before you post! :) lol j/k although it would be nice....)


    I'm at the library and I got a Russian dictionary. Why you ask? because....I like Irina! And she's Russian! ;) and cause the little symbol thingies are cool. :)
  16. Alias_babe2007

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    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    lovely. That's the last thing I need...you thinking you know another language! :P I've started ch. 4, really, I have. I just need to finish chapter 10 of Remnants first.
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    ^_^ I like Russian! It's fun!

    Yeah, get them both done for me!
  18. Alias_babe2007

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    The not so gracent Kentucky
    I'm working on it! I swear I am....maybe ;)
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    :love: that was so sweet!!!
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    maybe? MAYBE?! How can you maybe me? oh well. :)

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