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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by aliaschica47, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    Title- debriefing
    summry- s-d6 finds out about sydney causing her and vaughn to go into hiding
    disclaimer- since this is my first fic imnot quite sure what to do so i thin k i have to say i dont own any of the characters and that i have no rights to the show
    nor do i have any rights to the place dipicted

    Sydney inhaled deeply, as usual it smelled of cigars and alcohol like most of her missions smelled. Sitting at the bar sipping her coke, she looked around the bar that was inside atlantis, it was actually kind of nice compared to other places she had been sydney thought to herself. After a while her thaughts started to drift toward mich.. i mean vaughn. She couldnt get her mind off of him for some reason. She had tryed convincing herself that she wasnt falling for him but it was usless.

    Later sydney stood up and flipped open her compact that marshall gave her that sht off the security cameras for 5 min. she smoothly slid around the corner and went into the corridor. "im in" she told dixon trough her bracelet. This mission was easy all she had to do was get into an abandoned room in the atlantis hotel and take out the documents that k- directorate had been stashing there, then she would dead drop them to the cia and have them back in time to meet dixion.

    2 days later

    ring ring
    "hello" sydney asked groggily picking up the phone
    "vaughn.. i mean joeys pizza" vaughn stammered, [ hearing sydneys vaoice made him tremble"
    'oh um ... wrong number"
    she heard the reciver click and then hung up her own phone.
    she stared blankly for a minute just listening to vaughns voice was soothing.
    thats when she saw it, the bug killer, a lip stick tube that worked when it was closed. it was open.
    **** at S-D6*********
    "Mr. Sloane" a young man in a dark suit cam through sloanes office doors
    "i have a suspicous phone call to agent sydney bristows home."
    he told sloane in a deep voice
    "really, do you have recordings" sloane inquired
    "yes and i have done a search on the name vaughn, which is who called, and i came up with two results."
    "what were they" sloane asked with a hint of worry in his voice
    " one was a 33 year old CIA officer"
    sloane didnt want to hear that, for some reson he had a paternal feeling towards sydney
    "and the other" he answere with less dignity
    "a cia officer who was killed by irena derevko"
    "follow her and take what ever actions you need" sloane answered with a renewed dignity relizing who could have told sydney the truth

    ***Debreifing with vaugh***** Syd POV

    as i turned the corner through the maze of fences my heart beat got faster, this happened every time I was bout to see Vaughn.

    "hey" he greeted me in his smooth voice
    "so your mission went well, we got the information we needed"
    "good" was all i could manage to say
    "sloane contacted me and gave me a week off"
    "really" vaughn answered in a surprised tone
    "yeah said i was working way to hard and neede break"
    "mich.. i mean vaughn can i tell you someth...............

    I LOOKED OVER WITH VAUGHN WHO WAS trying to conceal his fear
    slowly i bent my knees shaking
    the man came forward and pointing the gun at me said
    "you should have stayed loyal to us"
    with that my leg flew out from underme
    the gun went off, witthin seconds our stalker was on the ground uncosious.

    i looked over vaughn had been shot, he had been wearing his vest
    running quickly towards our parked cars we were gasping for breath while discussing(i no not the best coice fo words) what to do
    fighting of two other SD-6 opratives my fateher pulled up in his black sedan already the door was halfwway open
    vaughn and i leaped over the uncocious men and piled into the car
    after a few seconds i relized that i my elbow was in vaughns stomach and he couldnt breath, embarasses i moved away

    "SD-6 found out we have to leave now all of us, including you Mr. Vaughn"
    "where are you taking us dad?''
    ''how did you find out''
    ''how does sloane know?''
    ''Thats what i should be asking you''
    ''according to my contacts you didnt hae your de-bugger on and security section said that you had recived a phone call traced back to you Mr. Vaughn and they pulled your file and they found out you worked for the CIA.
    "whoa" vaughn said :(

    ***no more POV for nnow**

    they pulled up to LAX and they hurridley walked ino the building, about 10 yards of walking jack pulled them into a small room full of trunks and a small but very up to date computer.
    here put these on, he threw sydney and vaughn a change of clothes.
    vaughn you are now Dean Mitchel and you are sydneys escort , sydney you are gwen stane and you are going to D.C. for a uissness trip.
    i am going as james taylan and i am going to maryland to visit my mother
    he quickly explained while they changed. as sydney looked over she caught a glipse of vaughns vaughns taught muscles and she couldnt help but get week in the knees. "ready" her fathers voice snapped her back into reality, "yup" she answered now sporting much makeup and a buisness suit and very black wig. Vaughn was in a black shirt and a long peacoat looking extremely handsome. and her father had on what looked like a knit sweater and a fake beard and had contacts in that gav ehim brown eyes.

    once they were on the plane sydney wondered what they were doing in d.c. , her father almost reading her mind " once we are in D.C. we wil lgo to a cia office and recieve new identies as will franci, mr. tippin, agent wiess, amy tippin, and agebt dixion and his family and a few others."
    'what" sydney stammered" (inknowingly taking hold of vaughns hand for suport) "wiess i understand, will i understand, but franci , what did she do to deserve this?" 'sydney think about it if they dont come they will be tortured by SD-6 or just killed.

    ***vaughns POV***
    absorbed in that magazine that the plane had proided i was toning out what jack was saying. Then sydney placed her hand in mine (unknowingly i think) it must have been for support of something that jack had said, when i snapped back to hearing what was happening. Oh my God all those people will be there to, poor sydney all her innocent friend must be dragged into this. i encoringingly hold her hand in mine. That is when i relized it, i am in loe with sydney.

    I sat there staring at her for while, her hand still in mine, as she flipped through the magazine i had been reading earlier. I heard jack excuse himself. Over the past 30 minuets i have been trying to convince my self that , now that we were starting over i had to tell sydney how i felt in fear that with witness protection thay might seperate us. i dont even want to think about that.
    "sydney i l..."
    "vaughn'; jack interupted
    ''we are almost there i need to go over with you the procedures"


    After landing the three aents ran from the tar mack using wire cutters they ut through the fence and got out, hailing a taxi they went a block from the CIA HQ and then ran the rest of the way. They burst through the lobby. A man in a black suite waas standing there, they met up with them running to an office, turing the door nob sydney looked inside and saw all the people that ment something to her and vaughn, then she saw alice. She filled with a sense of jelosy she had never felt before.
    Then a man walked in with a voluminous amout of manila folders and she saw each had a different name on it.

    Sarah was one, and there were some others that she couldnt catch.
    the man sat down.
    poor franci she has no idea what was going on
    He handed each person a folder.
    Sydneey looked down at hers Sarah beverhusing
    he looked at Michaels and was intregued by the fat that his first name was still Michael.
    You can look through your folders for exactly one minuite and then you will be escorted to a room where you will get your passports clothes and money and job stats.
    Sydney fingered through hers once, she then briskly walked over to franci and squiting was extremely relived to see that frani would still be in the same town as sydney. she walked over to will and didnt recieve goos news, although he would still be on the same island Will would be living a far way from sydney anf franci, giving him a teary hug sydney said goodbye.
    walking over to vaughn, it was the longest walk in her entire life, she didnt want to know vaughns fate. he handed sydney the manilla folder "wh.. oh ....my...God.." sydney became teary eyed she had never been so happy in her life. Quickly she skimmed the text, Michael and Sarah were to be engaged until they got to the island once they were there they could seperate and be roomates with franci or since they were no longer co- workers they could go through with the marrige. "time up come with me" a harsh voice said

    as they walked away sydney felt someting slide into her coat pocket.
    they reached the room and had to change sydney slipped the object that had been handed to her into her new coat and swiflty turned taking vaughn by the hand as they here given bug killers paaports licenses, record and resumes.
    Each person OR couple were escorted out seperate entrance to be taken to the airport, one sydney and vaughn wereinside they were boarded onto a small aircraft, which soon took off.

    ****Vaughn POV*******

    You see i have loved sydney bristow sincei have met her. but ijust couldnt tell her finally i had my change and did i ever take it.
    as we sat down the pilot, obviously not knowing our status asked why were headed to the island, "were engaged and are planning to reside their while planning the wedding" sydney said leaning towards me, a sudden warmth and calm sensation spread over me like never before.

    Sydneys POV

    after i explained to the pilot our marital status (which by the way felt intoxicating, in a good way, just to talk about) i leaned closer to michael who after a while whispered, "open the box, sarah"
    i had completely forgotten about the object that had been passed to me.
    slipping my hand i reahe into my pocket and pulled out a green velvet box , my heart started to race, a flury of thoughts raced intom y head.. could it be.. nah.. but maybe

    vaughn had leaned closer to me, "open it"
    with an unsteady hand i lifed to boxes top up ad there in a pillow of white was a ring.

    more later please tell me if you like it or not.
  2. ILoveAlias

    ILoveAlias Scout

    Dec 12, 2002
    Great fic!!! post more soon!!! :)
  3. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
  4. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002

    "It was my grandmothers engagment ring, my moms, and now i want it to be yours," "sydney will you marry me"
    "YES'' sydney looked up into those two deep green eyes and firmly answered.
    "cuddling even closer to vaughn she gazed at the ring already on her finger, it was a silver ring with two small diamons on the side and a small emerald in the middle, the same color as vaughns eyes.
    the rest of the trip was a daze to both of them they were so happy and confused about what had happened they could barley think.
    once they landed they both bounded off the plane, sydney eger to show off her ring to franci and michael happy to be on solid ground.

    "oh my god sydney youre getting married" francie screamed when she saw the ring. "taking sydneys hand to look at it "honey, i am sooo happy for you."
    It was a short walk through the small carribean airport, francie vaughn and sydney piled into a taxi, excited and jublient, michael taking the liberty to introduce themselves to the cab driver said "this is merrin [pointing to franci] i am michael and this is my fiancie' sarah." "i know" the cab driver turned around in his seat revealing who he was
    "uhh"gasped sydney
    taking hold of vaughns sholder for support

  5. btvaughn

    btvaughn Rocket Ranger

    Dec 7, 2002
    Please write more....I love S/V stories. I'm just worried who it was with them!!
  6. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    i am goint to write more when i get off for winte break!!!
  7. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    "who the hec is that" asked franci in a meek voice seeing the shockand fear on sydneys face.
    "My name is arvin sloane"
    "and you must be francine"he said in his raspy voice
    "what the hell do you think you are going to do to us"
    "well i was planning on asking you why you are running away from me"
    "but i think i will skip that part"
    sydney and vaughn stared in terror as he pulled the gun out from behind his back, clicking the ammo he pointed the gun directly inbetween syndeys eyes
    "any last words"
    "so this is how you killed emily to"
    with that a look came over dloanes face that she had never seen before BOOM
    a gun went off

    **********two days later*************

    "syd" vaughn asked struggling to sit up but immediatly falling bak down into the pillow. his head felt like hell and his vison was blurry.
    "oh your up finnaly"she said quietly making her way over to the couch
    "what happened" michael struggled to talk
    "what is the last thing you remeber?"
    "you telling franci about us"
    "where are we?"
    "france" she replied
    he was speechless
    "no your lying"
    "no after we got off the plane we got into a taxi, sloane was the driver, after i ticked him off he tryed to shot me but my dad was faster then he was and shot sloane, but he had backup"
    "hey, its about time you got up"
    franci said as she entered the room
    seeing the look on syds face she answered "ohh ok ill go sorry to interupt your conversation" looking back up over her shoulder "thanks" she said to vaughn
    "anyway, you put up a good fight, you saved franci's life, but got knoked out in the process, because sd-6 knew where we were we had to move, i thought you would like it here."
    "its not permanent but itll do for a while"
    "wow"he said in disbelif

    That night after dinner************

    "i told you, you just got up from a two day cunccusion you really dont need to help me with the dishes"
    "well i wanted to and i need to talk to you"
    "yeah?" she answered with a questioned lok on her face
    "i want to get married soon while we are still in normandy, it is where i grew up, where most of my important memories are, and i want this one to be here to."

    more later........
  8. Alias

    Alias Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving it!!!
  9. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    i am soo glad you guys like this i didnt think it was that good at the beginning but i think i am getting better more is on the way but i have a mile high pile of homework that i keep puttin off so hopefully i can write more over break!!!!!!
  10. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    *****a couple hours later***********

    after about an hour of talking about wedding plans, weiss came in, this snapped sydney back to reality and she relized that she needed to tell franci.

    "OHH MY GOD SYD YOUR GETTING MARRIED"franci screamed her eyes brimming with tears of joy while jumping up and down!!!!

    "hey you two giggling fifth graders, star wars is on and its in english, so no more french translation" yelled eric who had been talking with vaughn(sorry i no it should be michael but i cant get out of the habit)\
    "yes i cant stand it when i have to hear the lines from you two", she said loking at sydney and vaugh" i have to hear everything two min. after it is said" she sai as she plopped down into the couch. I kinda thought it was fun said sydney sitting next to michael and cudldling close to him
    "come on hayden" franci screamed when star wars started
    "no way dont you move in on my obi konob" screamed syd
    "heyheyhey settle down you two its just a movie" michael said calming them
    "hey ar eyou dissin the k'nob"
    "who noo way i would be much to scared to make fun of you my dear"
    he said mimiking hayden
    "oh shut up"
    she said scooting back further into the couch cussion.

    More later i have to eat..
  11. Alias

    Alias Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    LOL love it!
  12. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    im finally on winter break!!!!!!

    sometime during the movie sydney had dozed off on vaughns shoulder, waking up she looked around,calming her fears she relized that she was in france safe and sound in a cia safehouse with vaughn right next to her. "hey hun" he leaned down and kissed her cheek"good morning he responded" "what time is it?" she asked "2:00 in the morning"
    "ugg i hate waking up early because then you are tired but you stil cant get back to sleep"
    "hey do you want to go get some breakfast, i no a really good little resturant down the road we can walk,and then maybe we could go look at the church"
    that got sydney moving

    "sure" jumping up in excitment
    "hey shh franci and eric are still asleep"

    *****half an hour later*******

    Sipping her coffe sydney slowly absorbed to her surrondings, they were sitting outside on a small table, the cool breeze refreshing.
    "bonjour" a woman probrably in her forties said
    - i cant speak fench so just pretend that this is in french
    "nonononono it cant be not renee"

    ***that night

    Renee ended up being vaughns cusin who had very large but kind parent who after finding out about vaughn and sydneys engagment offered to ket them use their land for the reception
    they were soo proud

    ......... at a fancy resturant with weiss and franci celebrating with syd and vaughn

    "so what is the date?''
    "next week " syd answered a grin streching from ear to ear came across her face
    "what" franci screamed
    a few people turned there heads and murmmered in french
    "how can you do that i mean that gives me no time at all to prepare and what about your dress and mine and invitations and sydney you have either been hit with something a little to hard or you are drunk really bad"
    "franci calm down"
    "we are only inviting a few people and please remeber my name is sarah now"
    "sorry" said franci blushing slightly
  13. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    **** the next week*****

    it had all been a blur the past week, going with franci for a dress and then going to the bakery to pick out a cake. all the normal preparations were being made, but then saturday night, michael had hooked up with some of his old buddies for his bacelor party wil sydney and franci went out with renee and had a nice dinner , well nice isnt exactly the word right in the middle of the creme brulle someone threw somthing through the window....................
    "michael shshshshshee she just dissapeared" sputtered franci not even noticing the tacky bar scene around her "
    "there was smoke and then she wasnt there" she screamed in frustration
    "what the hell"
    "franci calm down and tell me what happened

    sydney pov

    where am I, what, vaughn, francie?
    "ahh sydney youare up" said the slick disgusting voice that i unfortunantly remeber very clearly
    "i see you have gotten away"
    "sark, what do you want with me''
    ''i plan to hold you hostage and then hold you for ransom so the alliance will pay for your assasination."
    "what do you think, you are the genius the money"
    why do things like this always happen to me, why me , why me.....

    2 hours later

    ring ring ring

    "ahh mr. bristow,
    i see you have found my number"
    "where is she?" he asked coldly
    "what the hell did you do to her?"
    "dad" came a mumbled voice through the gag sark had put on her
    "sark listen to me she is getting married tommorow, her fiance is not very happy with you and i can promise you that if you do not return her immediatly he will make sure you suffer a very slow painful death"
    "ahh yes mr. vaughn, i allways thought they would make a good couple, i guess the rule breaking part of them got the better of them and they decided to go against protocol, yes but i always thought that he was just a little to um how do you say it ugly for sydney"

    i couldnt take it anymore, taking my hands i tryed to reach the swiss army knife that was in my back pocket, the ropes were cutting into my wrists, finally i got it flicking it open, i tryed to cut through the rope after many tryes and a couple cuts on my wrists my hands were free.
    jumping up when sark turned around i hit him right on the pressure point that nocks you out and just to make sure he didnt remeber what happened i picked up a pipe and hit him over the hea with it, you have no idea how good that felt. picking him up i tied his hands together gaged his mouth and ran out the door

    later.... after finding out where i was, i walked to a phone booth upon relizing i only knew vaughns cell phone number and that wouldnt except collect, so i kept walking, a car passed, wait that looked really familiar, and why did it stop up there. oh my god it is vaughn, ruming as fast as i could, he opened the door and i prctically flew in.

    no more pov

    flying in the car syney took her seat in the passenegers side,
    how did you know where i was, look at the ring you have, take it off and look at the engraving.... keep this always G.A.
    "gaurdian angel" "it has a clear traking device in the ga"
    so whereever you go you have your angel [ ahhh i cant stand stuff like that but i had to write it]
    Vaughn i love you so much... you have no idea

    more later i am holding off on the wedding i just feel like it would change everything
  14. AAAHHHH!!!! I Totally LUV it!!!!! keep on writing!!!!
  15. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    hopefully more will come soon but once i get past the wedding it is pretty much over and i want to keep writing it forever i will write the end but dint worry i will have another one soon!!!

    "SYDNEY GET UP!!!!" franci screamed
    "your getting married"
    "ohh franci stilll on a hangover so shush"
    "ohh sorry but you have to get up"
    "come on"
    uggg sydney moaned climbing out of bed
    "hey honey" vaughn cooed as sydney walked out of her room still half asleep
    slunking down into a chair she out her hand on her head and sat there listlessly
    "hey you ok"he asked sitting down next to her
    "yeah, you know what you are the kinda guy that dosent ever get hangovers do you"
    "nope and proud of it"
    "well not all of us are soo lucky"
    "hey come on we are getting married today"

    ****that night*****

    I cant beleive i am finally married

    "i cant beleive you got so nervous that you said your vows in german and he said his in hebrew"franci teased sydney
    "and i cant beleive it is finally over"

    "mrs. vaughn would you care to dance?"
    asked michael slyly
    "why, im not sure"
    she answred playfully
    and they daanced the night away knowing there lives together would be bliss from then on out

    ***********YES I DID IT!!!!**************
    please give me suggestions for more ideas formy next fan fic

  16. Mystifying Mermaid

    Mystifying Mermaid Ensign

    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    This is good. But wouldn't Sydney say her vows in what, Spanish, Chinese, or Russian if she was nervous? And is Vaughn Jewish? :LOL: Scary thought there. For your next one, you should do a different fic. Like with a totally new, never been used idea. Something that's so amazingly creative that people will want to steal it from you. :woot:
  17. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
  18. goofygal

    goofygal Rocket Ranger

    Dec 17, 2002
    new york city (that's were i was born)
    this is like a really late review! but i thought that your stiry was raelly cute. it had some gramer and spelling problems. you may want to be a little more dicriptive! you area very talented writer! love ya babe~goofygal
  19. FrEeLaNcEr03

    FrEeLaNcEr03 Rocket Ranger

    Mar 29, 2003
    I thought that it was really good!! I enjoyed it a lot, and thought that I would tell you to please write another fic or something like that!! Cant wait!! LOL
    Luv ya,
  20. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    ooo good! write more. :)

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