DoctorWho actors and staff claim political bias


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The BBC is denying this, stating they run on neutrality, but it appears the stories do seem to have some weight about them. Margaret Thatcher (Conservative) haters are showing names and storylines where those in control of the show managed to slip in subliminal messages to sway the countries voters. Unfortunately it seems coming up against ITV3's Coronation Street meant the right audience did not watch the show!


Liberal arts not in bed with the Tories? Not exactly shocking anybody. Although the current cuts with Labours black hole in funding is hurting the arts and entertainments industry at the moment. Still, I wonder how much of this is true and how much mere coincidence and a way of having a laugh and getting some free press? Actors have to earn money on the speech circuits after all.
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The woman:

Margaret Thatcher - Wikipedia

and her party politics

Thatcherism - Wikipedia

ps. no matter how much people say they hated her and her politics, many people nowadays are starting to say Gordon Brown and the Labour party is far worse! Our society is breaking down as a result of things they have done. Another ten years and anyone looking in will not recognise us :smiley: