Does Alan Moore know the score?

Christmas movies this year in the UK have included Watchmen and From Hell, both adapted from Alan Moore comics and roundly ignored by the man himself, who's made a bit of a thing about never watching movies made from his work. Do you think he has a point or is he being too precious about movie adaptations, when every film version of any book or comic ALWAYS makes changes? Lest you forget, here's what Hollywood have made so far:

From Hell
V for Vendetta
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

By my reckoning, while none of these are brilliant films, two are pretty entertaining while the other two are absolute garbage. But even a 50% hit rate puts him abaove Steven Spielberg. What do you reckon? Is the lovable big beardie warlock being too protective of his work?


The Red Tarheel

Damned good movie....enough said. :cool:


Writing Fool
Adaptations are always going to be a bit different from the original creator's vision...some people may not want to have their original vision altered.

Myself, I'd love to see what a filmmaker came up with for any of my titles...but then, I also like to see how different people interpret the words I put down on the page, in general. My short story "Some Assembly Required", for example, had a lot of folks talking about different aspects that I myself really hadn't considered when writing it.