does Vartan have a big nose?

does Mike have a big nose

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K. Ackles said:
He has a big nose, and I've noticed that he can't smile.
hey, that's not nice! he can too smile, a really cute smile! :mad:
if you don't like mike, then why do you come to this part of the forum?
and about his nose, it is big but that just adds to his cuteness! besides, he's a big guy, 6ft, it'll be weird if he had a smaller nose, i can't picture it! 🤤 :D ^_^


Jen's Best Friend
YES!!! And I have been trying to tel you people that for ages! But nobody listens! And it's not just big, it's a beak. The man has a beak, and a bird brain, and chicken stick legs! He's a bird in disguise!

lol!!! laughed hard when i read that

i think his nose is sorta big, i guess... :P
That is such a mean topic.... I refuse to vote..

Since when does the nose make the man?

MV has his charm.. his whole configuration is just right ...
and regarding his nose ... well ... its unique....

A "beak"...... oh come on............. that is so mean...

plus: MV has a lovely smile.. he just doesn't smile enough on ALIAS..


he is HOT even with his wonderful nose.
some say that the sizeof the nose is measure of the XXXXXX :thinking:
oopppsss :blink:


his nose is perfect for his face.
alone,it may look big, but it goes with his face.
about what tab said, you'd have to ask Jg about that. ;)


eeek no way! His nose is sweet. I love him...Ok that was a bit over the top. But he is very very extremtly HOT. ^_^

Muchos Love...Jade Xx
Michael is French, I am half French. I can tell you that most French ppl have odd or and big noses. Trust me, if he didn't have a big nose, I'd be worried that he is British (LOL, Joking British ppl).

:LOL: Message from a Toronto Cracker :LOL:
jade- said:
Haha, British ppl dont havr big noses...only Prince Charles.. :D :LOL:
Oh, that was my point. That British people don't have big noses therefore Michael isn't British. French ppl do have big noses, atleast most. Usually a triangular shape.

:LOL: Message from a Toronto Cracker :LOL:
It's not bad! Obviously he didnt have any plastic surgery like many other stars. So he has to be comfortable with his apperance. Plus he's so smokin' you cant even tell, and he's french. :shamefullyembarrased: