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Evil Dixon, Evil Francie

Discussion in 'Characters, Cast and Crew' started by ruven76, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. ruven76

    ruven76 Scout

    Jan 27, 2003
    You know how a man can be once he knows he has been lied to for years.
    But really Dixon knows more than we think, do you really think Sloane would dissapear along with Sark, and not leave someone to make sure his plan went the way he wanted it to.


    He called his wife not cuz he believed he was dying soon. but cuz he knew he was gonna be detained at CIA for debriefing, Of course since Syd has total belief in him(its been hammered all allong that he is such a good person) its a perfect way to get a double agent in the CIA. Now Sloane has Dixon in the CIA getting intel for him.

    The francie u saw at the end is not anna its not a francie clone or a franciebot or Will wearing a francie mask. Its actually just Francie.
    Francie has been the sleeper agent all along. Sleeper for Sloane.
    What you saw on the floor shot was a fake to let people think francie was shot, i bet you they are gonna make it look like it was Will who killed her.(the kiss, a nice way to get DNA from Will)
    Francie is evil she will later come back and face Syd.

    Now some real B.S.
    Will was called by Syd, yet we dont know what happened with him.
    Think about this, Sloane never had Will killed. There is now way he should have been allowed to live by Sloane. Unless.................
  2. Sunfire_77

    Sunfire_77 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 29, 2002
    Right where I am sitten
    Wow did that just come to mind? Cause that it really good. It sounds like it could be fact. :)
  3. agent hidden eyes

    agent hidden eyes Rocket Ranger

    Dec 6, 2002
    san diego,california
    some can be true now that u think about...hmmmmmmmmm...i was getting my hopes up that it can be anna ..dang...
  4. Long Tall Texan

    Long Tall Texan Captain

    Mar 28, 2003
    Wow. That does sound good. But nobody knows (thinks) that Francie is dead. Why would they set that up for nobody to know what happened?

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