Fantastic 4 to be new animated TV series!

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If they do the style in the same manner as Batman Return and The Justic League then this is sure to be a hit amongst the fans. :cool:

From CNN:

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Marvel Enterprises has cut a deal with France's Antefilms Prods. to produce an animated TV series based on Marvel's enduring "Fantastic Four" comic book characters.

The deal between Marvel and Antefilms is expected to be announced today at the MIPCOM international TV sales convention in Cannes, France. Marvel said it would produce 26 half-hour episodes targeted for premiere in the United States and other territories in late 2006.

The series is envisioned as another prong in the elaborate campaign to revive Marvel's Fantastic Four franchise -- about a group of astronauts who are transformed into superheroes after being exposed to radiation -- that will kick off in July with the release of the live-action feature from 20th Century Fox.

"What we are trying to do with our major brands is to support them in every way possible," Marvel Studios chairman and CEO Avi Arad said. "To support the franchise between sequels, we'll have the animated series, the video games (through Activision) and the merchandise licensing. We are just elated to be reintroducing this huge property."

Given the long history of the franchise, Arad said the new "Fantastic Four" series would aim for an all-ages audience a la "The Simpsons," with humor that works for adults who remember the original comics as well as kids who will be introduced to the characters next summer.

Under the terms of the TV series deal, Antefilms will fund all of the development costs and handle production and distribution outside the United States. Marvel will handle U.S. distribution and DVD distribution rights. The pact with Antefilms was spearheaded by Marvel's London office, headed by Marvel International president Bruno Maglione.

Plans for the "Fantastic Four" animated series come on the heels of Marvel's recent alliance with Lions Gate Entertainment for a series of animated direct-to-DVD titles based on the thousands of characters in Marvel's storied comic-book library.

Arad said that Marvel was in talks with several U.S.etworks to license the "Fantastic Four" series but that no formal deals have been nailed down for the show in any territories. Antefilms has two animated properties now airing in the United States on Cartoon Network, "Code Lyoko" and "Funky Cops."