Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books

yup I've read those :D I love them so much!

omg they are gonna make a movie out of them... and they are using Jake Lloyd! aaaaa way to kill the book... he was Anakin in phantom menace! aaaaaa
lol i know. well... its just a rumor, i dunno if they will really make it but...

here's an article...

Ender's Game Moving Ahead!

May 14, 2002 — 'Anonymous' tells us:

Today I read that the Ender's Game writer Orson Scott Card has signed the deal with the major studio and the director. Even though he says they are waiting for the director to finish the current movie he is working on, he says movie is definetely getting made. Fun stuff!

Source: PhiloticWeb
nope, never have lemme go check it out!

and young authors are fine... one of my favorite books was written when the author was 9... of course she edited years later but still
I LOVE fantasy! One of my most favorite books is Ella Enchanted! Gail Carson Levine is an awesome writer. I also loved her books The Wish and The Two Princesses of Bamarre. I love the CS Lewis books, I recommend the Magician's Nephew. And The Cheerleader series by Carolyn B Cooney about a girl and a vampire. Also some Lois Duncan books like the third eye! ;)
THE WHEEL OF TIME!!! THE WHEEL OF TIME! But you are already reading it and I'm in the beggining! OH WELL! Oh! Um, The Secret of Platform 13! That's good! I bet you've already read The Chronicles of Narnia.
I read R.A. Salvatore, and his IceWind Dale trilogy. Terry Brooks's Shannara series, and the Narnia series.
Ever read any David Eddings? He writes fabulous fantasy! Or if you're in the mood for puns, try Piers Anthony's Xanth series. I also love Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. And if you're into Star Trek, you must read Peter David's books, especially New Frontier. :D
Shannara... my friend told me that was boring. I've been meaning to try it though. I have the first RA Salvatore book, i just havnt read it yet :lol:

And I love the Pern series! OMI those are my fav books ever :woot:
SiriCerasi said:
And I love the Pern series! OMI those are my fav books ever :woot:
There's a new Pern book coming out on November 25 called Dragon's Kin. It's written by Anne and her son, Todd. I haven't been able to find out any information other than that, but here's the Amazon link:


Can't wait to read it, though I think I'll have to settle for getting it from the library, rather than buying it.