May 17, 2003
When I first started watching Fastlane it seemed like it was always sex, Always Van (peter facinelli) and some blond, it was a bit annoying, but about half-way through the show made a dramatic change (IMO) and I really got hooked, and the season (which turned out to be the series) finale left Billie (Tifanni Thiessen) kidnapped by some psycho...I hate Fox, they cancelled a show with some great potential and no conclusion. Second year in a row they've done this. I hope the other networks destroy them, I'm tired of being abused by their corporate execs. :mad:
Mar 29, 2003
U.K, Liverpool
I watched a few episodes and thought it was pretty good (y) , but I haven't watched the finale yet. I can't believe they'd end it like that, how annoying :mad: . That's the thing about US television (as good as it is) they always seem to cancel programs if they don't do as good as they'd like, whereas here, you can have a program with pretty bad viewing figures yet they will show it, or they will move it to a lat late time slot :D !
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