Title: Fastlane

Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Drama

First aired: 2002-09-18

Creator: McG, John McNamara

Cast: Peter Facinelli, Bill Bellamy, Tiffani Thiessen

Overview: Fastlane is an American action/crime drama series that was broadcast on Fox from September 18, 2002 to April 25, 2003. On August 14, 2005 G4 began rebroadcasting the complete series. After finishing its initial run on the network, Fastlane stopped airing on G4. Fastlane also aired on TVOne sometime around 2006.

When I first started watching Fastlane it seemed like it was always sex, Always Van (peter facinelli) and some blond, it was a bit annoying, but about half-way through the show made a dramatic change (IMO) and I really got hooked, and the season (which turned out to be the series) finale left Billie (Tifanni Thiessen) kidnapped by some psycho...I hate Fox, they cancelled a show with some great potential and no conclusion. Second year in a row they've done this. I hope the other networks destroy them, I'm tired of being abused by their corporate execs. :angry:
I watched a few episodes and thought it was pretty good (y) , but I haven't watched the finale yet. I can't believe they'd end it like that, how annoying :angry: . That's the thing about US television (as good as it is) they always seem to cancel programs if they don't do as good as they'd like, whereas here, you can have a program with pretty bad viewing figures yet they will show it, or they will move it to a lat late time slot :D !