Favorite Tolkien Book

No one seems to have this post up. My favorite is probably the LOTR series(there the only books i've read) But i've heard he wrote more. I liked the hobbit too. I think out of the series, that ROTK was the best book out of the series..what's yours?
My favourite one is without a doubt The Hobbit. But LOTR: The Return of the King is very good too. The best one of the trilogy (in my opinion).
The Hobbit. I still haven't read the Lord of the Rings books. I also have a couple other Tolkien books to read like The Book of Lost Tales, Part 1 or something like that.
allaliasallthetime said:
hey SiriCerasi, what do you know about the ROTK trailer?have you seen it?

but yeah i heard the Simarillion was boring..my brother read it
The Simarillion was awesome! It's a tinsy bit dry but i loved the creation myths and finding out that not only are Aragorn's ansestors Kings and Elves but also a Maia (angel)!!!
I don't think is fair to choose, all of his books are great. But having to, I guess my over all favourite is The Hobbit . I love LotR , specially
The Arwen & Aragorn History in the Appendix
like *SPYnish* said, but there's just something about The Hobbit that makes me go back to it over and over again.