Game lacking the Video


Jul 6, 2006
D. C.
Well, I wasn't going to ever make a direct post about the link in my signature because.. I just have in most of my forum sigs just cuz a friend asked me to do so. BUT NOW!!! Yes, three exclamation points. How bout that? But now, it may be relevant.
The link is to a HTML Chat site which caters specifically to role-players. What sort of role-players? Mostly narrative free form chat'em up RP. Which typically bores me to tears because if you happen to strike at someone it's up to them to take the hit or.. And most often.. They turn into some ungodly anime god dragon and rebut with an inescapable doom move....
In other words like a lot of RP communities it had it's immature people.
Well a new hub came up under the name Dharati . Hub meaning, room with links to many other rooms which are played out as locations within a desert city.
There's a mature and well behaved group playing there and it's surprised me. So, if anyone's interested check it out. It's all free, it's all text, there's no system implemented but if you wanted to GM there's a lot of tools that'd allow you to. Blah blah.. Check it out, don't. Figured I'd share. Have a nice day!%%-
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