Greetings everyone my alias is...


Jul 22, 2005
...Kea. I'm new and I've been addicted to Alias since the very 1st alias commercial with red hair :redhair: before the 1st episode even premiered. :) Its sad but true. But this is my first alias board I've joined so I have some catching up to do.

As for alias I'm hooked on season 2 thanks to my DVD set. I am also a huge Jack/Irina fan. I enjoy reading and writing fan fiction and slowly but surly am starting to collect a lot more alias items. I just love this show...and I wouldn't have it any other way. :D
Jun 20, 2005
HEY! :welcome:

Always glad to have another fanfiction fan! :D You'll fit right in and have a great time reading here. We have some amazing writers!


May 16, 2003
:welcome: Hey welcome to AA! Great to have you here. :) I can't wait until you post a fanfic. I love reading fanfics in the afternoons! I'm addicted to Season Two also, and it seems you've(along with some other people) been watching Alias longer than me. Which is so cool! I wish I saw it from the start.
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