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Dark Avenger

Mar 22, 2005
acting chica said:
they have been playing desperate housewives reruns at 10 on sundays instead of grey's anatomy. i am very very very upset.
Existentialist said:
Bah. Me too.

But I think they're doing it because they ran out of GA episodes to show. That's what they get for having a 9 episode season. Dumbos.
Actually, they didn't - ABC only reran six of those episodes.

What really sucks about this is that The Alphabet couldn't even bother to show the last two or three episodes - I was really looking forward to seeing "Save Me" again.

Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for the S1 DVD set to come out (damn ABC - where do they hire their programming execs, from Fox?). :confused:


Jul 29, 2003
Oakland/San Diego
Dark Avenger said:
Actually, they didn't - ABC only reran six of those episodes.
That would make sense. Their probably going to air the 7th episode the week before GA premieres so it can be all fresh.

fong_11 said:
I heard that they are airing the missing ones from season 1 during season 2, so this season would be uber-long, I think about 26 or 28 eps. :D
:woot: When we buy the Grey's Anatomy DVDs, one will be a lot more expensive than the other. :LOL:


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Dec 18, 2002
acting_chica said:
yeah, i guess rerunning them closer to premiere date is probably a better choice, but i still miss it.  (n)

28 episodes!?!?!?!? woot!!! does anyone know if they are planning a dvd anytime soon? i realise there were only a few eps but i want one! haha. and a soundtrack...

I would hope that they'd show at least the "season finale" from the spring (ep 1.09) the week before the premiere.

The second season is going to be 26 episodes. It got picked up for a full 22 ep season (which is standard), along with the 4 "hang-over" episodes that were supposed to show in the spring.

Oh man... if there was a soundtrack, I'd so buy it. Even though I already have all the songs. :shamefullyembarrased:


Those piercing baby blues
Mar 19, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Christina and Burke are pissing me off *nod*

I love Derek and Meredith *nod*

I reckon that Izzy and... the jackass Intern.. Alex is it... should get together *nod*
izzie and alex have been sort of the obvious couple from day one, because it would be so hard to do but there is so much sexual tension. i hate that i'm beginning to like him. grr. love her though.

burke wasn't hot until he started doing cristina. does that make me weird? haha.

dr. mcdreamy. :love:



Those piercing baby blues
Mar 19, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
but that episode was sooo weird.. he buys her a coffee and then they stare a lot at each other and then... the door gets locked :mellow: I seriously never would have seen that coming
my mom called the cristina/burke thing from the second episode, and she wasn't even actually watching it. she just walks in the room and says "those two are going to get together" and walks out. i don't know how she does it.

sunday! sunday sunday!


ps- i bought the entertainment weekly with g.a. in it. wonderous!

alex and izzie are going to make out!

the abc store has a grey's anatomy soundtrack that will start shipping 27 sept!

1. the postal service “such great heights”
2. roisin murphy “ruby blue”
3. maria taylor “song beneath the song”
4. tegan and sara “where does the good go”
5. mike doughty “looking at the world from the bottom of a well”
6. get set go “wait”
7. the eames era “could be anything”
8. rilo kiley “portions for foxes”
9. joe purdy “the city”
10. medeski, martin & wood “end of the world party”
11. ben lee “catch my disease” (live version)
12. the ditty bops “there’s a girl”
13. the radio “whatever gets you through today”
14. inara george “fools in love”
15. psapp “cosy in the rocket”


Nov 23, 2003
derek's wife seems like a b**** to me.

ahahah dr. mcdreamy!

i wonder what cristinas gonna do about the little issue at hand.

meredith and derek need to get back together as soon as derek and his evil wife divorce.


May 25, 2003
The song from the commercials is not Pet Shop Boys.

It is Postal Service (the singer from Death Cab for Cutie and some guy doing techno make up the group), and the song is a cover of "Such Great Heights." You might recognize the song from the Garden State soundtrack, though sung acoustic by Iron and Wine.

Actually, the Postal Service version of the song was in the trailer for Garden State.

It's a great song, and it makes me want to watch the show, too. :LOL:

actually, it's 2 of the DCFC members. When i heard their nwe cd, you could hear a little of the Postal Service's influence on it.
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