Bubbles said:
is the mile the beep test?
we usually had to run around the track 4 times. But we took a pacer test where we had to run back and forth across the gym to music to beat a beep on the cd. If we didn't beat the beep we were done. Maybe that's the beep test??? :unsure:


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Yeah, that's the beep test... but the mile's just four laps... and if your PE teacher's nice, they let you skip some of it and roly-poly your way around :P


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i've taken like 6PE courses, so i love it. but as per forcing kids to take it like in Ontario...i dont agree with that. some people are just not gym kids and it should be their choice.
Don't get me wrong, i don't want to sit all day and do nothing. The only reason I don't like gym is the heat! Everyday it feels 100+ here in Florida and they still make us play our hearts out. I think that perhaps if they let us play sports inside the gym, I wouldn't mind gym glass as much as I do now.


Ooh I hate running in heat! Which reminds me, in middle school, we had an outside pool, and I had PE 1st period so we had to go swimming when it was freezing. They even made us swim when it rained. -_-

hmm... I think climbing up and down all the stairs during passing periods is enough physical activity for me. :P
I couldn't stand changing especially during the winter when we have tights on (yes i have a uniform) and it's just a pain to try and change back into a uniform and stuff in the three minutes our teacher would give us.

Thank God i dont have to take it anymore.


Ultimate Frisbee :mellow:

Might be an American thing only, dunno.

It's like football. Except no tackling, and with a frisbee.

And we had a quiz on it :mellow:

If you couldn't tell I'm in awe of the capability of my school.


I took at least 3 written quizzes every quarter of gym. I'm not kidding. :(

It's not that I don't appreciate physical activity, but seriously, getting a grade for being slow as molasses in January is sooo not fair. I can't help it that I don't run fast. It's not something you can change.


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last year when i was in level 1 dance (im in level 2 now) we had tests written tests all the time on like ballet choregoraphers, vocabulary, etc. really dumb.
we have stuff like that...why do i need to know anything about volleyball nets? i dont know...but i suppose its for the kids who can't do/don't like gym go get a reasonable mark on the unit due to a test. I get synchro tests...


In Australia we call it P.E. (physical education) but anyway we have a rock climbing wall at school, weights room god even table tennis tables so people that aren't so good at playing a sport are not disadventaged.
we had a test every now and then but it was like name the positions on a softball field.


I actually really enjoy freshman gym, I'm going to be really fit during soccer season. The only thing I hate is that I have to hike up to the sixth floor from the basement of my school after gym. Which means I'm late to Physics and dying, which isn't a problem unless I have an exam.