Louisiana is so cool with it's voodoo thing going on.

But that wasn't really the point of that comment was it? Creepy... flushing toilets? At least its a cleanly ghost.
My house is from the beginning of the 80's. And no haunting here... However when I was younger, I always thought I heard them... but that's probably something else.
hmm...well something weird happened 2 days ago. its about 7am in the morning, and everyone's asleep, but then my mom hears this sound, like the cabinent's (sp) door opening and closing (cuz apparently it was kinda loud). but everyone else was asleep, and my mom was sure it was coming from our house. so, anyways, she went to check it out and the cabinent's door was open, but the sound had stopped


my house could be haunted the tv upstairs is a bit screwy. it will turn up the volume and sometimes change the channel on me..it even turns off sometimes :LOL:


yea i'm trying to fix it but i really think it has something to do with the remote maybe something inside it triggers the buttons from inside


I used to take apart remotes, VCRS, TVs, etc when I was 9. and if you're gonna take apart a remote, just try not break it in the process of taking it apart...