Hello everyone!!

I had just started out as a sci fi writer while I've been attending college to become a history teacher. My fav hobbies are freelance sci fi writing, fitness and sleeping in. I like fortean science and alternative history settings the best.


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Hi Ryan, welcome to the site. (student: likes sleeping in. Haha! Know the feeling! But why do they put our lectures on at 0900hrs, every.....single....time!)

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Good afternoon Ryandnnll, nice to meet you.

I enjoy fortean science and ufology myself. I would have been a teacher about ufology, but I discovered not many people believe in aliens, while some are uneasy chatting about them (fear of the unknown).
Thanks all guys. I will have some upcoming good reviews of my favorite sci fi movies and books very soon. Also I'll try to find some good fortean science articles I can share with all of you.


hellouu everyone i am also new here.One of my friend works here so i also join u people.my hobbies are sleeping,gyming and i am also a mma fighteri love to train and wwatch ufc :smiley: