heres an idea for a serial novel id like to put on my blog a chapter at a time


the world is full of metahumans. the roam the earth fighting one another and destroying lives and property. They answer to no one but CEM aka Combat Eye Media. CEM has all the earths metas under contract. they control a subscription serivice that broadcasts meta conflicts live via their ubiquitous Combat Eyes. many metas have an 'engagement quota' that stipulates they must engage another meta a certain amount of times per year. if they dont they are in breach. the first chapter will open with two metas going at it in the middle of los angeles. already thousands are dead. (by the way, no one knows what CEM holds over the metahumans, what keeps them in line and under contract. its something terribly powerful though) One of the metas, called Ultra Giga, is older than the other hes part of the old school so to speak. the other is a young, cavalier energy manipulator called Rad Lad. Giga, at risk of losing his contract he offers to make peace with Lad. Now CEM has chats and forums and throughout the story id like for them to be a sort of running commentary. when giga tries to make nice, he gets abused in the chats. CEM also controls the underground meta combat bookie sites.
anyway rad Lad refuses to back down and begins to absorb ambient heat and light, fixing to blast Giga. Giga picks up a crushed suv, its occupants dead, and the two are about the attack each other when something happens.
from inside the SUV a high pitched scream emanates. it becomes supersonic, penetrating the metas to their core. Rad Lad drops from the sky, an anatomical lead statue, and giga just drops dead. inside the SUV is a ten year old girl. subsequent testing will show she is not metahuman, but has developed a survivial trait in response to metahumans. She is humanitie's evolutionary response to the danger to life and limb that is the superhumans. Several factions will probably try to control her. But her'power' is only accessible under life threatening conditions. she has no conscious control over it. it operates on a cellular level. now, the same way that CEM has all the metahumans under contract by employing some kryptonite like weapon to bring them to heel, the metas of the world would do whatever the CEM board tells them to do(IE invade a country). essentially Combat Eye Media rules the world. in the middle of all of this three superhumans-so powerful as to be beyond the control of CEM- who have been in deep space return to earth and see what has become of it. im not sure where the plot will go from here but any input would be appreciated. i also have a long list of different superhumans i came up with for this novel. the working title is 'This Broken Earth'.
PS another plot line centers around the fact that insurace companies, etc. will not pay off any accidents, deaths or injuries incurred during a metahuman conflict. its like the force majeure or something. there will be some landmark lawsuit that may change that. like i said, this is an infant idea of mine and ive only put one real chapter on paper. i plan to put it on my blog one chapter at a time, in a serial format, maybe.
i'd appreciate any input..thanks
wow, looking at this i totally regret posting it. i mean, its like a gift wrapped plot. I should hurry up what with putting chapter one on my blog.