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Hidden Secrets

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by freelancer2bootcamp, Apr 8, 2003.

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    Dec 24, 2002
    Chapter 1

    "Vaughn, hey!" Sydney Bristow called as she quickly walked into the warehouse to meet her handler, Michael Vaughn. He smiled at her.

    "Syd! Hey, how’s your shoulder?" Vaughn asked with a little concern in his voice.

    While Sydney and Vaughn were in Taipei to destroy one of Khasinau’s labs, Sydney and Vaughn were separated and Khasinau’s men captured Sydney. Her mother came into the room and shot Sydney at point black range. Luckily, the bullet only hit her in the shoulder. Sydney escaped, unfortunately without Vaughn. Sydney found and rescued Vaughn while she was on a mission for SD-6 in France. He thankfully got back to LA unharmed.

    "Oh, that! It’s fine, I guess. Healing fast, though!" Sydney smiled at him.

    "That’s good," Vaughn said, as he sat down on a chair.

    "How are you?" Sydney sat next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Vaughn looked her directly in the eyes.

    "I’m fine. I’m just glad you found me, because if you didn’t, I’d probably be dead!" Vaughn laughed. He placed his hand over hers and gave it a little squeeze.

    "Hey, no prob. Just doing my job. Don’t want another handler!" Sydney laughed. Her eye twinkled.

    "So. What’s the latest mission?" Vaughn pulled out a notepad and pen.

    "Apparently, Sark had a secret lab built at the Kentucky Derby race track. In the main building. He is supposedly using it to work on some horse-related stuff, but that is not the case," Sydney explained to Vaughn as he jotted it down onto the pad of paper.

    "There is a computer that has files on a new Rambaldi artifact that Sark is trying to locate. I’m supposed to go to Kentucky, posing as a reporter. I’m going to sneak into the building and download the info."

    Vaughn quickly jotted the rest of it down. He looked at Sydney, "Is that it? Is there heavy security? Or any firewalls you have to disable?"

    "Yeah. There isn’t heavy security because of the location. But I will have a hard time disabling the firewall." Sydney stood up and walked across to sit on another chair.

    "How will you do that? Did Marshall come up with another toy of his?" Vaughn laughed.

    "Yes. It’s a Palm Pilot that opens up to become a keyboard that has a firewall disable system in it. So I can type and disable the firewall at the same time." Sydney said. She checked her watch.

    "Oh shoot Vaughn! I’m so sorry. I’m supposed to go meet Will. We are going to dinner to celebrate him being ok. I’ll wait to hear from you!" Sydney slid the fence open and walked out.

    Vaughn felt a pang of jealousy. He thought that Will and Sydney secretly admired each other, which in truth, Will did secretly love Sydney. He walked out and locked the fence. He prayed, hoped that tonight nothing happened between Sydney and Will Tippin.

    * * *

    Sydney put her key into the lock and turned it. She set her coat on the rack, and flipped on the lights. She heard a faint noise that came from the family room. She walked very quietly into the room. The TV was turned on and on the couch sleeping, was Will.

    "Will!" Sydney whispered to herself. She walked over and turned the TV off. She looked at Will, his restless body sprawled out on the couch. She gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "Will? Will, wake up. It’s Syd, we have a dinner date, remember?" She shook him slightly. Will’s eyes fluttered open and he sat up quickly.

    "Oh my gosh! Have I been asleep the whole time?" He asked, rubbing his eyes. He quickly cleaned up his mess off empty bottles of soda and empty bags of popcorn. Will stuffed them in the trash.

    "I just got in. I had a very important meeting. Where’s Francie?" Sydney sat down next to Will on the couch.

    "Francie said she had a date and that she’d be back around ten or eleven. So where do you want to go out to eat?" Will asked Sydney.

    "How’s your mouth? Is it ok?" Sydney placed her hand on his jaw.

    "Yeah. It’s getting there. Still hurts a little. Do you have any idea who that guy was?" Will took a sip of his new opened soda can.

    "No. No I don’t. You know, he got me a few years back. All we refer to him as is Suit & Glasses. He must be working for Sark or my mother or Khasinau. I’m not sure. I didn’t really want to stick around to find out." Sydney laughed and her eyes twinkled.

    "Ok. Let’s go out to eat at that new pizza place. I’ve heard it’s really good!" Will finished off his soda and threw it away, "I’ll be ready in about five minutes."

    "Ok!" Sydney called as he went into his room to change. Will had been staying with Sydney and Francie until he could afford his own place. After all, he had to quit his job because of the SD-6 article. So Sydney let him stay in the guestroom.

    * * *

    Sydney pulled the car up into a parking lot. She opened the car door, Will got out. He stumbled a bit, but regained his balance.

    "Will, we can go back home. You need some rest. No one would be ok after what they did to you." Sydney embraced him in a hug. He hugged her back. He could smell the light perfume she was wearing, and he could not feel any safer. Sydney let go of Will.

    "Yeah, I’m sorry. Maybe another night." Sydney helped Will back into the car. She carefully shut the door and got in herself. She glanced around. Sydney could feel something wrong. She started the car and drove out of the parking lot. Sydney glanced over at Will who was fast asleep.

    Sydney made a lot of long detours because she could tell that someone was following her. It was an agent’s instinct to be aware of the area around them. Sydney took a lot of back streets until she was satisfied that whoever was following them was gone. She finally headed home. When they got there, she carefully shook Will awake and helped him inside. There was a black car sitting outside, but she figured it belonged to one of the other neighbors. Once she opened the door and stepped inside, she flipped on the hall light. What she saw made her utter a gasp.
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    freelancer2bootcamp Rocket Ranger

    Dec 24, 2002
    Here's Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2

    Her whole house was trashed.

    "Oh my gosh!" Sydney led Will over to the couch and set him down. He was still half-asleep and wasn’t aware of what was going on.

    All her kitchen cupboards had been emptied. Papers and books had been scattered everywhere across the floor. She heard a noise in her bedroom. Sydney quietly edged herself up against the walls and headed towards her bedroom. She stopped at the picture in the hall. Sydney slid the picture over and opened the hidden vault. She pulled out a pistol. She continued to make her way towards the room.

    The noise got louder and louder as she approached. She knew there was someone in the house. But how had he gotten in? And who is it? Sydney peered around the doorframe to see a dark figure searching her room.

    "Darn!" Sydney whispered under her breath. She placed herself inside the doorframe.

    "What are you doing in my house?" Sydney said to the dark figure and pointed her gun at his head.

    The person dropped the pile of papers he or she was looking at, pulled a gun out, and pointed it towards Sydney.

    "Nothing!" The voice was deep and hoarse. She figured it was a man, either working for K-directorate or one of the SDs. He started shooting at her. Sydney dove and rolled on the ground. She shot back at him. He dodged the bullets and ran out the front door without turning back. Sydney ran into the family room and towards the front door. She looked out and saw him speed away in the black car that had been parked outside her house. Will ran to Sydney, eyes wide open and his whole body shaking.

    "Wha….wha….what happened?" Will stammered, his hands shaking violently as Sydney clutched them in her own.

    "Someone trashed my house. Obviously, it was someone who is working for Sark. They were looking for something, something important." Sydney said.

    She walked through the hall towards her bedroom. She placed the gun back inside the secret vault and placed the picture back to its normal position. There were a few bullet holes in the wall from the intruder, but other than that, the house was just a mess.

    Sydney sat down on her bed. She began picking up papers and books that were scattered throughout the floor. She picked up an old book, the book that she had found the codes that her mother used to kill off the CIA agents. She immediately thought of Vaughn. How he had felt when he found out that Sydney’s mom had killed his dad. Tears sprang to her eyes at the thought of her thinking it was her father. She was completely wrong.

    Bring…..bring…..bring! Sydney’s cell phone rang.

    "Hello?" She asked.

    "Joey’s Pizza?" A voice at the other end of the line said. Sydney realized Vaughn was calling her to meet him. Most likely thee CIA had gotten word about the intruder.

    "Wrong number. I think you are thinking of the one near the pier, I am right?" Sydney played with Vaughn at the other end of the line.

    "Yes! That is the one I was thinking of. Thank you!" She heard a click and hung up herself.

    Sydney walked into the other room. She heard a key in the lock to the front door. She started towards the picture again, but then realized that it was just Francie, her roommate and best friend.

    "Oh my gosh! What the heck happened here Syd?" Francie cried, dropping her things on the ground. Sydney quickly rushed towards her and gave her a hug.

    "Oh Fran!" Sydney said stroking her friend’s hair. When they broke apart, Francie had a scared and worried look upon her face.

    "What happened?" Francie asked, picking up her bag and coat. She placed them on the rack.

    "Someone broke in." Will called from the couch in the living room. He had turned on the TV.

    "How can you be watching TV at a time like this?" Francie yelled. Sydney knew she wasn’t mad at Will, but just upset at what happened.

    "I’m going to go get someone. Anyone," Sydney grabbed her coat and car keys, "Fran, Will, I’ll be back as soon as I can."

    Sydney hurried to her car. She unlocked it and got in. Sydney started the engine and headed towards the pier to meet Vaughn. Once she got there, she quickly ran towards the warehouse and opened the fence.

    "Sydney! You’re ok!" Vaughn said, embracing her in a hug. Sydney was surprised at first, but hugged him back.

    When they parted, Sydney smiled at him. He smiled right back. Sydney felt herself blushing, and quickly turned her head away.

    "Sorry I was late. Francie walked in just as I hung up with you. I had to explain things and had to give an excuse." Sydney explained to Vaughn, who seemed to be soaking in every single word she said.

    "I’m so glad you’re ok! I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and say hi. You weren’t there, so I drove around a bit and then when I came back, there was a car out front. I decided to stay and keep watch over the car. I saw him break into your apartment and I saw you come home," Vaughn’s face turned a slight shade of red. "I drove about half a block down because I didn’t want you to see me. I heard gunshots and decided to call you."

    "I had my security camera working tonight. Thankfully. Hopefully it caught the criminal in act. They were looking for something. Something that must have been important to them." Sydney tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear.

    "Well, if you give me the tapes, I’ll try to get security section on it." Vaughn said, smiling. "Talk to you tomorrow."
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    Dec 24, 2002
    Chapter 3

    Sydney boarded the plane that was leaving for Kentucky. She was traveling alone, since this operation was simple. She sat down and took out the papers that gave her the mission. She reviewed the SD-6 mission and the CIA counter-mission. She tilted her head back and drifted off to sleep.

    * * *

    "Miss? Miss, we are in Kentucky." An airline attendant was shaking Sydney’s shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked around. No one else was on the plane.

    "I’m sorry Ma’am. I’m used to long flights where I can sleep longer." Sydney snapped at the attendant.

    Sydney unbuckled her seatbelt and got her stuff from the compartment above her head. She got off the plane and headed towards the parking area. Sydney looked around and found the SD-6 car she was using. She piled her stuff in the trunk and got in. She drove towards the Kentucky Derby racetrack. She was staying at a hotel near there. Once she got there, she parked the car. She pulled out her wig and carefully placed it on her head. It was a short length black wavy wig. She straightened her dress-suit and walked into the lobby.

    Sydney walked up to the front desk and said in her fake English-accent, "I’m Joanna Kelly, I’m supposed to stay in one of your finer suites."

    "Yes, Ma’am." The man behind the counter said. He pulled out a key and handed it to her. "Level 2 to the left."

    "Why thank you!" Sydney took the key and headed towards the elevator. She pressed the button with the number 2 on it. She waited until the elevator doors opened and headed left. She found her room, room 202. She flipped on the light switch and walked in. The phone rang immediately as she walked in. Sydney sat down on the bed and picked it up.

    "Hello?" Sydney asked, wondering who would be calling her.

    "Hey! It’s me. Check your bag for a new lipstick. It has three cameras in it that I want you to shoot around the hallways near the secret lab." Sydney immediately recognized the voice on the other end. She opened up her bag and found the new lipstick. It was light pink, to match her dress.

    "Hey! I’m here. I fell asleep on the way here, the whole time! It was such a short flight. I’m used to sitting in a plane for 15 hours to somewhere in Asia or whatever. So, any luck on what the Rambaldi device is?" Sydney pulled off her wig that she was wearing.

    "Nope. Tomorrow is the Derby. Get ready. Talk to you soon." Vaughn said. Sydney heard a click and she hung up the phone.

    * * *

    Sydney walked into the main building at the Kentucky Derby racetrack. She was wearing a light pink dress with purple and yellow flowers on it, and she had a matching hat. Sydney pulled off her pink sunglasses and tucked them into her purse. She walked toward the bleachers. She was sitting in the same box as Sark’s partner, Gene Bator. He had a key that led to the secret lab. Sydney sat down and looked for him. He was walking down the aisle and was headed right towards the box she was in.

    "Hello! I’m Joanna Kelly, a reporter for the US News. I would like to interview you about your horse, and why you think it is going to win today." Sydney said in her fake English-accent. "I believe you are Gene Bator? Am I right?"

    "Yes, I’m Gene Bator. Would you like me to take you to my horse, White Phantom? He’s the top horse here, you know." Gene Bator bragged about his horse. He led Sydney down towards the stables. She took out her lipstick and applied a thin layer. She shot out one camera near the door, and another in the middle of the hall.

    "I’m impressed that such a horse who started out poorly, turned out to be the favorite here. I’m sure you are excited yourself?" Sydney asked.

    "Yes, I’m very happy that we made it this far." Gene exclaimed. Sydney waited until they got to the barn and until no one was around.

    "Excuse me sir, but do you have the time? My watch seems to have stopped!" Sydney asked him. Holding her watch under his nose, she pressed a button. It released a little dose of sleeping gas. Immediately, he fell asleep. She laid him on a bench near the barns. Sydney searched his pockets and found the key.
    Sydney tucked it into her pocket and walked away from the barn and towards the lab. When she got to the lab, she opened the door, making sure that no one was watching her as she opened it. She quietly closed the door. Sydney looked around for the computer marked 13, the computer the information was on. She pulled out the palm pilot and opened it. She took out the cables and hooked it up to the computer.

    Sydney flipped her necklace over and pressed it lightly. "Boot camp, this is Mountaineer, I’m inside the lab."

    "Copy that Mountaineer." A familiar voice said on the other line.

    "Did the cameras work?" Sydney asked, quickly typing the correct information onto the computer to get her into the system.

    "Yep. We are watchin’ over you." Vaughn said.

    My guardian angel, Sydney thought to herself. She got into the system and downloaded the file. "Boot camp, I have the file. Coming back to LA."

    "Syd…..we’ve got company. Sark is here and he’s headed towards the lab. Shoot another camera inside the lab." Vaughn’s voice sounded panicky. Sydney fumbled and retrieved the lipstick from her bag. She aimed and shot it in the middle of the room.

    Sydney unhooked the cables and stuffed everything in her purse. She ran across the room and stuffed herself into a closet. She held her breath as the door opened. Sydney heard the screech of a chair and typing on a keyboard. There was a faint grunt and the chair screeched again. The door closed and Sydney let out a deep sigh.

    "You’re safe, Mountaineer. Come home." Sydney smiled to herself. Vaughn will always be there to protect me. Sydney scrambled out of the closet and let herself out of the lab. As she walked out of the building, Gene Bator was walking towards her.

    "Oh there you are, Gene! I’ve been looking all over. You gave me a fright when you didn’t turn up for your horse’s race." Sydney spoke in her English-accent.

    "I woke up and I was on a table near the stables. Must get back to the track." Gene hurried off towards the stands. Sydney chuckled to herself. The dose of sleeping gas made one forget all that happened. She hurried towards her car. She got in and headed to the airport.
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    Dec 24, 2002
    Chapter 4

    Sydney opened the door to her apartment. Her house was back to normal and the CIA had still not found out who the intruder was. All the lights were off so she assumed that Francie and Will were out. She set her suitcase in her closet and sat down on her bed. Her pager went off as she sat down. It read Kendall.

    "Ugh!" Sydney groaned. Getting back up, she headed towards the door and to meet him.

    * * *

    "Hey Mike!" Vaughn turned around to see Eric Weiss walking towards him. "Hey man, you look like all depressed or whatever." Eric said. Vaughn slowly sat down at his desk.

    "I know it’s against protocol but I…" Vaughn stammered. The only person who knew about Vaughn’s feelings for Sydney was his best friend Eric Weiss. Eric understood. He nodded his head and sat on the edge of his desk.

    "Vaughn, you gotta tell her. What if you never get a chance? Then what? All those feelings, BOOM, out the window. Think about it. Kendall wants to meet with us in like 10 minutes." Eric walked away. Vaughn placed his head in his hands on his head. He got up and headed towards the debriefing room.

    * * *

    "You and a team of professional trained gun men are going to Spain to recover the Bible. It is important that we get hold of it. Any questions?" Kendall reviewed the mission. They were going to Spain to get the Bible that had important information about the KBG in it. "You leave tomorrow."

    * * *

    "Khasinau just pulled in." Sydney said as she saw Khasinau’s car drive past the buildings they were in.

    "Hey Sydney," Vaughn said through the earpiece. "I saw a really good restaurant when we came in. You know what I was thinking?"

    "Yep. I think I do." Sydney smiled. Almost every time Sydney and Vaughn went on a mission together, they atleast talked about going out to eat.

    "Hey! We’ll bring the whole gang, ‘cause I’m starving!" Weiss called over the walkie-talkies. "Hey, here comes our guy!"

    "Move in on 3," The head of the operation called. All the CIA officers headed towards the two cars. "1…………….2…………….3."

    "Hands in the air!" All of them called as the men got out of their cars with guns pointed at the men. All of a sudden, there were gunshots, but no CIA officers were shooting. Khasinau picked up the Bible and headed to the warehouse. Sydney ran after him. Meanwhile, Vaughn was at Weiss’ side. The mysterious shooter had shot Weiss.

    Two CIA officers went up the top of the building where the gunshots were being fired. There was a machine making the trigger pull, but no one was there.

    Sydney caught up to Khasinau. "Drop your gun." Khasinau dropped his gun, "On your knees, hands behind your head." Khasinau obeyed, but as soon as Sydney placed herself behind him, he struck.

    Khasinau knocked her off her feet. Sydney jumped up as soon as she could, hitting him back with a kick in the stomach. Khasinau fought back with a series of kicks and punches, jabs and much more. Sydney fought back as hard as she could. For an old guy, he fights good. Finally, she knocked him on the ground. Sydney carefully picked the case. Why is this so important? Sydney thought.

    "Drop it." A cold voice said. Sydney turned around to see her mother standing behind her. Sydney reluctantly dropped the case. Khasinau stood up, cracking his jaw. Her mother had her gun pointed directly at her. Oh great, here we go again. Sydney thought. Her mother pulled the trigger, and Sydney felt nothing. She turned around to see a trickle of blood falling from Khasinau’s chest. He fell on the concrete. Irina pointed the gun towards Sydney and walked to her.

    "On your knees, hands behind your head." Her mother picked up the case. "Truth takes time."

    Sydney looked up. There was no one there. The Bible was gone and so was her mother. Sydney got up and headed back to the others. There was an ambulance there and she saw Weiss on a stretcher.

    "Vaughn!" Sydney said, running up to him. "What happened to Weiss?"

    "He was shot in the neck by the mysterious shooter. Where have you been?" Vaughn looked at her with deep concern.

    "Oh. I followed Khasinau and almost got the Bible but someone else got it before me. My mother. Khasinau is dead, she shot him. Now she has what we need. I feel like it is my fault, but it’s not." Sydney sat down and placed her head in her hands. Vaughn sat next to her and put his arm around her.

    "I guess it’s not a good time to ask you if you wanted to go get lunch." Vaughn laughed.

    "Man oh man!" Sydney cried, laughing along with him. "We’d better get home."
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    Dec 24, 2002
    Chapter 5

    Emily’s funeral was tomorrow and Sloane wanted her to speak at it. She got undressed and threw on her robe. Sydney turned on the water in her bathtub and got in. She let her mind wander and it wondered to a thing she didn’t expect.

    Her mind was on Vaughn. Sydney had loved him ever since he became her handler. But for them to be more than just friends, it was against protocol. They knew that it was a line they didn’t cross. Oh, well. There must be a way. She thought. When SD-6 was taken down she would be free. She dreamed of that day every night. Sydney heard thee door open and heels scraping against the floor.

    "Hey honey!" Francie popped her head into the bathroom. "How was your trip?"

    "Oh, boring client, long seminar. Not too much fun. I got to see some of the Derby though. That was the highlight of my trip."

    "So, how are you gonna handle going to your boss’s wife’s funeral tomorrow? You told me that you and his wife were pretty close." Francie sat down on the stool next to the tub.

    "Oh, it’s gonna be hard, but I’ll be ok." Sydney gave her friend a reassuring look. Francie got up and closed the door.

    * * *

    Sydney and Francie sat down at a table in the food court "Hey, Francie, you wanna go to Anchor Blue when we’re done?"

    "Sure! I bet they have new clothes." Francie and Sydney ate as fast as they could and headed to Anchor Blue. Francie ran off to find some new clothes.

    Francie came out and modeled her shirt and skirt. "Well, what do you think?"

    "I think the shirt is too big. Try the smaller size." Sydney placed the shoes back in the box. Francie hustled off to get the other size shirt. She rushed back into the dressing room.

    Sydney went over to the racks of clothes and picked out a black v-neck no sleeve shirt and black velvet pants. She paid for them at the cash register and waited for Francie to be done. They headed home so Sydney could get ready for the funeral.
    * * *

    Sydney changed into her new outfit and applied some make-up to her face. Her hair as clipped up into a bun and she picked out a necklace that Danny had given her before they got engaged. The door opened and Will came in. "How do I look?" Sydney asked him.

    "Fine. Sorry about the other night." Will lowered his voice to a whisper. "Any news about your mother?" Sydney explained everything about her affiliation with SD-6 and the CIA to Will.

    "No, not that I know of. Do you need to talk, because it’s gonna have to wait until I get back." Sydney slipped on her black sandals and grabbed her purse.

    "Oh. So where are you going this time? France, China…" Will sat down on the bed.

    "Funeral." Sydney said, "For Sloane’s wife, Emily. She died of cancer a few days ago. He doesn’t seem that heartbroken, though."

    "No bruises?" Sydney asked, facing him. She got many bruises from fighting with Khasinau.

    "Nope, no bruises." Will said. Francie walked into the room.

    "Hey, Syd you wanna go get lunch or something?" She had her bright pink nails in the air, waving them back and forth.

    "Sorry, I have my funeral today." Sydney apologized.

    "Oh. Have a good time." Francie said, leaving the room. Will hugged her and walked her to the door.

    Sydney got in her car and drove to the cemetery. There were already a lot of people there. The service started. Then, Sloane asked her to speak.

    "When I first met Emily, she seemed like a mother to me. My own mother died and my father was not around much. So she was a replacement. The first night I met her, it was at dinner at Mr. Sloane’s house. She walked me to the car and said to me, ‘You’re gonna be alright.’ I didn’t know her, and she didn’t know me, but from then on, I knew she would always be there for me." Sydney returned to her seat. When the funeral was over, she headed to her car.

    "Sydney wait!" Sydney turned around to see her father running towards her. "The CIA just called me. They said they had a walk-in. Seemed she just walked in and said she would cooperate."

    Sydney guessed by the worried look on her father’s face that the person was important. "Who was it?"

    "It was your mother."
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    Dec 24, 2002
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    Feb 26, 2003
    ok. im sry that i didnt respond before but this story is really good. and plez post asap
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    Apr 7, 2003
    hey you gotta write morea about that! like wow its soo good! like i could read it all day....
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    Apr 13, 2003
    hey its very good :) i see where you're getting your ideas from :P great job carry on :D
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    Ontario, Canada
    That is really good i cant wait till you can post more!
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    thanks u guys 4 all ur responses! im almost done with the next chapter and ill post it asap!
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    Dec 24, 2002
    here's chapter 6. im still workin on it but i wanted to post it for those who couldnt wait. AHHHHHHHHH! alias season finale on this weekend! how am i gonna survive the summer without any new eps? and how am i gonna survive with the awful cliffhanger thats comin? yes, there will definitely be a HUGE cliffhanger, becuase there ALWAYS is. well, here's chapter 6.

    Chapter 6

    Sydney walked into the warehouse to meet Vaughn. Her mascara was running down her face. Vaughn glanced. When he saw Sydney standing there crying, he ran to her and embraced her in a hug.

    "Did you hear, Vaughn? About my mom?" Sydney asked when they broke apart. She began to wipe away her tears.

    "Yes I did." Vaughn put his arm around her shoulder. She smiled. Oh gosh! He’s always here for me.

    Just then, Kendall walked up to them. Vaughn quickly removed his arm from her shoulder. "Agent Bristow, I just spoke with Irina Derevko and she won’t talk to anyone, but you."

    "Did you run this meeting through Devlin?" Vaughn asked. Kendall glared at him.

    "No, I don’t have time for ridiculous things such as that. Ms. Bristow, I’m waiting for a response." Kendall said.

    "I refuse. I won’t talk to her." Sydney replied angrily.

    "She says you’re the only one that she will talk to." Kendall crossed his arms. Vaughn gave her a look of sympathy. "Mr. Vaughn, do you have an opinion?"

    Vaughn looked from Sydney to Kendall. "Well, I will support Ms. Bristow’s decision, whether she does or doesn’t talk to her mother."

    "Thank you," Sydney walked away quickly, heading towards her car. Vaughn turned around and started walking to his car, but then was stopped by a strong hand.

    "Agent Vaughn, you will talk to her about it. If you don’t, I know about you’re participation in rescuing Ms. Bristow from the FBI headquarters, and I will report you." Kendall began to walk away.

    "So I guess it’s two for one day on blackmailing." Vaughn replied. Kendall gave him an angry look and walked away.
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    Dec 24, 2002
    still working on chapter 6, but ill have it done soon for all you out there who just CAN'T wait!
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    I loved that last chapter and thanks for trying to get the next chapter posted fast!
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    thank you ash 4 all your responses. im just about finished with chapter 6. ill be posting it as soon as i finish typing it. thank u so much for your input. i hope the rest of it comes out good! :)
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    Dec 24, 2002
    * * *

    Sydney woke up. The sun was just rising in the east. Sydney had decided to go on a jog. She got dressed quickly and stuffed a dollar bill, her C.I.A. i.d. card, and her c-d player in a jogging pouch. She was just about to head out the door, when she heard Francie's footsteps.

    "Hey Syd. Whatcha doin' so early in the morning?" Francie asked groggily, trying to get her robe tied.

    "I was just about to ask you the same thing, Fran." Sydney said. "I'm heading out for an early jog. Things have been really stressful at work and since today is my day off, I felt I should go out and clear my mind."

    "Oh. I've gotta go to the restaurant early this mornin' to finish decorating. Do you think you could come by later?"

    "Sure!" Sydney gave her friend a hug. "Bye Francie!"

    * * * FLASHBACK * * *

    Bring...bring...bring..."Hello?" Vaughn asked. He glanced at the clonk. 6:30 am.

    "Hey, it's me."

    "Hey!" Only Sydney could be calling me this early in the morning.

    "Vaughn, I've mad eup my mind. I want to talk to my mother."

    Vaughn practically dropped the phone in shock. "Is this really Sydney Bristow?"

    He heard stifled laughter on the other end of the line. "Yes it's me. I really have no choice. I might as well get it over with."

    "Ok. She's being held at a C.I.A. facility. Here's what you have to do.

    * * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

    Sydney began jogging through the park. She spotted a homeless man sitting on a bench at the middle of it. "You have to drop a dollar in his cup to show you want access to the building." Vaughn's instructions echoed in her head.

    Sydney jogged passed him and dropped the dollar into his cup. "Face-Ops, this is Bulebird. Freelancer requesting entry." The man said in a gruff voice.

    "Copy that Bluebird." Another man said in the control room of the C.I.A. facility. He switched on the cameras on the stoplights and zoomed in on the people walking below.

    Sydney turned at the right streets, pausing each time to stretch her legs. That was another instruction from Vaughn.

    * * * FLASHBACK * * *

    "Then, you will go under a freeway. There will be a phone. If it is ringing, pick it up and dial in a 7-digit code. It rotates each week. This week, the code is 5446869."

    "This is easy enough, but why am I doing this?"

    "Just incase SD-6 is watching you. We don't want them to find out about this facility. Then, there is about a mile walk once the secret door opens. Then you're all set."

    "Thank you."

    "Are you ready?"

    "As ready as I'll ever be."

    * * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

    Sydney jogged under the freeway, until she spotted a phone. It started ringing. She picked it up and dialed in the cotrrect code. She waited for the door to opne, glancing around nervously to make sure no one was following her. Suddenly, she heard a low rumbling noise and a door opened. She walked in as it shut behind her.

    * * *

    "Sydney!" Sydney spun around to see her dad behind her.

    "Dad! What are you doing here?"

    Jack gulped. "Oh. Kendall has me doing research on Derevko. That's all."

    "Oh!" Sydney saw Kendall walking towards them and started toward him.

    "Sydney, what are you doing..." Jack was interupted by Kendall.

    "Agent Bristow, are you ready?" Kendall asked, nervously eyeing Jack.


    "Ready for what exactly?" Jack asked, giving Kendall the famous Jack glare.

    Sydney gulped. So that's why Kendall was so rushed about the meeting. Dad isn't supposed to know I'm talking to Mom because Dad wouldn't have let me! "Dad, to talk to Mom."

    "No! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Jack turned to Kendall, looking about ready to explode. "You know how I feel about Derevko. I can't believe that you are bringing Sydney into this! She doesn't need to talk to Irina! She's spent the last 20 years without her, and she can do well for several more!"

    * * *

    Ok, there's the rest of Chapter 6. sorry its kinda short. I'm working on 7 right now and ill have it posted asap! probably this weekend! thanks for all ur posts!
  17. freelancer2bootcamp

    freelancer2bootcamp Rocket Ranger

    Dec 24, 2002
    Chapter 7

    Sydney tried to hide her giggling, but her father and Kendall looked ridiculous fighting. Both men's faces were red and both of them looked about to explode. She walked away, looking at all there was in the building. There were many people on computers that she didn't know. She was looking around for one familiar face. Vaughn.

    "Hey!" Sydney didn;t even have to turn around to know who it was.

    "Hey Vaughn. I just HAD to get away from Dad and Kendall. So, what's new?"

    Vaughn looked down. "Umm...can we talk about this in private?"

    "Sure," Sydney replied with a confused look on her face. Vaughn led her away to a sound-proof room.

    "I tried talking to Derevko today." Vaughn said, sitting down and placing his head in his hands.

    "Vaughn," Sydney pulled his head up so it was facing hers. Her mother had murdered 13 C.I.A. agents several years ago. Vaughn's father was one of them.

    "Syd, don't. I know. It was not easy. What she said, it was just..." Vaughn's shoulders began to shake. Sydney knew what that had meant. He was crying. He looked up and a few tears were running down his face. Sydney turned her head away. She could not bear to see him like this.

    What had happened to strong, serious Vaughn? He looked so sad and hurt.

    "She said I looked just like him as I was leaving," Vaughn faultered then regained his balance. "I thought that maybe I could talk to her, but it didn't work. I know how much you don't want anything to do with her right now."

    "Vaughn..." Sydney started, but was cut off again.

    "I thought that maybe if I could get anything out of her, that you wouldn't have to talk to her at all. It makes me feel your pain when I saw the look on your face when Kendall said you had to talk to her."


    "Syd look, I know it must bew terribly hard for you to cope with thinking your mother has been dead for 20 years, and then BOOM! She just shows up and you basically have to start all over again. I don't want to see you hurt."

    Vaughn got up, and embraced Sydney in a hug. Sydney willingly hugged him back. She felt so safe when she was in his arms. They were in their own little world until they heard someone knocking on the door. It was Jack. They shot apart, and smoothed out their clothes.

    "Sydney, follow me."

    * * *

    i have to go right now, but ill post more ASAP! hope u like!
  18. aliasgirl89

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    Ontario, Canada
    Of corse i did. I love pretty much anthing with Vaughn in it. Post more!
  19. freelancer2bootcamp

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    Dec 24, 2002
    more of Chapter 7!

    Sydney followed Jack back to the cells. They came to some security guards. Jack pulled out his i.d. card and motioned for Sydney to do the same. She dug through her jogging pouch and held it up for the guard to see.

    "She's here to see Derevko. Make it a short visit." Jack said to the guard. The guard nodded and placed his hand on a pad. Sydney watched as it scanned his hand and then opened the first of three gates. Sydney started after the guard, but was pulled back.

    "Sydney, you know that I do not want you talking to Derevko. She's dangerous, and I think that I would know." Jack said. Sydney could see worry in his eyes.


    "Sydney, please. Just be careful." Jack turned and walked away. Sydney was about to go after him, when she heard the guard clear his throat.

    "Oh, sorry!" Sydney jogged up to him and followed him through the rest of the gates.

    "So who is it this time? It better not be Kendall or I'll..." Sydney stopped short. Her mother appeared on the other side of the glass. "Sydney? Is that really you?"

    Sydney frowned. "No. You will only address me as Agent Bristow. NOTHING else. Understand?"

    Irina stood there with a blank face.

    "Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Agent Bristow." Sydney could sense a hint of sarcasm in her mother's voice, but she decided to continue.

    "Further more, you will only answer the questions that I ask. No silly questions or anything. Got it?"

    "Yes, Agent Bristow."

    "AND you will NOT treat my fellow co-workers poorly. Do you understand?"

    "Sydney, I know where the clock is."

    "Wha...what?" Sydney stammered.

    "I said I know where the clock is."

    Sydney crossed her arms. "I thought you were to respond to me as Agent Bristow and only answer the questions I ask."


    "But...why should I listen to you?"

    "Because I'm your mother, that's why!" Irina yelled, banging on the window.

    Sydney turned to the guard, her hands shaking. "I'm through."

    * * *
  20. aliasgirl89

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    Feb 28, 2003
    Ontario, Canada
    I liked that it was good, my fellow co-workers i.e. Vaughn!
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