How Much Are You Into ALIAS?

When It Comes To ALIAS I...

  • Watch all of the episodes over and over again

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  • Have seen all of the episodes more than 5 times

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  • Tape all of the 3rd season episodes

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  • Download as many ALIAS wallpapers as possible

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  • Come up with theories and I'm almost always right

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  • all of the above

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  • A & B

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  • A,B,E

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  • A,B,C

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Dani 22 01 1979

I < My J2 Boys
Nov 11, 2003
Central Coast, Australia
Too Much!!

I tell my friends not to call me during the show. As I won't talk to them lol :)

I didn't miss an episode in Season 2 and haven't missed a Season 3 episode.

Not sure when I started watching.

Somewhere in Season 1 !!

I just love it.

I have Alias wallpapers on my computer at home and at work.

I have heaps of Alias music video's too.
Jan 12, 2004
see it's my parent's fault I don't have the box sets!!! And their fault I haven't seen s1 or 2 except in screen caps. I have an Alias notebook and I relate everything to Alias. I can relate Ingrid Bergman to alias!! I live for Sundays and I'm dying without any tapes or boxsets or re-runs. Sometimes I cry thinking alias might not be on until January. :depressed:


Apr 10, 2004
i´m totally obsessed too. i´m thinking about alias everywhere, at school, at home everywhere!
i´m always wondering what the characters would do if they were in my situations. My friends are tired of listening about alias all the time.
So you could i have no life anymore but i´m just fine with it :P
i am way too obsessed but not with all of those. i watch as many eps as i can (usually from my season 2 dvd) over and over. i haven't seen all the eps more than five times but i have seen most of them that many. i can't tape them all cuz i don't have the money for the tapes. i do download and search for etc etc wallpapers and pics and all. i do come up with theories a lot! (and i'm sticking to my one that irina has always been good!!!) but i am on lately like 5 hours a day!!! i have been watching my season 2 dvd whenever i am doing anything and am near a tv. i am too obsessed, but i love it!

Jun 18, 2004
Yep definetly all of the above.............some of my friends have even suggested that i get some help.......counselling or something!!
Jan 20, 2004
Well, I only put A&B, because, though I'm OBSESSED and love this show, I didn't tape S3 :-( The only reason I didn't is because if I had, my mom would not have let me buy the DVD's! She said something like, "If only you had taped all the episodes, then we wouldn't have to buy the DVD's" But I did tape the finale...just so I had SOMETHING to watch over the summer. And I have been watching S1 and S2 straight through...I think I'm on my 2nd or 3rd round...since summer started! lol And I visit this site as often as possible, though I get kicked off the computer so I can't spend as much time as I want here! :D 3 CHEERS FOR ALIAS! HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! :jump:


Sep 14, 2004
Europe, Estonia, Tartu
I can't pick any of above. I got my Alias S1-S3 Dvd-s recently and finished with them on Monday. Started rewatching them yesterday. i also come up with a lot of theories. I'm right like about half the times.


Oct 9, 2004
Well, I watch the eps a lot, but I can't say I've seen them all 5 times b/c I just got S3 and I'm not sure I WANT to see some of those eps 5 times. But S1/2 I could watch over and over and never get bored.


Sep 20, 2003

Alias is one of a few shows I watch regularly. I don't have time to watch every episode hundreds of times - only the good ones! :LOL:

obseesed but not that much
Same here. Alias definitely isn't my whole life. But I sure do spend a lot of time at this message board!

Well, I watch the eps a lot, but I can't say I've seen them all 5 times b/c I just got S3 and I'm not sure I WANT to see some of those eps 5 times.
All of the above, minus watchined all episodes 5 times. I just can't make myself watch Season 3 that many times.
So true!


Those piercing baby blues
Mar 19, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
well see i'm obsessed
but i don't really watch the eppys over and over
i like going on sites
and allies
and fan fiction
and i love jen and michael
and i lvoe talking about it
so i am obsessed, but i can't really vote!
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