i am thinking...

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Scarlet Crystal

Bibbity Rabbity
i was thinking of posting a random story that i wrote. this is beyond alias, and in the member lounge, so if y'all want to hear it while you sit comfortably by the fire in our comfy lounge, please say aye. if you want more info on me, please click on my sig and read my alias fanfic. then please say aye! if you are an admin, please tell me if i am allowed to do what i am thinking of doing. thanx-

Aye yiy yiy yiy yiy...

I don't even know if I spelled that right. I definitely don't think the admins would have a problem with it.

~Me :angel2:
sure post all you want. fun stuff. i'll just sit in a cushy chair by the fireplace sipping hot cocoa and waiting to here your story
Sunfire_77 said:
this sounds like your a mexican squirrel jumping up and down!LOL, sorry wow too much time at the odd thread!!LOL :P :lol:
and just post it,if they have a problem with it they can pm you about it! so here i go again, aye! :D
hmm... what about a pirate squirrel. i can just see this pirate with an eyepatch and one leg with a stuffed squirrel on his shoulder!
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