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Issue 11

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter – Issue 11
    Monday, May 27, 2002

    http://AllAlias.com - All Alias. All the time.

    In this issue:
    1. New Alias top sites list
    2. Season 2 Spoilers
    3. Official Book
    4. Daredevil Delayed to February
    5. Coming Soon: AAPZ
    6. The Push Thoroughs: Is there something more to it?
    7. Quote of the Week
    8. Final Thoughts

    1: A new Alias Top Sites List

    Yes, there are already two, but because it is hard for some new sites to
    get on the top ten (or 5) of both, I’ve started a new one.

    Visit the list AND vote for AllAlias.com & this newsletter:

    If you have an Alias-related website, please join!

    2: Season Two Spoilers Up
    OK, I finally have season two spoilers up. However, I should warn you,
    VartanHo.com’s are better.

    Visit our season two spoiler page: http://allalias.com/s2.shtml

    Visit VartanHo.com’s season two spoiler page:

    If you have any information about season two, please email me at

    3: Official Book

    You can now pre-order the official companion guide to Alias at

    Description: Alias is the hottest new drama of the year. Now, for the
    first time, fans have an authorized all-access behind- the- scenes look
    at the making of the smash TV show, with reflections and anecdotes that
    readers won’t find anywhere else-from cast members, writers, and
    creator/executive producer J. J. Abrams. Includes never-before-seen
    photos and a complete, detailed episode-by-episode insider guide to the
    series, along with a guidebook to the amazing gadgets and top-secret
    pages torn from the SD-6 handbook.

    You can preorder the book here:

    4: Daredevil delayed to February

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Spurred partly by breakout box office for Sony's
    "Spider-Man," 20th Century Fox has shifted the opening of "Daredevil" to
    President's Day weekend next Feb. 14.

    Based on the Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee, "Daredevil"
    had been tentatively slotted to open Jan. 17 at the start of the Martin
    Luther King Jr. holiday period. But Fox and Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad
    believe the February start date offers greater potential to deliver

    "The summer is starting earlier and earlier," Arad said.

    The move comes three weeks after "Spider-Man," also based on a Marvel
    character, demolished box office records with an eye-popping $114.8
    million in its first three days. The 20-day total for the Web slinger
    topped $295 million on Wednesday.

    "Audiences have demonstrated a tremendous appetite for comic superheroes
    in the last couple of years," said 20th Century Fox vice chairman Bob
    Harper. "We are very excited about unveiling the next big Marvel
    superhero on the first big holiday of the year."

    Both winter holiday periods generated solid biz this year, with $151.4
    million in the four- day MLK period, led by $33.6 million for "Black
    Hawk Down," and $163.9 million in the President's Day weekend, topped by
    Denzel Washington starrer "John Q" with $23.6 million.

    "Daredevil" toplines Ben Affleck in the title role, a blind lawyer by
    day and a relentless masked avenger by night, when his other senses
    operate with superhuman sharpness. Michael Clarke Duncan, Colin Farrell,
    Jon Favreau and Jennifer Garner co-star. Mark Steven Johnson directed
    from his own script.

    Shooting began in late March in Los Angeles, and a studio representative
    said the date shift was unrelated to potential production delays.

    Marvel has two more potential blockbusters already set in 2003, with Fox
    staking out another prime date of May 2 -- a year after the "Spider-Man"
    opening -- for its "X2" sequel to "X-Men" and Universal slotting "The
    Hulk" June 20.

    5: Coming Soon: AAPZ

    I will soon be creating AAPZ, the AllAlias.com PuZzle. It will be a
    fan-created continuation of the game. Stay tuned for details.

    If you would like to help me with AAPZ, please email me at
    char-@allalias.com .

    6: The Push Throughs
    There has been much speculation about the push-throughs. J.J. Abarams
    has said that there is something more to them.

    The letters are: S A N I I D R R N A G O E S S L O W W D S A A S X I A A
    U V N V V E S R G G E E W W T E O O G R L E N A O G N G G C C G P A O D
    A A T
    That is, if, in the episodes where it shows previous episodes and the
    places count.

    If you don’t count the “previously on” push-throughs, then the letters
    S A N I D R N A G O E S L O W D S A S X I A U V N V E S R G G E E W T E
    O O G R L E N A O G G G C C G P O D A A T

    With counting all the letters, I went to an anagram site, and it
    returned over 22,000 results before my computer crashed. I will probably
    re-anagram the letters later this summer.

    The following information is purely the work of Secret Agent Fan
    (http://www.efanguide.com/~alias/puzzle.html ):
    What you cannot spell from either set of letters:

    What you can spell from either set of letters:
    ARVIN SLOANE | DIXON (the "x" is probably for this) | WILL | LAURA |

    7: Quote of the Week

    “Will, you're a journalist for God's sake. You get paid to be annoying.”
    – Jenny (The Box, Part 1)

    8: Final Thoughts

    Life without Alias is tough. So please email me ( char-@allalias.com )
    with your fanficion. I plan on revamping the fan-fiction section of
    AllAlias.com and re-introducing links to fan fiction in the newsletter
    once I get out of school.

    Also, please vote for us by clicking on ALL THREE links – and voting
    every day!


    Thanks so much!
    http://AllAlias.com - All Alias. All the time.

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