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Issue 12

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    The Alias Newsletter - Issue 12

    A mid-week issue - there is so much going on we just had to send out
    another issue!

    In this issue:
    1. Emmy Award?
    2. AllAlias.com Alias Forums - Now open!
    3. Another article about Daredevil being delayed
    4. Watch out for JG!
    5: Three Roads To Success, or Failure
    6: JG Photos
    7: Another Article
    8: Final Thoughts

    1: Emmy Award
    Alias may be up for an Emmy - possibly with Jennifer Garner winning
    something. VartanHo.com notes a USA Today Article. Here is what it said:
    “While there's no question star Jennifer Garner merit's a nomination,
    let's hope voters also reward Garber's remarkably shaded turn as
    Sydney's conflicted father. He staked his series claim this year from
    the series very first scene, a courtesy call with his future son-in-law
    that became disquietingly discourteous. The only question is whether he
    and his equally deserving co-star, Ron Rifkin, split the vote.”

    2: AllAlias.com Forums - Now Open!
    AllAlias.com now has it’s forums of its own. They have been in beta
    testing, but we are now opening them.

    Please check them out: http://aliasforum.omahost.net

    And thanks to all of the beta testers :)

    3: Another article about Daredevil being delayed
    In case you wanted to read another article about the Daredevil delay,
    here is another one:
    (As with everything in this newsletter, please mention us [and another
    site, if we mention another site] as a source! Thanks!)

    4: Watch out for JG!
    Jennifer Garner will be a presenter at this year’s MTV Mocie Awards. The
    special airs on Tuesday, June 6th at 9pm EST (on MTV [duh!]). Stay tuned
    for more coverage...

    Thanks to VartanHo.com for the news: http://VartanHo.com

    5: Three Roads To Success, or Failure

    Thanks to Esselle for writing this - it will appear on AllAlias.com

    Three Roads To Success, or Failure
    By Esselle
    “Alias” is a fresh and original show with limitless possibilities
    and potential. “Alias” could very well pull off an entire seven
    seasons. However, the producers and writers have set an incredible
    standard for themselves in this first year, and must not allow their
    momentum to decrease. There are only three things that at this time
    appear to be a threat to the brilliantly planned and executed drama
    known as “Alias.” The first of these three would be the consummation
    of a relationship between Agent Sydney Bristow and her Handler
    Michael Vaughn. Another such threat would be the fabrication of a
    plot in which anyone is Sydney’s father besides Agent Jack Bristow.
    The third, and final of these elements would be the destruction of
    the vile organization SD-6 prior to the end of the run of the show.
    Though many “shippers” believe that Sydney Bristow, and Michael
    Vaughn are destined to be together, and constantly encourage writers
    to proceed in that direction quickly, they fail to see the damage
    they would be inflicting if the writers were to follow through. If
    the writers were to give viewers the satisfaction of a relationship
    between the two leads this early into the show, it would have the
    potential to ruin the show. A classic example of the “sexual tension”
    technique gone awry can be found in “Lois and Clark: The New
    Adventures of Superman.” In this very enjoyable series Lois Lane and
    Clark Kent were the center of the show for “shippers” everywhere.
    Once a relationship was official between the leads, the sexual
    tension disappeared, and there was no more anticipation on the part
    of the viewers. They received the relationship they had called for,
    but lost an integral element of the show. If “Alias” was to pair up
    Sydney and Vaughn too quickly, “shippers” would have nothing left to
    pine for, to write to the producers about, to wait for. Every week is
    a cliffhanger when there’s sexual tension involved, and as long as
    the cliffhangers continue, so will the viewer-ship.
    Another thing that will maintain viewer-ship is the key relationship
    between daughter Sydney Bristow, and her father Jack Bristow. Many
    debate over whether or not Jack is Sydney’s real father. Some believe
    that her real father may be Arvin Sloane, Sydney’s boss at SD-6. This
    time the problem does not lie in the hands of the viewers, but in the
    hands of the producers and writers. One would hope that they would
    not be ignorant enough to employ the
    “bad-guy-is-really-the-father-deal” on a show that could clearly go
    without it. This tactic has been employed many times on television,
    and almost always unsuccessfully. The ultimate example of this lies
    in the late show “The Pretender.” In this show, Ms. Parker’s father
    turned out not to be her father, but her uncle. Her real father was,
    of course, the bad guy Mr. Raines. Suffice it to say, no one is
    expecting anymore “The Pretender” made-for-TV movies in the future.
    However, not only is the gimmick tired, but also, this particular
    show (“Alias”) has a unique father/daughter dynamic that is integral
    to the show. At the initiation of the show “Alias” the viewers were
    introduced to a terribly neglected relationship between father and
    daughter. Over the course of the first season this relationship has
    been treated, and though the scars will never go away, the healing
    process has began. The show would fall apart without this crucial
    The third detrimental move that the producers and writers could do
    would be quite possibly the one to cause the most damage. If the
    detestable organization known as SD-6 were to disappear before the
    show had retired, this move could force “Alias” into early
    retirement. Often producers feel they can get away with destroying
    the evil organization that plagues their hero/heroine mid-show and be
    all right. It simply doesn’t work that way. The series “Dark Angel”
    attempted this plot device and didn’t survive it. As most know, this
    second season of the series is also its last. Sure, the producers of
    this unfortunate example attempted to salvage the plot by creating
    new villains and adversaries, but nothing could substitute the
    ultimate villains that had plagued the characters in season one. It
    would be unfortunate if “Alias” were to suffer such a terrible fate.
    SD-6 in and of itself is an integral piece of the fabric of this
    show. Over time, viewers develop a connection to SD-6. True that the
    relationship is not a loving one; this relationship is paramount in
    maintaining viewer loyalty to watching this show. If the producers
    were to allow only a single year of build-up towards SD-6’s
    destruction viewers would not have adequate time for their hatred of
    the agency to incubate into full development. Once the threat of SD-6
    is gone, so are the emotions of hatred that viewers had held towards
    it. By the time a new villain is introduced the viewers are tired,
    and unwilling to invest time and emotions into starting hatred from
    scratch again. Therefore, Neilson ratings fall, and the show is most
    likely canceled.
    “Alias”, great show that it is, has the potential to become a
    one-season fling. The three things that could destroy this show are
    obvious. Vaughn and Sydney may never develop a romantic relationship,
    but that could be for the best. Definitely for the best would be the
    decision to keep Jack as Sydney’s father. Finally, SD-6 must remain a
    believable threat throughout the duration of the series. These three
    factors are crucial to whether or not the show succeeds. Here’s
    hoping for another great season of “Alias,” and many more to come!
    · “Alias” is the property of ABC
    · “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” belongs to TNT
    · As does the series “The Pretender” and all made-for-TV movies
    · “Dark Angel” is the property of Fox
    · All these were merely used by the author of this editorial as
    examples and she claims no ownership to anything more than the words
    on this page that are her own.

    6: JG Photos
    You may have seen some of these already, but check them out:

    7: Other Articles

    Other articles of interest:

    Salon.com talks in general about season endings
    Thanks to VartanHo.com for the above article: http://VartanHo.com

    Quick summary of Daredevil change
    Not interesting, but here it is:

    Short mention of Daredevil:

    From Hollywood.com:
    The newest Marvel comic to hit the screen will be Daredevil, and Ben
    Affleck will be donning the superhero duds. This guy, also known as the
    Man Without Fear, is attorney Matt Murdock, a man who defends the
    downtrodden--and who is also blind. His other four senses, however,
    function with superhuman sharpness. By day, he does his job, but by
    night, he is a masked vigilante named Daredevil, stalking the streets
    and acting as a relentless avenger of justice. The 20th Century Fox film
    also stars Michael Clarke Duncan (the big black dude from The Green
    Mile), Colin Farrell (the oh-so-cute Hart in Hart's War) and Jennifer
    Garner (yep, the Alias chick). Principal photography has already begun.

    8: Final Thoughts
    Wow, this issue was longer than expected.

    And I should be studying for an exam on Friday :(



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