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Issue 24

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    The Alias Newsletter - Issue 24

    This week we've reached a milestone: 500 subscribers!

    Monday, September 9, 2002

    In this issue:
    1. EW Fall Preview
    2. Season 2 Episode Names
    3. Day on the set of Alias auction
    4. Michael Vartan Promo Transcript
    5. Be Sydney Bristow via ABC.com…
    6. …or by AllAlias.com
    7. ABC Primetime Preview Weekend
    8. Quote of the Week
    9. Affiliates
    10. Final Thoughts

    1: EW Fall Preview
    RUN to a newsstand near you for this week's Entertainment Weekly. It has
    a cover photo of Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow) and an inside photo of
    Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan (CIA Agent Michael Vaughn). You can
    read the article and view a picture at
    Page numbers from JenniferGarner (
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JenniferGarner )
    -Jennifer Garner on cover
    -Page 30, Full-page pic of JG
    -Page 31, article starts
    -Page 32, article continues
    -Page 33, Full-page pic, MV between JG's legs
    -Page 34, Pic of MV
    -Page 35, article finishes

    2: Season 2 Episode Names
    Season Two Episode Names:
    Episode 1: The Enemy Walks In (airs Sunday September 29th)
    Episode 2: Trust Me
    Episode 3: Cipher
    Episode 4: Dead Drop
    Episode 5: The Indicator
    Episode 6: Choices

    3: Day on the set of Alias auction
    Profits go to help fight AIDS. More information:
    www.playbill.com/cgi-bin/plb/news?cmd=show&code=112444 . Thanks to
    VartanHo for the news.
    4: Michael Vartan Promo
    Transcript by us:

    Narrator: Michael Vartan speaks about the Emmy-winning Drama Alias

    Michael: It really is as good as it gets. Honestly, my character - I
    love playing this role, I get to wear cool suits...

    Michael: I'd like to say that French maid outfit was pretty damn (pause)

    Michael: At the end of the season, Vaughn was in a pretty precarious
    situation, I hope he can swim. I literally don't know what's gonna
    happen (whatever you say - the premier was already filmed, and unless
    this was taped before 2 weeks after the finale, you're lying, or at
    least misinforming). Death for my character was a big cliffhanger, I
    mean no one (except maybe you? come on) knows if I'm coming back or not.

    Narrator: Michael Vartan - Alias - the adventure beings Sunday september
    29th on ABC

    Michael: What was the question?

    Watch it at VartanEtc: http://www.vaughnetc.com/media.html

    5: Become Sydney Bristow via ABC.com…
    Can it be? There is another Alias game out from ABC.com - but it's a
    whopping 32MB. You must register for an ABC.com account to play (a
    Go.com account ABC.com message boards or ESPN.com account should also
    work). We're working on a strategy guide for it, so be sure to check
    back in the next few days for that.

    Start playing: http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/alias/underground/

    6: …or via AllAlias.com
    Have you ever wanted to become a character from Alias? Go on secret
    missions, kick butt? Well now you can – kind of, anyway.

    NOTE: Sydney Bristow is not available, sorry.

    We’re launching “Alias Interactive”, an Alias RPG (Role Playing Game),
    where you become Alias characters and improvise scenes with other fans.
    For more information and to reserve your character, visit

    7: ABC Primetime Preview Weekend
    Thanks to Jessica for sending in this first-hand account of ABC’s
    Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney’s California Adventure:

    I got to California Adventure with my friend and my brother at about
    3:30pm. My brother and I got in and were surprised to see tons of
    people crowded around the main street, a little ways past the golden
    gateway, so my brother asked the announcer guy (who happened to be
    someone from "Entertainment Tonight") what was going on and was informed
    that the "ABC Primetime Parade of the Stars" was about to go by. He was
    right. The parade started and the Alias cast was first! the first car
    (my brother informed me later that all of the cars were camaros and
    corvettes) came out and in it were Bradley Cooper and Merrin Dungey.
    The announcer guy introduced them and asked them if they got the waving
    thing down and they were waving perfectly and smiling. Then came Kevin
    Weisman and David Anders. The announcer introduced them and jokingly
    said that they did not have the wave down (and he was right and they
    looked funny waving weird but they tried, though!). Kevin Weisman had
    his hair spiked and looked a lot better than he does on the show (and he
    was wearing some swank sunglasses!) and David Anders looked a lot kinder
    than he does on the show. Then came Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin (they
    both looked a whole lot happier than they do on the show!) and the
    announcer introduced them and asked them something. Their microphone
    wasn't really working, but we could hear their voices and they shouted
    something about the music being great. Then people from other shows
    (like Drew Carey and some other people) came in other cars with some
    Disney characters and I never saw them again. Carl Lumbly wasn't there
    even though they said that he would be! It was great, though. Totally
    worth it. Oh and later that night when I was leaving the park, I saw
    people taking down all the banners and asked if I could have the one
    that said Alias on it. The lady said no, so I asked her why. She said
    that they like to keep stuff like that. I asked her if that means that
    they'll have something like that again and she said she didn't know but
    maybe. I don't think she really knew but I hope they do!!!!

    Thanks Jessica!

    8: Quotes of the Week
    ''Hello??? He has a six-year contract!'' says Garner, talking about
    Michael Vartan’s possible death at the end of season one, ''He's not
    going anywhere! Do you think we'd kill off one of our hot guys? Thank
    you, no!”
    9: Affiliates
    We currently have nine affiliates and more are being added all the time.

    Browse current affiliates or apply to become one:

    10: Final Thoughts
    Thanks for reading this issue. Be sure as you go through this week that
    you take time to remember those we lost one year ago this week.

    http://AllAlias.com - All Alias. All the time.

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