Issue 31

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
The Alias Newsletter – Issue 31

Monday, December 2nd 2002

In this issue:
1. Summary of last night’s episode: “Passage (Part 1)”
2. Preview of next week’s episode: “Passage (Part 2”
3. Quotes from Passage (Part 1)
4. Music from Passage (Part 1)
5. Alias Ratings
6. In the news this week
7. Quote of the Week
8. Affiliates
9. Final Thoughts

1: Summary of last night’s episode: “Passage (Part 1)”
---------------------------------------- Summary for Passage (Part 1):

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Previously on Alias, Sloane goes to Jack about his killing his wife, and
Sydney learns that Sark is now working for SD-6, although he may be a
double agent for another agency.

Sydney goes and meets with Sark. She warns him that if he burns her, she
burns him.

At SD-6, it’s debriefing time. Sloane goes over the mission – getting
Uzbekistani communication codes. Sloane, Sydney, Dixon, Jack and Sark
are there. Walking in late, Marshall mumbles “Hi. Welcome. Don’t kill
me” to Sark.

At the CIA Operations Center, Irina tells Sydney that she will give
information if she gets 48 hours to free escorted by CIA personnel.
Sydney reluctantly goes and sees Kendall, who refuses (in part because
of Jack’s tricky psychology games).

Back at SD-6, Sark talks to Sloane about SD-6 not really being with the
CIA. He makes the smart (and for us, unfortunate) move of suggesting
that Jack and his “parental instincts” might cause him to tell Sydney
more information than she should know, and suggests that Sloane tell
Jack little about the codes.

UZBEKIST[A]N – Sydney and Dixon exchange money for Uzbekistan army
communication codes. The man says that they will have to get fingerprint
of an army officer before they can open the case. Disguised as a dead
body, Sydney gains access to a secure morgue, quickly gets out of her
body bag and looks around. She eventually finds the man she is looking
for. However, a guard walks in. Sydney is able to hide, but the guard
notices the missing body and radios back. The guard slowly opens a
vault, only to find nothing inside. Another guard comes in, and when
they open a larger vault, Sydney pushes a medical cart into them and a
large fight begins, Sydney the victor. She escapes in the clothing of
one of the guards and makes it to Dixon without a scar.

LOS ANGE[L]ES – Vaughn informs will that Kendall doesn’t want Will
working for the CIA anymore, as he sees it as a security risk. Will
takes it well and says that those questions were administered on tests
to millions of children. Vaughn agrees to tell Kendall.

At Sydney’s and Francie’s place, Sydney has to miss another appointment
with Francie – this time a day at a spa. They set a new date next week,
but Francie says she will go tomorrow too.

At the garage, Vaughn shows Sydney a watch that no longer works. He says
that it used to keep perfect time, such that "you could set your heart
to it." Going on he saya it stopped October 1st, the day he met Sydney.

At the CIA, Vaughn and Sydney learn that the “army communication codes”
are actually nuclear weapon codes. Irina and Sydney will go on a mission
to retrieve the codes and/or the nukes. Jack then agrees to go on the
mission, but goes to see Irinia, giving her a silver necklace that if
take off, explodes, and can also be detonated from Jack’s watch.

Will goes and sees Vaughn at a park. He knows he can’t be paid, but
gives Vaughn the list of people who got 100% on the test – including the
added in part that was for the undercover soviet project that he found
in a study about the test and one’s race.

N[E]W DELHI – the Spy Family is on a mission together. Their excuse?
Family vacation. A clerk admires Irina’s necklace. They then board a
train. While changing, Irina meets Jack face-to-face in their
compartment. In the back of the train, Sydney finds a suitcase with a
flashing light. Inside are parachutes. Jack and Irina bicker about who
should go first. Sydney then tells them to shut up and jumps up.

At SD-6, a staff member (probably from security section) brings Sloane a
box that was sent to him (after scanning it). Inside is Emiy’s index
finger, complete with her ring.

Back with the spy family, they meet a CIA contact. When heading into
enemy territory, they run in with an extremist group and are captured.
With various exchange of eye movements, Irina (by looking down at her
necklace) suggests her taking her necklace off and throwing it, the
explosion allowing them to get free. Jack approves and sets the necklace
to not blow up when Irina takes it off, which she does, and the entire
family begins shooting and kicks butt, getting away free and walking off
into the distance.

2: Preview of next week’s episode: “Passage (Part 2)”

While continuing on a mission to take control of six nuclear warheads,
Sydney and Jack discover where Irina's loyalties lie when she meets up
with Gerard Cuvee (Derek de Lint). Meanwhile, Sloane informs the
Alliance that Emily may still be alive.

Words to ABC Promo:

Next Sunday. The family that spies together dies together, unless a
father and daughter can stop a mother’s ultimate betrayal. Operation
Ultimate Countdown.

3: Quotes from Passage (Part 1)

“Hi. Welcome. Don’t kill me.” – Marshall to Sark

“Shut up!” – Sydney to her parents.

“I am not about to let Irina near six nuclear weapons supervised only by
you” – Jack to Sydney

“But I don’t overestimate your intelligence”

“I have cooperated Agent Kendall. You haven’t listened.”

“If you burn me, I burn you.” – Sydney to Sark

“Next week’s great. But I’m going tomorrow anyway.” - Francie

“You get to go off, and be sneaky” – Will to Sydney

“It stopped October 1st, the day we met.” – Vaughn

4: Music from Passage (Part 1)

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Michael Giacchino

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Song: "Bad Moon Rising"
Label: Fantasy Records

Artist: U2
Song: "Walk On"
Label: Interscope Records

Artist: Josh Canova
Song: "Almost Ran"
Label: NA

5: Alias Ratings

CBS took the lead again at 9 p.m. with its original movie "The Christmas
Shoes" (11.5/18 average from 9 to 11 p.m.), while NBC took second with
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" with a 9.3/14 for the hour. ABC was third
with "Alias", while FOX slipped to fourth with "Malcolm in the Middle",
5.7/8, and a premiere of "Andy Richter Controls the Universe", 4.2/6.
The WB was fifth with "Angel" with a 2/3 for the hour.

Thanks to for the information.

6: In the news this week

Wednesday was Michael Vartan’s (Michael Vaughn on Alias) birthday. Just
thought I’d mention that.

Also, Alias: Underground may be coming to the Mac. For more see this

And JJ Abrams is mentioned in this thanksgiving article:

That’s all for now.

7: Quote of the Week

“Hi. Welcome. Don’t kill me.” – Marshall to Sark (from Passage – Part 1)

8: Affiliates

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9: Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this issue. Have a great week.


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