Issue 38

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Issue 38

Monday, February 03, 2003

In this issue:
1. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Summary
2. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Quotes
3. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Music
4. Latest Episode: Double Agent: What did you think?
5. Next Episode: A Free Agent
6. Article of the Week
7. Browse more news
8. Quote of the Week
9. Feature of the Week: Calendar
10. Affiliates
11. Final Thoughts

1. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Summary

CIA Agent Jim Lennox is in bed with his partner, Emma Wallace. She tells
him that she'd like to go back to Fiji. He agrees and they kiss. When he
goes into the shower, she frantically types an email: "Abort operation.
Lennox is a …" Lennox hits her before she completes the message. Sloane,
whom Lennox has called to say he'd been compromised, tells him to make
it public. Wallace, strapped with C-4, is thrown from a van onto a
Berlin street.

In L.A., Vaughn tells Syd that Marshall and Dixon are being debriefed
and Sloane is now on Interpol's most wanted list. He also tells her that
he broke up with Alice. Weiss introduces Christine Phillips, a new
clandestine services grad from Langley who will observe for the next few
months. They all watch as Wallace appears on the news singing "Pop Goes
the Weasel." The agents watch in horror as Lennox remotely detonates the
C-4, killing Wallace.

Shortly thereafter Kendall briefs the staff, saying that Wallace's
mission had been to gain the trust of Dr. Enzo Markovic, a scientist
developing a technology known as Helix, to determine if it was a weapon.
Enzo was believed to have gone to a secret lab in the Serena del Sol
Resort in Cayo Cancho, off the Dominican Republic. Lennox is believed to
be held there or dead. Sydney and Vaughn's mission is to acquire
intelligence and bring Lennox back home.

Vaughn picks up Syd at her apartment. They kiss and she introduces him
to Francie, who thinks they're going to a finance conference in New
York. Syd gets a strange vibe from her.

At the resort, they forece Enzo's security chief to reveal Lennox's
location. Syd interrupts Lennox's torture and beats his two inquisitors.
His eyes were affected so she blindfolds him and leads him away while
Vaughn acquires the Helix files. When Syd is attacked by a guard, Lennox
removes the bandage, risking his eyesight, to shoot him. Back home, the
CIA gives Lennox a clean bill of health

Under questioning, Lennox explains that while he and Wallace were
working for Enzo as freelance security experts, the discovered that he
was working for someone else. Lennox was going to hack the database in
Cayo and transmit the data to Wallace in Berlin, but he was caught
before that could happen. Sydney is shaken when he also reveals that he
and Wallace were engaged.

Phillips analyzes the tape of Wallace's death and, due to static on the
tape, determines that the detonator was within a block of the explosion.
A sympathetic Syd visits the grieving Lennox at a safe house. He kisses
her, but quickly apologizes. Two men appear and accost Lennox. He beats
them but then Syd subdues him because the men are government agents who
want to take Lennox into federal custody.

At the CIA, Jack reports that Helix is a new gene therapy that can
reshape a patient's face and body. The only way to determine an actual
identity is through an ocular scan — this flaw was purposely built into
the procedure. Lennox, he says, was the first test subject to be
doubled, meaning Lennox may actually be Enzo. Vaughn then places Lennox
at the scene of Wallace's murder. Syd is dubious, believing Lennox's
grief to be authentic.

Lennox's scan checks out okay, and he's shocked when Syd tells him he's
been doubled. They learn that Enzo brought Helix to Poland. Syd and
Lennox are to find it, download the schematics and destroy it.

At a railroad depot, they disable the guards and break into the freight
car where the technology is hidden. Lennox reads data and learns that
another person has been doubled. Vaughn receives a frantic call from a
man claiming to be Lennox, who says the man the CIA rescued is really
Enzo. This Lennox says the ocular scan is merely disinformation and that
he's approaching the freight car and will destroy the technology.

Vaughn notifies Syd of the predicament. Jack tells her to disarm both
men and they'll figure out the mess once they're both in custody. She
makes Lennox handcuff himself to the freight car. When she leaves, he
breaks his hand in order to slip through the cuff and picks up a gun.

Syd confronts the second Lennox, but the first one appears. They're in a
standoff. Syd threatens to detonate Helix. The second Lennox reacts and
tries to shoot Sydney. The first — and real — Lennox shoots and kills
the phony. Sydney destroys Helix.

At the CIA, Lennox prepares to go to Fiji — he's never been there; he
and Emma were going to go on their honeymoon. Later on in Syd's
apartment, she and Vaughn fall into bed. But they're being observed
through a camera secretly installed in the television. Francie watches —
she's the other double.

2. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Quotes

Sydney: I was thinking, I can actually go to the CIA through the front
Vaughn: And I can actually give you a ride

Sydney: Dinner is ready.
Vaughn: We do have an oven and can reheat it.

Weiss: You like Italian food?
Phillips: I have a boyfriend.
Weiss: Yeah, me too.

Agent Lennox: I could have sworn you were a blond.

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3. Latest Episode: Double Agent: Music

Artist: The Cars
Song: "Moving in Stereo"
Label: Elektra Records

Artist: Coldplay
Song: "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face"
When: Sydney and Vaughn in bed
Label: Capitol Records

4. Latest Episode: Double Agent: What did you think?

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5. Next Episode: Double Agent

Sydney must make a life-defining decision regarding her future with the
agency, while Sloane re-emerges and continues his obsessive quest to
piece together the mysterious Rambaldi artifacts — with the reluctant
aid of a kidnapped scientist (Christian Slater). Meanwhile, Dixon's
marriage is put to the test after he tells his wife the truth about his
occupation, and Sydney's graduate school graduation is bittersweet.
(From ABC)

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8. Quote of the Week

Sydney: I was thinking, I can actually go to the CIA through the front
Vaughn: And I can actually give you a ride

9. Calendar

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11. Final Thoughts

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Some of you may not have liked “Double Agent”. However, if this is the
case, I encourage you to have faith in JJ Abrams (the creator of Alias)
that things will be better.

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