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Issue 6

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

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    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter – Issue 6

    This will be short because I have some exams/tests this week. Sorry!

    Alias 3rd for its timeslot – again
    (Zap2it): At 9 p.m., the CBS movie "Two Against Time," starring Marlo
    Thomas, led the way with an 8.6/14 average through the remainder of the
    evening, followed by NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (7.4/11),
    ABC's "Alias" (5.5/8), FOX's "The X-Files" (5.2/8). "JKX: The Jamie
    Kennedy Experiment" pulled in a 2.9/4 for The WB, followed by "Off
    Centre" (2.5/4).

    Airdate: Sunday.05.05.02

    Life, as Will knows it, is about to change forever, when he is sent to
    find the person responsible for leaking information to him about SD-6.

    Meanwhile, Sloane finds himself on the cusp of finally tracking down
    Khasinau, when SD-6 captures "The Man's" right-hand man, Mr. Sark...
    Dixon becomes suspicious of Sydney's activities...and Sloane continues
    to await the Alliance's decision regarding the fate of his wife, Emily
    (Amy Irving, "Traffic," "Yentl")...
    The Solution -- Posted by Charles On Monday, April 22 2002
    “The Solution”

    AllAlias.com’s guide to the 20th episode of Alias.

    In-depth Episode Summary
    During the last few weeks on Alias, Will was captured, Sloane had to
    kill his friend, Noah tried to get Sydney to go with him, but she
    didn’t. Later Sydney went into a mansion where all the guards were dead.
    In the kitchen she finds and kills the Snowman, who to her astonishment
    turned out to be Noah.

    Sydney is at SD 6, and Jack talks with her. She also talks with Michael
    (at the blood-mo-bile), who tries to comfort her. There is a clip of
    Sydney at a training gym throughout both talks. Michael gets out the old
    map of SD 6, and puts over another sheet with red cross-out circles over
    things that have been brought down. There are many of them, but Sydney
    still isn’t that comforted.

    Back at Sydney’s and Francie’s house, Francie and Will are chatting. The
    voice calls Will again and tries (unsuccessfully) to get him to resume
    the investigation. A caller called back and tells him “it was Jack
    Bristow”. Sydney comes home, and Francie tells her that there are rats
    in the house.

    Sydney goes to talk to Michael. She has an idea. The idea is a 3rd party
    black market sale of the ampule bottle. The idea is to break into a
    museum and pretend another bottle was stolen. Michael’s boss approved

    Will tries to contact pest control, and a pest guy shows up while he is
    working, Will sees in a drawer a picture of Jack, and puts it in Saran
    Wrap, and puts black marker over Jack’s face and realizes that he could
    have been the person who kidnapped him.

    Sydney goes in to see Emily in the hospital. They talk and Emily reveals
    she knows that Sloane works for SD 6 (which she seems to think is part
    of the CIA). Back at SD 6, Sydney tells Jack. The conversation had been
    recorded, Jack says, and Emily might be killed. Sydney goes into
    Sloane’s office, and he grants her the vacation she wanted.

    In Algeria, Michael and Sydney finalize plans to break into the museum.
    Sydney breaks in trough the air ducts. She travels down the air duct.
    Michael is in the control room with others shutting off the systems,
    pretending to be a security specialist. Sydney goes into the vault room
    and steals some artifacts. Back up in the control room, the museum
    decides to turn the system back on. Sydney is pulled right up into the
    shaft, and couldn’t gather artifacts. She had to run, but she made it
    out in time.

    Will talks to a colleague and tells her he’s going to meet his kidnapper
    to try to learn more about the larger story, and to print the article he
    gibes her if he dies. He meets Jack at a bar and talks to him. Jack
    reacts smoothly. Will says this source won’t go away and won’t stop
    telling him information. Jack says it’s none of his business, but will

    Jack told the CIA director “There’s a break. Without containment it
    could leave our entire operation in jeopardy.” Back at their home,
    Francie and Sydney talk about Noah. Sydney says “It didn’t end well.”

    Sloane asks Marshall to try and track down a cell phone number. Sloane
    sees an Alliance officer and they talk and Sloane learns his status at
    The Alliance will improve if he allows the assignation of his wife.

    Will gets a letter, which prompts him to go meet Jack Bristow again.
    Jack tells Will that he works in intelligence and tells him not to tell
    anyone about this but to speak into the bug (which Will told Jack about)
    to say he’s back on the case, or more people might die. Jack also admits
    his ties to Eloise Kurt’s death.

    We learn SD 6 knows about the second ampule and they want to find it.
    Because Sydney is gone, Dixon is to go alone. Sydney and Michael meet
    and she will do the transaction and switch the ampule during the
    meeting. Will speaks into the bug to say that he is back onto the case.
    Sloane visits his wife at the hospital. They hug.

    In Dempasar, Sydney is in a rickshaw. She meets with Sark. He challenges
    her to a fight. She accepts, even though Michael pleads with her through
    the earpiece to not do so. She corners Sark. They test the merchandise.
    Michael informs Sydney that Dixon arrived. She makes the switch. A
    millisecond later, Dixon enters and everyone puts up his or her hands.

    Quotes & Notes
    · “I killed a man. Someone I trusted” – Sydney
    · “The truth is I’m more interested in revenge” – Sydney.
    · “That was Jack Bristow” – caller
    · “I don’t live here” – Will
    · “Then why are you always here?” – Sydney
    · “She trusts me” – Vaughn
    · “Oh Sydney tell me something happy” – Emily
    · “When you look back, Family. Friends. That’s what matters” – Emily
    · “…Even your job. Even working for SD 6” – Emily
    · “When did Arvin tell you?” – Emily
    · “He’s the only one that can save her now.” – Jack, regarding Emily
    · “The time off I asked for last week, I’d still like to take it” –
    · “Just tell me what you know” – Jack
    · “… and he’s never wrong” - Will
    · “My concern for Sydney is not yours to judge” – Jack
    · “And help me figure out who my source is. He’s someone you might want
    to meet.”
    · “It didn’t end well.” – Sydney about Noah
    · “The time and date have been set” – Sloane
    · “She’s my wife. I’m not going to just sit back and watch her be
    eliminated” – Sloane
    · “I work in intelligence. That’s all you need to know.” – Jack
    · “Do as I instruct or more people will die.” – Jack
    · “This meeting never took place.” – Jack
    · “You can see me, but I cannot see you” – Sark
    · “Dixon is here. I repeat, Dixon is here” – Michael

    · Dempasa


    People (people Syd/others pretend to be)
    · A security professional
    · A "black market" trader

    NEXT ALIAS: “Sunday in two weeks > Who can she trust? She’s about to
    find out. A double agent with the best intentions is about to have two
    world’s collide. And that’s just the beginning.” At the end, it shows
    Will seeing Sydney with red hair presumably on a mission

    I thought this was a very good episode. Full of action! And it was
    another of those times when the ending “ALIAS” logo seemed to come very
    fast. I thought it was good to see Will and Jack get more screen time.
    It was also interesting to see Sloane feel for his wife. Also, it was
    great to see Michael and Sydney on not one but TWO missions together!
    However, it will be TWO weeks till a new Alias! And we didn’t (yet) find
    out if Dixon really is a double agent (as the preview for The Solution
    hinted) and if so who for. But that will surely make for a few good
    episodes – although there are only two episodes left this season.
    Email reminder! -- Posted by Charles On Saturday, April 20 2002
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