Kurt Vonnegut

November 13

The Black Beanie
Wow, what can I say about this Kurt? He is truely an awesome author, and way zany in many senses! I've read two of his books-- Slaughterhouse-Five & Cat's Cradle. I'm just wondering if there are many others that like his imaginative writing?
Like Kurt? It's hard to say.
I wanted to read Cat's Cradle and when I bought Hocus Pocus, Slaughterhouse-Five was recommended. But Hocus Pocus is good, if you like his stuff you should check it out.
He is a golden god. I mean, brilliance radiates, and dark humor and satires are just my kinda things. I think I'll go reread my enitre Vonnegut collection, what a brilliant idea, it will def make this break go by faster.


The Holinator
I just purchased Slaughterhouse-Five because it was recommended to me by so many people...including the cashier when I bought it! Can't wait to read it...
I've only read Slaughter house five, but the twisted plot and cynial world veiw was so nice that I will read more, but I have a long list of books to read and not too much time (Its all being taken up by Alias)