looking for home for my collection of Sci-Fi books from 1940s to 1980s


Hi everyone,
My Dad and I have been an avid science fiction fans for a long time, and he has been collecting science fiction books since the 1940s. We have 8,000 of them in the garage, and my Dad wants to let them go to another collector to make room for other things. They date from the beginning of paperbacks--around 1940 or 50 through the 80's, with some newer. Most are first editions of science fiction books by people like Robert Bloch, James Blish, H.G. Wells, Poul Anderson, Farmer, Isaac Asimov, etc. There are duplicates of many.

I'd like to sell the books as one lot. almost all of the book are used, some are in new condition with no tears or missing pages. About 10 of the boxes of books contain hardcover science fiction, all of which are book club books, and a few of those also have duplicates.

Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you some pictures. Please feel free to make me an offer



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That sounds like a great collection! If the budget was in better shape I'd expressing some interest to add it to my own collection (this time of the year is brutal on our budget).

For others who might be interested, would it be safe to assume local pickup only?

... and welcome to Cool Sci-Fi! :smiley:


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your interest--Actually, I plan to transport these guys by car from Ann Arbor, MI to my home in Los Angeles, CA early next month. Since it's such a long drive, I'm also using the road trip as an opportunity to see the rest of the country (last time was so long ago for me) and hopefully to sell these books to someone along the way.

So, for anyone who's interested and who might be along the way from Ann Arbor, MI using either the I70 or I10--the 2 major US East/West interstates (I haven't decided which route to take)-- please let me know, and I'd be happy to stop and show them to you. If you're not exactly along the route or are an hour or more north or south of each one of those interstates, please still contact me, and we'll see if we can figure something out that works.

With respect to price, please don't hesitate to private message me with an offer--worst case scenario is that it doesn't work for us. My original plan was to let my nephew get some experience selling stuff on Ebay and sell them one by one on Ebay or something. But, again, I'd prefer to have it go as a collection, because I really think the books are more special that way, and so if I can sell it to another collector on the trip back, then my Dad would be happier about it.

In addition to my inbox here, you can also contact me at dumathecheetah at yahoo dot com to get in touch.

Thank you.