mac vs PC


Mac produces some great stuff, but the prices are huge. I was thinking about purchasing a new laptop 3 months ago and really took a MacBook into account, since many designers rave about it. One that would work to my specs would be more than 2000 USD. I got an HP Pavilion at 1/4th of the price. The remaining 1500 USD I can use for something else.
As a designer Its much for me to have MAC and PC both systems. It one work MAC's are awesome but a high price tag makes it hard to buy for every one. So pc is best for most people.
I really enjoy the mac product line up! They're built to last and very secure within the system itself. PC on the other hand, is and always will be a nightmare gone wrong ;)


Depends on what you need them for macs are easier, and harder to break. Pc's are good for more applications and more compatible with software,but you can get a php exploit or a virus just by going online without anti virus D:


Mac -

Good Points = Fantastic OS and Design

Bad Points = Price's


Good Points = Cheap and Easy to assemble, reliable at times

Bad Points= Not 100% Reliable


My turn.

Pros - gets a three letter name?
Cons - Everything else. 2000 USD for a crappy laptop that has a record of 10 seconds to hack into.

Pros: Most used, cheap, well created, epiiiiiic.
Cons: Many viruses.