Animation Magnetic Sky_1

Randal R.

Something I am experimenting with,

Am still rendering this with some more changes.
Includes a Solfeggio Tone 69.3Hz in the Audio track mix.

Kinda neat,,maybe expand on it some if I get around to it.
Randal R.

I can imagine a planet somewhere that has a magnetosphere and a very active home star that might have a view like that from the surface. Perhaps the star is in the last years of its main sequence and the planets magnetosphere has shrunk because the iron core has slowed, bringing the aurora closer to the surface. The coppery hue could be from an atmosphere that has been polluted over millennium with exotic gasses. The cool thing about the Universe is that it is so vast and so random that a planet with this view might actually exist.

Well-Done! Thanx - I full screened it
Hey got a version 2 and a 3rd longer video on the way (rendering)
Actually, when I started on this, I was thinking in both terms.
As in a Magnetic Sky as in a field, but also in a manner of like a hologram or energy.
-yeah , I agree, I think its cool.

Credit God, I just push buttons. :D

Wind Track
XRay Dog
-Angel Attack
-Voice of echoes
Solfeggio Tone 96.3Hz
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Made a third rendering, though, I did screw up a little on a clip and audio transition not as smooth as I thought it was when rendered.