Marvel's Iron Man

A better actor... you mean, someone other than Robert Downy, Jr.? That makes no sense.

Lemme think, lemme think... yeah. I think his performance may have been the 2nd best piece of acting we've seen in blockbuster this summer. (Obviously, Heath Ledger is #1... but Downy, Jr., does some really good work.)
I had no problem with Stark's character. I didn't see RD jr I saw Stark. Downing's reputation is what is causing issues with (some people). He may be a piece of felgercarb in the real world but I think he did a good job playing Stark. I would like to see IM2.
Well, of course we'll all see Iron Man 2. That goes without saying. And I like some of the interconnectivity that Marvel is introducing in their films.

Having said that... I am openly skeptical about The Avengers movie working.