My free Sci-Fi Ebooks

& introducing myself (Tom Lichtenberg) I have a number of ebooks available, all for FREE through Feedbooks or Smashwords

Several of my books could go under the heading of 'comic science fiction' but also some definitely fit under the "Dystopia" heading as well.

One is a screenplay (Jimmyland) based on a short story (Phantom of the Mall) about a group of settlers sent to colonize a distant planet and get everything ready for a great migration, but it seems that something went wrong along the way, and the others have not arrived. While waiting, things start going somewhat off-track for the settlers. A darkly comic story, this one, with a number of unexpected twists and turns.

Then there's the good old Singularity, the day when everything changes forever. It would make for good ratings, at least especially for the Frantic News Networks that dominate our 24/7 information landscape these days. Sooner of later, the Singularity will be the story of the hour, whether it's a real singularity or not. The Renegade Robot sets off the firestorm with its casual appearance on the outskirts of town