Name some of your PC games


Battlefield 2 (only play the Reality Mod for it though, but then I staff on it)

Joint Operations Typhoon Reality (the Reality Mod for that was fun, but BF2 superseded it.)

A collection of other games I don't play as they didn't have longevity for me. COD4, Crysis, Farcry, Portal (probably because finished them or gave up at some point)
Civillization 2 & 3 (Don't have the system reqs to run sad.)

The Sims 2

Master of Orion 2

Rites of War

An NES emulator, and a ton of old school pc games, like the Kings Quest series from Sierra, etc.
Me: Nothing. I play some stuff online (like the arcade here) but nothing else these days. Next time I'm over Best Buy I've got my eye on Sim City 4 though. My P4 1.8ghz isn't even up to spec to play most of today's games.

Wife: Zoo Tycoon 2.
I'm not much on zoo tycoon 2 but the first ones were awesome - I might reinstall them just for old times sake.

Lately I have been practicing my B5- I've Found Her ship manuvers.
I have also been flying a viper in Beyond the Redline.
Of coarse I have a bunch of Half-life 2 mods downloaded that I haven't tried yet.
Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Starshiptroopers Terran ascendancy
Civilization (Call to Power 2)
All the city building games by sierra