New Here


Nov 21, 2004
Well, Charlie recommended posting here so I thought what the heck.

I was a periodical viewer until seeing Phase 1 when I then got hooked. I got the DVD's when they came out and got even more hooked. I personally think this is the greatest show on TV right now and hope that it stays put. I have always liked Robert Ludlum books and I think ALIAS is in a lot of ways like a Ludlum book only its on TV.

I decided to join because has been down for too long and I couldn't stand not discussing and hearing others theories on this show. Being a freshman in college most people I'm friends with don't watch the show and think I'm a little weird for my die hardness. On the bright side both my parents, my brother, and sister all love the show.

That's all I guess so hopefully I'll here from somebody.


Sep 23, 2004
Hey Rambaldi52! welcome to AA, it looks like SD! might be up again 2mrw -fingers crossed, i was a regular at SD1 but i also posted over here as way so i didn't have to give up my alias orum fix when the boards went down!
I only know 2 people who watch Alias, so I know what you mean about people not getting the obssession!
see you around!