New "Today in History" forum under construction


Code Monkey
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I'm working on a new "Today in History" section so you may see some stuff about it showing up. It's "Under Construction" at the moment so things are still being worked out on how to best implement some items working within the confines of XF.

You can feel free to start adding entries to the forum but please do not put the date of the event in the thread title, instead use the "Event Date" field when editing the thread. Thanks!


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Can you define the 'scope' of the forum a bit more please?

For instance, will you be including "This Day In History" of CoolSciFi threads which were popular? Peaks of trends and social memes? Personal milestones or just public?
Also, is there a time range? One second ago is "history" technically. We sense time moving forward so all memory is the past.
Sir Sean Connery recently died but George Washington also died just recently, relatively speaking. "History" relative to this planet spans around 4.5 billion years. Relative to human civilization spans roughly a million years.

I know, leave it to Tom to throw a curve ball atcha.