No games are saving no matter what I do.


I've read this :

and I don't believe i'm running "Nginx" as in plesk it says "restart apache" so I assume that is what I'm running..
  • My forum is in <root>/community/
  • I have the .htaccess file in /community/ unedited, the same as the original XF package.
  • When I go to /community/missingpage.php I get an xF handled error page so it's not that.
  • crossdomain is in the root (not /community/)
What am I missing?

I'm eager to get this up and running as I was a supporter of the vB version and my users are missing their arcade fix :smiley:

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I've just tested and it doesn't submit scores on here either just sits at the end game please wait screen.

I've tested with a mochi game on my site and that submits, is this an incompatibility with xF 1.2?
Worked fine on my site, then upgraded and now I'm getting the same issues as everyone else on 1.2. Could really do with a fix asap!
not holding out much hope since it's not been updated since february :(

edit: although kevin has been active on the xenforo resource discussion page, so maybe a fix is forth coming.
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