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Opertaion Sub Rosa

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by Freelancer04, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Freelancer04

    Freelancer04 Cadet

    Feb 28, 2003
    Ryan O'Connell stood outside his new home. It was a nice house, and he got a great deal since the previous owner had just stop paying his morgtage, it was auctioned off and he got it. It was average sized so he and his wife could live confortably. He stood there for a few mintutes thinking, but then walked into his new home.

    Ryan had checked out the upstairs, and now he was heading downstairs to check it out. The upstairs was fine besides a few personal items because the house was taken away. He walked downstairs and discovered two HUGE bookshelves on either side of the bar. He walked over to them and began looking at the books. They were all books on espionage, and the russian language.
    "This last guy must have been a lunatic," Ryan
    "Hey Kelly come down here," Ryan yelled to his wife.
    "Coming, hun," Kelly said.
    "Look at all these books,"
    "Wow," said Kelly running her hands along they many books that reside on the shelf. Her hand stopped on a white book, which she pulled out. It was a wedding album. Probally the only book on either of the shelves that didn't have anything on espionage.
    "Oh my gosh, Ryan," Kelly said. "Look at this. It seriosuly looks like they faked their wedding."
    Ryan leanded over Kelly's shoulder and looked at the photos. She was right they did.
    "Between the espionage books and a fake wedding, I have come to one conclusion. The last guy was a lunatic," Ryan said with a laugh.
    "Ya got that right," Kelly said. Then they went upstairs laughing at the thought of the past owner.
    Two weeks later
    Ryan and Kelly had done nothing with the books except donate them to the local library, and didn't really think of them anymore until they were at a party with their friends, and were exchanging funny stories.
    "Okay, so Ryan calls me downstairs and there are these humongous bookshelves full of espionage and the russian launguage. I swear this guy had to be a lunatic," Kelly began.
    "No, no but the best part is Kelly pulls out this photo album of there wedding and it looks like its fake. It's so great!" Ryan said. "Hee hee, I rhymed," He added, a little drunk on wine he was.
    All of his friends were laughing, except Kendall(you know the director, just incase you didn't know, since i dont know his first named. Does he ahve a first name??"
    "I'd like to see those books," Kendall said.
    Ryan looked at his friend.(Okay just pretend Kendall has some friends) "Well we're donating them to the library," he said.
    "No really, I want to see those books," Kendall said with all seriousness.
    Kelly and Ryan exchanged glances. Kendall worked at the CIA, why would the CIA want those books?
    The next day Ryan and Kelly handed over the books to Kendall and never thought about them again. But even thought Ryan and Kelly forgot the CIA sure didn't.
    Sorry abotu Ryan being really weird, but thats my socail studies teachers name, I could think of a name, and I can't help but make fun of him.
  2. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    ooo very cool
    so sweet!
  3. smarterchilds child

    smarterchilds child Rocket Ranger

    Oct 1, 2003
    ahhhh how sweet..i just read it.. :). and i like it!
  4. FuzziLizzi#47

    FuzziLizzi#47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 10, 2003
    its neat......u could build on it.........please write more
  5. Alias Fan Gillian

    Alias Fan Gillian Rocket Ranger

    Jun 21, 2003
    That was good.

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