Question about David on Charmed

Next weeks-- the 20th, I just found out. It's episode..

"Charmed" in episode: "Show Ghouls" (episode # 7.15) 20 February 2005

*just about had a heart attack* my friend jsut told me and I SO freaked out. lol
for info regarding the episoed as well as spoilers go to

I was suprised to hear he was going to be on the show. :smiley:

Also in Canada it airs a day earlier then in the US so if I rember I will post about his part later on today. :smiley:
I've watched the Charmed episode where David was on. Seriously, it was totally weird seeing him with a moustache (and a pretty thick one too! :lol:smiley: and he doesn't look great with one, that's for sure! One thing to mention also is his hair - definitely not Sark's style! I think he has an English accent too on that epi. ^_^