okay, all my sarkneys, promise not to kill me. :hide:
i'm a big sarkney. big. huge. but i really can't stand season five syd. can't stand her. and i kind of like rachel. she's pretty cool.
so i was watching "bob", and rachel/sark reminded me of sarkney from the good old days. i just loved their interaction and their bickering. "you're the one who wanted to cuddle!"
anyone else agree with me?


again, sarkneys, don't kill me


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Mar 10, 2003
Northern California
I love Rachel/Sark. They make quite the hot couple. They definitely have a bit of the Sarkney vibe, but different. It's like a cross between Sarkney and Lark. Interesting. I hope we get to see them have more interaction.


Mar 7, 2004
i like Rark cos i'm an s/v shipper n it means Sarkney won't happen :D

..... please don't kill me :blink:


Jan 12, 2004
the connection between rachael and sark was amazing!
it was waayy better that sarkney, n dont even mention lark (that made me vomit)
i think the reason there are sarkney fans is because sark is so incredibly hot, n they juss want syd to have him
but he had way better chemistry with rachael
u have to admit it
by saying this, i hope i dont offend sarkney fans, because i still think that sark is hot
but i juss think that he looks sooo much better with rachael
maybe it was because she gave into him, unlike sydney
but rachael definitely reminds us all of syd in her old days
maybe thats y she had such good chemistry with him
but, i juss think she works better
my opinion


Dec 10, 2004
Germany, Munich
I also liked the chemistry between Sark and Rachel. They were so hot together and would've been definitley a great couple. :love: :love: Thanks to the DVD's I was able to watch "Bob" for the first time. Wow!
The scene with Rachel trying to deactivate the bomb was great. "Just so we’re clear – you approached me. You were the one that was stupid enough to let me into your room. And afterwards, you were the one that wanted to cuddle." :LOL: Go Rachel! :cool:

Unfortuntaley things didn't play out that way. But we still have Fanfics. :angelic:
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