really ,really want to know the name

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many years ago(when i was a teenager..i,m 50 now..) i saw a short piece of a scifi film that has stuck in my head ever since.the part i saw was an astronught walking over a hill on an alien world and seeing a city,he walks down towards the city and there is a tunnel ,he enters it and on both sides are what look like perspex coffins linning the walls as far as he could see.he walks over to one and wipes the dust away to reveal the remains of an alien,in wiping away the dust he releases the aliens spirit and we see it floating down tunnel after tunnel of the same coffins..i,m affraid thats all i can remember..hopefuly someone out there can put me out of my misery.:D


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I'm drawing a blank. From the description the scene that first comes to mind is the opening of Lifeforce but that was space based and there was no floating spirit.

For the time frame we're talking late 70's or older; hopefully one of the other regulars here might recognize it.
well looks like i have really picked a hard one..,i love lifeforce especially the infected exploding when they don,t get fed,would make one hell of a diet to be on..anyway back to the movie in question ..i have all the twifhlight zone ,outer limits and any other obscure series i could get my hands on and it,s not in there plus i been collecting many old scifi films in oft chance that one might be what i,m looking for..but alas no luck..i will keep checking back when i can..bye